and then he shook his fist at me…

It’s FINALLY winter in Houston. Last night was 29 degrees and it’s currently 34 outside, which means it’s time for the hubs and I to have our annual winter thermostat wars. You may have seen my call for your winter thermostat setting on twitter last night. When I put that post out there, he made sure to specify that I not sway y’all in anyway with any further information, just put a poll out to see what y’all keep things set at, he also wants me to supply him with not just an average but a mean and mode as well. HOLY HELL.

Listen. My husband is a freaking REPTILE. Cold is not his friend at all. Last night’s little dispute included a tirade wherein he informed me that he’s a homeowner who is not homeless (obvs) who should have a nice cozy warm house, not be freezing cold in his own house (shaky fist optional). People, our thermostat had just turned down to 66 and we have a DOWN FREAKING COMFORTER ON OUR BED. DOWN. He bundles up when we have the house at 68 and grumbles about it. Meanwhile, I am nearly sweating my ass off at night trying to sleep. Last night I kicked the comforter off all together and slept under the sheet only. I want it COLD when I sleep and then bundle under a heavy comforter, not warm and toasty AND under a comforter of toasty warmth. UGH.

We also argue over ceiling fans (him off, me on full blast) he has a woobie for the couch that is a faux shearling and today he wished we had a newer laptop so he could work from home in front of the fire. I am of the mind that you can always put more on but there is a point where you just can’t take any more off and I would rather be in a sweat shirt or under a cozy blanket than sweat. I hate sweating. Ick.

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