bullet pointed for your pleasure (not much with the caps or grammar or punctuation though, fair warning)

* my back has been kicking my butt for over two weeks now with little to no improvement. I’ve had x-rays and multiple dr appts. I’ve had multiple medications. I’ve had an MRI and fights with my insurance. Last night it was decided I will now be doing PT for at least the next two weeks if not more. Good times.

* yesterday was my 7 year wedding anniversary to my most excellent husband. we didn’t do anything and I’m totally okay with that. we hopefully will get a date night this weekend, instead.
Screen Shot 2012-06-12 at 9.20.44 AM

* my most excellent husband still gave me a gift anyway, a pair of the new strappy Toms wedges, I heart them long time.
Screen Shot 2012-06-12 at 9.18.44 AM

* our Keurig is leaking water all over the counter. this is the second morning in a row without coffee (this would be the reason I can’t be bothered to care about the rules of proper writing)

* attended the lovely engagement party for Kristie and Duvain hosted by A’Dell and Jennie. I love them all and I hate that I don’t get to see them more often. I miss being around people I like.
Screen Shot 2012-06-12 at 9.15.42 AM

Screen Shot 2012-06-12 at 9.22.48 AM

* On the way back from the engagement party we happened across a CRAZY HUGE field of sunflowers, it was amazing and I had a ball taking pics. I got some really good shots. I’ll share those tomorrow.

* Flip flop swap match e-mails have all been sent (it wasn’t until they were all sent that I realized I called it the scarf swap in the first sentence. SEE NO COFFEE)

because sometimes the internet leads you to do terribly awesome things

Yesterday I FINALLY got my family pic session with the boys. Not all of them are great and it was hot as balls but at least some of them are viable, which is better than what I had before. I probably will force them into a morning session here soon, hopefully the weather will be more kind.

Anyway, I had this idea of photos taken while I jumped piggy back on Sprog or Willy (or both as it ended up) because I thought it would be so cute and so Sprog took the pic of me jumping on Willy’s back and magic happened.


I set the camera up for him and then he just shot away, this is the last frame he captured. It’s SO 70’s Farrah Fawcett shampoo commercial and I love it. Of course I had to immediately share it on instagram and that’s when Maggie said that unicorns or Willy being made into a centaur had to happen.

Her command=this craziness


I’m pretty proud of my admittedly amateur Photoshop work there. Looks pretty good for a mash-up of our pic and a pic of Hugh Jackman as a centaur that I found on the internet. Did you know there is such thing as Centaur Erotica? I sure as hell didn’t.

a creative leap

I’ve been taking pictures for a long time. Since high school, a long time, I’ve had all manner of film cameras, point and shoot cameras, a holga, pin-hole cameras (I made myself) and now DSLRs but I’ve never considered myself a professional. I’ve volunteered my time helping my sister’s class with my admittedly somewhat limited knowledge and balked whenever she referred to me as a professional.

I balk whenever anyone refers to me as a professional and of course, I would, because I’m not. Lately though, people have been very interested in the photos I have been posting, in buying prints of the photos I have been posting. Beyond that, I’ve had people interested in having me shoot them, which has happened before and which I’ve done. The difference being that people are wanting to pay me, instead of just ask me for a favor or what have you.

All this is some very long-winded back story to explain that the time had come to upgrade my little 2 yr old DSLR to something a little closer to “pro” without totally killing my non-existent budget for this sort of thing.

Yesterday I became the VERY PROUD owner of a brand new Canon EOS 7D and now I am the very confused and sometimes lost owner, haha. It’s a whole new world of complicated machinery and I have A LOT to learn but it already has produced some gorgeous pictures, just playing around in the yard and the house

Blood orange

Mayday says 'Sup

A rose going off it's bloom while a new one just begins

Maddie refusing pictures as per usual

FINE, fine. Take the picture.

My neighborhood...aka the bayou behind the house

so I’m excited to see where this next leap takes me and how my photography continues to evolve. I’m also hoping to sort out that whole “able to purchase prints” business so I’ll have a better answer for people than “Um?”

WYS week 4

This week was a lot of fun for me in “wear yo shit” land and I feel that I really hit my stride. I actually pre-planned (and got excited about) my outfits and even though I totally forgot to photograph one whole day (thanks for the migraines Houston) I still have had plenty to share.

I should point out that our weather has been unseasonably warm and we have moved from “Fall-ish” right into “Spring” so 70 to 80 degrees this week.


I liked this outfit so much, that I later played around with a nighttime look for it
3-1-12 Take 2

I dare you to not want a pair of pumpkin colored pants for yourself!

This outfit lasted about 10 minutes before I found out that my poor husband who had been working since 4 am was going to have to continue working and my Saturday was going to be reduced to taking Sprog to the mall, so I changed it to something a bit more casual

This week I wore two things that I had never worn. I wore two things that were many years old and hadn’t been worn in several years. I came up with a couple of looks for the same core items (white pants, olive cargos) and wore what I considered to be “work pants” (the pumpkin pants) in a casual manner to give me more use out of them.


Are you still playing along? Have you had any successes?

37?! (in a row?)

As I mentioned, I turned 37 on Saturday and historically my birthday has not been good. There is usually a fair bit of drama or sickness that tends to happen on or around my birthday and this year was pretty much standard operating procedure what with the sinus infection and dental issues the weeks leading up to it. This year we opted to avoid some of the usual drama, however, and leave town to visit with some friends.

Kristie and her welsh boyfriend were going to be in Austin for the weekend so I decided I wanted to drive over and meet up with them for dinner/drinks and then drive back. Sure, it’s a lot of driving for a few hours but in our youth (HA HA) the hubs and I used to pop over to Austin for gigs and whatnot.

Friday Sprog went to hang with friends after school and then was incommunicado for 3 hours when he had made plans with Willy to go shopping for my birthday present which meant that our previous plan for him to head to the mall with friends and then spend the night while we were in Austin had to be scrapped. I don’t care that he hangs with friends as long as he STAYS IN CONTACT, else what is the point on him having a cell phone on which he is able to send over 7000 texts in a month? SEVEN THOUSAND!! So when he doesn’t stay in contact and check in, especially when his friends are people I don’t know and trust and I am going to be over 2 hours away? Boy gets sent to my sister. I guess that makes me an overbearing parent, but whatevs. I will not be the mother on the news that had “no idea” what her child was up to.

Anyway, so Saturday morning my lovely husband gave me these


and then went with me while I finally spent my Christmas cash shopping for some new clothes. I got some new skinny jeans, a new top (which I posted yesterday) as well as a new skirt, new belt and new navy flats. I tried to buy some jeggings but I just couldn’t do it. It felt as if my calves were being separated from my body. We then hopped in the car and headed for Austin and dinner at a darling restaurant with Kristie and Regan on South Congress. I WISH I lived closer to people and could just hang out with them whenever I wanted.

Us on 6th (snagged from Kristie)

After dinner some of us (Regan and her hubs bowed out) headed for a couple of drinks on 6th at a bar called Mooseknuckle (eww) and were reminded why we don’t go to 6th and also why we are OLD. Hello douchebags! When we got to the bar it was empty because no one goes out that early, read: before 10 pm. By the time we left (before midnight) it was wall to wall douchebags and half dressed girls dancing to rap music. The bar was showing football on large tvs when we got there, quite the switch.

The drive home was largely uneventful until about Brenham when we were treated to a drunk driving THE WRONG WAY on our side of the freeway IN THE LANE NEXT TO US. Even with our and the car next to us flashing the lights and honking horns, he/she kept right on going and even got into our lane after they passed us. WTF?! There is never a cop when you actually want one.

Sunday we grabbed my favorite cupcakes from Crave and then went to dinner with the fam before going back to their place to watch The Golden Globes. From them, I received the Cuisinart Griddler I have been coveting (which has already been used for burgers and last night when Sprog was taught to make pancakes from scratch) and a mix cd from my brother that I am too scared to listen to as well as my favorite candy from my nephew.

I also received some cash from my MIL which is always nice :-)

Scarf swap update tomorrow!

(Oh PS, I talked to Sprog about the whole “how I dress” concern and he said he would be embarrassed if I dressed like a mom. HAHA. He said that he wouldn’t claim me in public if I dressed any other way than how I do because he has a certain style and my style shouldn’t contradict that. INTERESTING.)

day of the dead

If you follow me on twitter or FB, you’ve already seen our costumes for this year but allow me to elaborate on what we did and how we did it a little bit.

First, let’s talk about Sprog.

Deadmau5 costume

Sprog was Deadmau5 for Halloween. Originally he was going to be the LMFAO robot dude from their videos but he changed his mind and opted for this instead. He and Willy made the head from scratch following a tutorial they found on the internet and I’ll have you know that’s a 13 inch hamster ball my child’s head is inside. Of course it’s a bunch of other crap too and I got involved as well (some Just Expressive materials were sacrificed to make the mouth) but for the greatest majority of it, it was all them. I am so happy it turned out so well. They did an awesome job!!

Deadmau5 texting his new girl

He spent a lot of time during the night doing this (he has yet ANOTHER new girlfriend. holy gods) but he also mounted headphones inside the head facing out so he played music and swayed along as he was walking too. Pretty cool.

Willy and I originally planned to be something else but as crap kept going wrong around here, I had to scrap our original plan and then had no idea what we were going to do. Ever since going to Austin for The Blathering, I have been obsessed with The Day Of The Dead folks I saw on 6th that night and decided that somehow I was going to incorporate it into this weekend. I originally thought I would do it for Ren Fest on Sunday but scrapped that plan in favor of Wills and I being a DotD Bride and Groom for Halloween

Bride and Groom

Everything except for the make-up and the colored flowers was already owned or borrowed (we had to ask mom for the ribbon for his skinny tie) All of my outfit is stuff I already had, including the white flowered headpiece which came from Ren Fest 13 years ago. I bought 3 dollars worth of flowers at the 99 cent store and hot glued them onto it.

The make-up is where I really invested the most time and thought. As you can see in Willy’s (above) I went very simple and masculine. I also did it on the fly with no pre-planning when he got home from work. I watched one tutorial for male DotD make-up and that’s where the idea for the top part came from (even though mine is a bit different) but other than that it was all about what I could get done really quickly AND what happened when he moved while I was putting it on his face.

Make-up close up

My make-up I actually did a trial run for but the boys thought the first white stick I bought wasn’t white enough (I wasn’t even going to bother with grease paint given how easily I break out so everything I have on is “real” make-up) so I ran to Ulta and was able to get one I saw recommended in several other tutorials. Otherwise it looks completely different than what I did the first time I played around. One tutorial I saw used a rose stencil on her face which gave me the idea to use lace. That’s what is at my forehead and chin area and I love how it turned out. Other than the lace, everything else was done free-hand and is a combination of eye-shadow, eye-liner, liquid eye-liner and gel eye-liner.

When we got to my mom’s house, people thought we were zombies? I dunno. So everyone was talking and in a big uproar about it and some dude whipped out his iPad and made me take a picture. Later another dude snagged a pic from his from yard. Sprog was THRILLED that people knew who he was. I also totally made a wee child burst in to screamy tears pointing at me even though I saw it coming and tried to turn around before it happened.

We were running super late getting to mom’s so we didn’t have time to stop for food. We ended up running to Schlotsky’s after trick or treating (fave Halloween house let us down for the second year in a row, MAJOR BUMMER) but then had to rush off to take a key to some friends that had locked themselves out of their house. Once home? That’s when the real trick happened. My husband inadvertently locked our black lab in the office. So she retaliated by pissing and shitting on the floor, trying to break into the iguana’s cage (thank god the dog is currently in a cone of shame or very bad things would’ve happened there) and generally destroying everything in her path. She then proceeded to walk through fresh shit in the yard and TRACK IT ALL OVER my newly mopped kitchen and laminate floors. I was cleaning up shit for almost 2 hours after we got home last night. Not happy making, not happy making AT ALL. And it’s like, I would think that I got every fucking paw print and yet another one would suddenly appear. PHANTOM PAW PRINTS OF SHIT all over my house. I don’t even know how she could get them everywhere that she did.

I would like a Halloween do over please. It’s the ONE HOLIDAY I wait for every year!

Halloween 2011 and other stuff


I shared the inside pics of the house today on Style Lush and as soon as my voice comes all the way back, I’ll do a vlog to put up here that gets more into the details.

I really love how everything turned out this year so be sure to check that out!

As an update to the Sprog/Barbie/Mum sitch, they broke-up on Sunday so no mum will be purchased or made. Sprog was SUPREMELY upset when it all went down but she handled some things REALLY POORLY and he felt like he didn’t want to deal with it anymore. Hugely mature of him to make a choice that made him unhappy in the moment but is better for him in the long run.

In other Sprog news, we got his first progress report this year and he got ALL A’S AND B’S!! I seriously could not be more proud of him and we are all working hard to maintain it. He has a flat $50 waiting for him if his report card comes in looking the same way.
butter headband

In shop news, I’ve added 3 new necklaces (one has already sold) and 3 new headbands to the shop in the past two days. I’ve got some pins in process and will be steadily adding more items to get ready for the holiday season. If there is anything you are looking for in particular please let me know!

$40 and a couple of hours of frustration

This weekend we got to work on a couple of projects around the house (we also went to a b-day dinner of our friend Johnny and decided to have a fondue/game night but that isn’t the point of this post) one of the major frustrations of my kitchen is that the light comes from the overhead florescent fixture in the center of the kitchen, which means that my body blocks the light and that there are a lot of dark corners.

Sunday while wandering around Home Depot, trying to select flooring and a new dishwasher (STILL HAND-WASHING DISHES, STILL WITH THE STABBY HATE) we bought an under-mount lighting kit for our cabinets and Willy installed it later that evening.

I could not be more STOKED about this thing. We splurged an extra $10 and bought the kit with an extra light and dimmer set-up

With the overhead light off

With the overhead light on

More projects to come!

wanting wednesday

SCARF SWAP!!! I posted about it yesterday on Style Lush

Hopefully most everyone has received their scarves by now. So what do I want? PICTURES!!

There is me in all my dirty mirrored glory (the pics are taken in my guest bathroom, also known as my son’s bathroom, thus the dirty mirror) the top scarf is handmade by Homesweetsarah and the bottom scarf is from Camels & Chocolate

he listens! he really listens!

So last week I was going to have a post, a morose post, about how Sprog was settling and how upset I was about it. He’s been really secretive about his phone lately, hiding it every time he gets or responds to a text and the thing goes off CONSTANTLY, so mom radar was pinging all over the place. One night he was being particularly sullen and refusing to go on our nightly do walk with us and his phone was just laying there, face down, on his floor and I grabbed it and ran. Yes I did. He caught up with me without too much issue, stupid furniture! Unfortunately for him, he is not yet able to overpower his momma and I was able to keep my hands on that phone through a bunch of wrestling. I even broke away from him twice and made it outside to the porch where Willy took over and ran with the phone down the street. HAHA! Don’t you wish we were your parents?

Anyway, we gave it back after that (he never did catch Willy) and went on our dog walk without incident but I made him come with me to the grocery store to pick up my prescription afterward and proceeded to talk to him about secrecy vs. privacy and why it makes us concerned, the things we might be concerned about and why it’s our job to make sure he’s safe. He denied anything was wrong, of course, and I let it drop after I spoke my peace. Later at the grocery store he stopped me by the frozen foods and told me he had something to confess. Oh boy.

It turns out that it was nothing that major…he had been talking to his ex-girlfriend again. The one that freaked out when he very rationally told her 15 was too young for a long-distance relationship. The one that caused a scene at school. The one that told him she cheated on him. The one that sent some guy to threaten him. So yeah, nothing major.

Oh christ. As my eyebrows met my hairline in concern I rattled off all this information and he proceeded to say that he thought she might have changed…that she was acting different. I wish I could have caught on tape my bitter, bitter laugh at that little comment, friends. Poor child. So I told him that of course she would act that way, how else would crazy get him back into her clutches? Once again I dropped it but anyone that knows me should know by now that wasn’t the end of it for me. I waited about a day or two and then brought up all her other winning traits he had forgotten about…the incessant neediness, the constant thinking she was fat, the constant texting and if he didn’t immediately respond the demands of what he was doing and where he was, the flaking out on plans at the last minute, the drama of trying to pick her up and her not even being home, etc. Once I made my point, I dropped it again.

Y’all, I am happy to report that he told her they would not be getting back together upon her return this Friday as she was expecting. The requisite freak-out occurred as expected and he laughed about it. He also told me that it had nothing to do with anything I said, but I’m fine with that. I’m fine with him still being unable to admit he listens to me, so long as he does it.