and there I stood

Apparently it’s meme week at Just Expressive, this one is ganked from Sensibly Sassy.

*By my “dad’s” side when we disconnected him from life support and he took his last breaths
*At 14,110 feet, in the snow, with a cup of hot chocolate and a gorgeous view
Me and Sprog @ Pike's Peak
*Saying wedding vows under live oak trees that are hundreds of years old
The ceremony under the live oaks
*On a train looking 1053ft up in the air, in the Royal Gorge
On the train in the Royal Gorge
*Next to a few famous people
Hi Ted

Me with Sen Kerry

Me with Lit
Me with Kinky
*Where people fought for something and lost their lives
Windy at the Alamo
*On a path that made me giggle like a 12 year old boy
Hehe Blue balls
*With thousands of other people to walk against breast cancer
Jess sammich
*Hoisting a sail on Danger Charter in Key West
Hoisting a sail 2006
*Overlooking one of the most gorgeous scenes in Big Sur with my two favorite boys
Us on our hike in Big Sur
*Seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time, the same time as my son, even though I had lived there from birth to eighteen
2006 Grand Canyon
*Before a church full of people, at a funeral, saying the things I wanted to say to my step-father that I didn’t get the chance to while he was alive

*On a bar in a giant foam cowboy hat, dancing on a pole, in New Orleans.

*In the sand with my roommates, at BlogHer 2008
Roommate feet

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