the weekend is over

and the weather is changing. I am so happy that we are finally getting morning and evening cooler temps; I have had enough of Houston this summer and am so tired of being cooped up all the time. Of course now we enter the fall allergy transition but whatever I have to suffer for the heat to start dissipating? I’ll do it. Of course I say that now, I’m sure I’ll be whinging later. Haha.

Anyway, I survived the weekend of people what annoy me with only minor anger…probably because I just avoided talking as much as I could and distanced myself as much as I could. *sigh*

I made awesome garam masala spiced sweet potatoes last night and mixed them with black beans and cheese for some “breakfast” tacos. Super yummy and filling. For Wills and Sprog I made eggs, herbed baby red potatoes, morningstar sausage (kid has no idea it wasn’t really meat) and cheese to go in their tortillas.

I also figured out headbands
and added 3 of them to the shop for sale (the peacock one is mine, I kinda had to keep it). I have one more headband in my mind, that I will create shortly and get added. I also need to create some more barrettes…hopefully in the next couple of days.

I was woken up again last night at 3:45 am and kept up until 7 am (when I went back to bed for a nap) but the disruption was enough to trigger a monster headache so I haven’t done much today other than the dishes and take lots of medication and coffee (medicinally of course).

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