bandwagon results #2

First: “I hope I am not too late, I want to see your closet!” from Sensibly Sassy (never too late!)
Closet for Sarah
Okay so there is my closet in all its glory. The notes are probably hard to read at this size so you can head over to my flickr feed to see a larger version. Anyway, straight back is the costume section of the closet, what, you don’t have one? This is where all of our ren-fest garb and accoutrements live. Oh, I should mention our closet measures 6 feet across by 11 feet deep so that should give you a basis of just how much crap we have going on in here. To the left you see our shallow hanging area: top is Willy and bottom is me (mine are arranged by color). To the right is the long hanging area which is all me except for the space where Willy has crammed in his hideous old dresser (the thing is decrepit and seriously needs to go). Tucked into the underneath spaces and wherever else I can find room are shoes. Eventually this room will be painted apple green, the floors will be tile and that whole wire system will be replaced with a much better one from Ikea. My husband and I both dream of a better closet system.

Next: “Shoot! I am so late on this…but I would love to see a Raven hair montage” from thecoconutdiaries
Collage of hair over the years
I hope this is what you were going for, I wasn’t quite sure. A collage of my hair through the years, all the way back to JUNIOR HIGH! Oh my god. The center photo is pretty much what it looks like now. Enjoy.

This wasn’t on the list, but I actually left the house yesterday and I dressed. I felt wicked cute and have been a big braggart about it so here is that pic.
I actually went somewhere!
Maryann, I think this might qualify for something that made me happy yesterday.

I am struggling with the shoes. I have SO MANY! I haven’t figured out how to get them all in one pic. I think it will be multiples in a collage.

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