business in the front, party in the back

BUSINESS: Scarf Swap Reminder- SATURDAY 1-15 is the cut-off for getting your scarf into the mail to your recipient! Everyone should be getting their addresses and preferences exchanged if they haven’t done so already.

PARTY:Over the weekend we got ourselves out of the house for a change. Saturday we met up with friends for dinner at a Greek restaurant in midtown. I had THE BEST fried zucchini I have ever had in my life. They were sliced paper thin, like chips, battered and served with tzatziki. OMG. So freaking good. I also had my weight in salty feta, kalamata olives and this spanikopita that was beyond flaky. *sigh* Then I finished the whole thing off with hot, sticky loukoumades. I am drooling, right now, fyi.

Afterward, we actually pretended we are youngsters (like when we met) and hauled ass across town for a show. An EPIC show. A show of Mulleted Awesomeness, the likes of which you have probably not seen. Let me show you:

The Mullet Boyz
The band

The girls
Don’t we look innocent?

I mean, there is nothing unusual about a group of people that pose for pics with a mullet, right?

Husband mulleted

Um….except there was some drinking

The chest of awesome
But dignity was maintained

Mullets for hippies

No, I don't know what is wrong with my face either.
Oh dear

Mulleting grandpa creeper
We might’ve involved creepers that repeatedly hit on Rachel

Posing with grandpa creeper
He didn’t seem to mind

In the end, our final verdict is clear
YES. That just happened

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