which one of my four nannies is responsible for this?

Mayday, macguyver'd
Mayday in her cone of shame which is now duct taped after she slammed into a table outside while chasing something in the yard and broke it and her foot which now has a sock taped to it because she somehow can still get to her sore EVEN IN THE DAMN CONE.

Somehow I think that if one of Bravo’s “Real” Housewives of Beverly Hills saw that picture, they would die of horror, especially Camille. I can see her lifeless, shark eyes now as she recoils and waves her hands at one of her four nannies or however many house managers to deal with the problem.

SERIOUSLY could they find a more deranged woman? I thought that Danielle was bad but at least you can see her be outright effing crazy. Camille is like sneaky sociopath crazy. She talks about having surrogates to have her children like it’s a perfectly natural normal thing, there is nothing wrong with her, but lets not eff up the only thing about her that is worth anything. Oh wait, she’s a hugely important producer, so it’s not her body that people want her for, but wait she dances like a stripper in front of another woman’s husband and then calls him cheap when he shoves 5 dollars down her top? But wait again, now we are going to talk about the doctor telling her that her breasts were perfect the way they were and did she say she had the implants removed? Yet there they CERTAINLY ARE when she is getting out of the ocean, hot tub, whatever, in a bikini. And speaking of hot tubs, OMG, that scene with the creeper in the hot tub? I needed a shower. It was so revolting and skeevy. Then she starts talking about how generous her and Kelsey are with giving a downtrodden friend so much. UGH. UGH. DOUBLE SHOWER.

And yet, “she’s in control” when she has a confrontation with Kyle? Come again? You just looked like you weren’t even on the same planet. Like you were on something or completely batshit dead inside crazy. UGH. She “verbally assaulted” you? Seriously? You hugged her and said everything was fine and then not 20 minutes later with NO CONTACT WHATSOEVER you totally turned tail and went back on everything you said!

And can we talk about Taylor “chasing” her husband? WHO WOULD CHASE THAT MAN? He’s repulsive. Seriously and utterly repulsive. I am so glad that Lisa said something about it and that everyone at the table was in disbelief with her statement, because not just no but HELL NO. I am in no way a fan of gold digging but that woman? SHE IS EARNING HER SHIT. Which doesn’t excuse the completely ridiculous birthday party she threw for her daughter. $60,000, on a 4 year old? I just don’t even know where to start with that situation.

Are you watching this season?

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