another year older

Today is my birthday and I am currently fighting THE WORST effing cold I have had to deal with in a long ass time. UGH.

The birthday wishes I have received this morning have gone a long way to helping my mood, however. I have a large internet family and I really don’t know where I would be without y’all. xoxo

Both of my scarf swap buddies have received and LOVE their scarves and that makes me thrilled beyond measure. I so love giving people things that they love. I really and truly enjoy selecting something for someone and having them be pleased with it, that includes gifts, decor (have a decorating question? ask away!) or our reader questions on Food Lush or Style Lush.

Sprog is struggling a bit with how to be more thoughtful, more aware, more conscientious of others. I am struggling a bit with how to help him learn that trait. Taurus is not known for its ability to change (he’s still a Taurus, forever a Taurus) and can be very mule-headed, or bull headed as the case may be. We had a total battle of horns this week where-in he got grounded and his ass handed to him and yet, when he has an issue with his dad later in the same week, he’s texting me about it. I know that no matter what issue he and I have, I am his closest ally, his closest friend, his closest everything…so I feel even moreso responsible for helping him be and stay on the right path in all things. Teenagers, man, who knew?

Also, he’d like you to know that boys hate it when you say that they are like your little brother, so ladies take note, that is not a compliment and is like the BIGGEST INSULT KNOWN TO MAN.

I am sticking with dressing every time I leave the house, so that resolution is going well. PLEASE feel free to join the flickr pool AND POST PICTURES TO IT. I feel awkward being the only one posting. KTHNKS.

Reminder Scarf Swap: SHIP BY TOMORROW!

I would love for everyone to share pics of them in their scarf after they get it, I am happy to host and post!

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