christmas at the movies

I mentioned this on twitter, but I realized the other day that somehow Better Off Dead hadn’t made it onto my required Christmas viewing list. I’m not sure how this is possible given the whole grabbing the face and saying the word “CHRIST-MASS” scene, so it’s since been added, but I wonder what other movies I am neglecting.

My Required Christmas Viewing List:
Christmas Vacation
A Christmas Story
Love Actually
Harry Potter (all of them say Christmas time to me until they jacked the whole schedule and started with that release in July, effing Twilight)
Better Off Dead
The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

This last one is a variable. Sometimes I read the book, sometimes I watch the movie
Little Women

Yes, I realize that Elf is not on that list. Did you know I can’t stand Will Ferrel? The ONLY movie he’s in that I have ever liked is Talledega Nighs: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.

This year we also watched the new A Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey. (I also can barely tolerate him) I liked most of this adaptation, except for the ghost who is Father Christmas, that bit was annoying.

Do you have any required Christmas movies? Any that I should add to my list? Want to tell me off for my haterade when it comes to Elf? (my husband does all the time, it’s okay, I can take it)

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