scarf swap 2010

We did this last year and this year, I hope even more people will participate and I hope to have people post pics of them in their shiny new scarves and everything. I love to see other people get presents!

Here is me in mine from last year
Jan 13

So the details:
In honor of my birthday (go Capricorn) give me an excuse to make a spreadsheet and various listy type things and host a scarf swap. Respond to this comment or send me an e-mail (my e-mail address is located in the contact me link up there) or a tweet letting me know you are interested in participating by Monday January 3rd. I will get everyone matched and notified of their matches by Wednesday January 5th. You can then swap addresses with your scarf swap partner and any color preferences, fabric allergies (some people are allergic to angora) etc.

Scarves should hit the post office to be sent out no later than Saturday January 15th(the day after my birthday) which gives you ten days of shopping (theoretically) after you have been notified of your match.

Last year’s budget was no more than $20-25 was that a good range for everyone? Should we keep it the same?

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