this year I intend to

Here’s a list of various things that I really want to do this year. That I intend to do this year.

I only accomplished a paltry amount of last year’s list. I shall do better this year. I am so committed, in fact that I will be printing this out and putting it in a place where I can see it, last year was a little too out of sight out of mind.

I’m also committed to loving my smaller house for it’s uniqueness instead of being unhappy about it’s lack of space. We honestly shouldn’t need a huge amount of space and we have a lot of crap that we don’t need that should be culled, a lot of crap that should be stored better/smarter and some really cute outdoor entertaining spaces that are crying out to be used.

In The Kitchen
1. Cook more from my cookbooks
2. Try a new vegetable or a dish I have never made, tasted or heard of at least once a month
3. Actually cook all those things that I have bookmarked from tastespotting
4. Re-paint the cabinets (they are starting to show wear) and properly seal them this time
5. Cabinet hardware (to prevent the wear)

In The Office
6. Re-arrange the tables and storage situations
7. Keep the desk clear
8. Get all the shop stuff organized and keep it that way

In The Bedroom
9. Keep the damn window seat free of clothes so it can be used as designed for a change
10. Paint the bathroom
11. Tile the floor
12. Clear out old clothes and clutter in the closet
13. Figure out vanity situation
14. Figure out necklace storage situation
15. Your counters. Nuff said
16. Real curtains for the window seat area

Life In General
17. Get back into habit of walking dogs and stick with it
18. Ride your bicycle
19. Teach Sprog to drive
20. Get Sprog to do volunteer work at least once, preferably more than once.
21. Hopefully continue to grow the Etsy shop
22. Host a brunch
23. Host a family game night with my family
24. Have more parties in general
25. Do more fun things around town, not just our normal
26. Travel with friends
27. Get another stamp in my passport, get Sprog a passport and get him a stamp too
28. See Hogwarts (Universal Studios Orlando)
29. Get and learn to type on an Iphone (I still have a qwerty phone)
30. Get a hot stone massage at least once
31. Read at least 10 books (I used to be such a reader, I don’t know what happened to me)
32. Go camping again
33. Get a canvas of Sprog in Monterrey from last year
34. Decide what to do with the family photo wall in the hallway
35. Get my Steve Madden boots fixed (both pairs)
36. Get another tattoo
37. Find a new make-up that I love
38. Actually do what I always say I am going to and buy something I want when I see it instead of waiting and being sad when it’s gone
40. New curtains in the living room
41. Get sewing machine fixed
42. Paint the bench on the porch
43. Get the table from Ikea for the back porch
44. Host an outdoor party/bbq and play bocce/ladder ball/horseshoes or washers
45. Raised garden beds on the kitchen side yard
46. Compost bin
47. Chickens?
48. Add a new city to our visited list….Seattle, Portland?
49. Show the boys New York
50. Send people random gifts just because I love them
51. Get to Arizona to see Jamie and her baby (who won’t be a baby by then *sigh*)
52. Ditto for Maglet and Katie
53. Attend a blathering
54. Do something about the blank space between the bricks and the house on kitchen side patio
55. See live music somewhere
56. Attend a Central Market or Sur la Table cooking class
57. Get to the Farmer’s Market
58. Tackle the garage
59. Dentist, colonscopy, ENT…all appts that scare the piss out of me
60. Replace cookware in the kitchen that is falling apart and is frankly unhealthy
61. In addition to the scarf swap, host another swap of some item later in the year. (ideas?)
62. Get back into the habit of weekly family game nights (the three of us)
63. Smile more
64. Let certain people get to me less
65. Hopefully build new friendships? Making friends at this age is harder than I ever thought imaginable.
66. Replace the light fixtures: guest bathroom, master closet, master bath-toilet area

I’m sure I’ll add to this list as I think of/do things because there are few things that a Capricorn enjoys more than crossing things off a list.

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