so I have this idea, and I hope that y’all will join

A little less than a month from today, I will turn 35 and I thought it might be cool to celebrate my birthday with a scarf exchange. Now is a great time to get lovely scarves for discounted prices and who wouldn’t want to get a package after Christmas?

Thinking about a bunch of people getting little packages of cozy joy on (or technically around) my birthday? kinda makes me giddy, I must admit. So, I really hope that y’all will play and a lot of people will comment and maybe you will share this with your friends and it will spread. A girl can dream, right?

Here’s the deal.

Respond to this post by New Year’s Day, that’s January 1st. Include your e-mail so that I can contact you with your match.

You will receive an e-mail from me with who you are paired up with by Jan 4th.

You have 10 days to get their scarf in the post. That’s Jan 14th also known as my birthday.

Cost for scarf should be no more than $20-$25 and realistically, if y’all think we should go lower, that is totally cool, I just set it at that because I saw some really awesome ones on Etsy recently.

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