not my strong suit

I love when ideas appear on other blogs, I can gank, that get me through the week :) but I am finally getting around to that list of things I can’t do/don’t do well.

-Parallel Park- I have never done this in my 20 years of driving, not once. I even made sure that the DMV I took my test at didn’t require it (there were two in my vicinity, one required it and the other did the Y or 3 point turn, I went there).

-Play Guitar Hero- I have horrible carpal tunnel and it KILLS me to play the stupid toy guitar at rapid speeds. I couldn’t even make it through one song. I tried multiple times to no avail.

-Jump Well On A Platforming Game- Dudes, I totally suck at this. I still play them, but I have horrible timing on the jumps and usually end up dying more than a few times.

-General Grace And Non-Klutziness- Running into walls, doorjams, tables, other inanimate objects that have been in the same place forever? CHECK.

-Not Quoting Movies- It’s like a sickness! There are times when I didn’t even realize I was doing it until after when I realize what I just said made the person look at me funny and then I retrace it and it’s a movie quote, it’s not even my own words getting me the stink eye.

-Strategy Games- Yeah they make my head hurt.

-Drive Between Concrete Berms And Semis- I can’t begin to tell you the amount of stress this gives me. I can do it but it’s white knuckle the whole way.

-Park In Reverse- I have like negative depth perception. I am getting better about pulling into my own driving in reverse but into a parking space with cars on either side? FORGET IT!

-Sticking To The List- I love food. I love ingredients. I am totally distractable in a grocery store. ‘Nuff said.

-Not Overpacking- I am much better about this, now that we only fly standby and don’t check luggage, but I still always have at least 2 extra outfits.

-Not Giving Advice- I am seriously trying to just shut my yap and let people do what they are going to do…but um…yeah…not good at this.

-Being More Confident- I really don’t need to elaborate on this one.

-Saying No To Dessert- YEAH RIGHT.
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