#WYS what week is this again?

I had a whirlwind trip out of town over the weekend. A busy weekend once out of town. Slammed days since being back and some out of control drama to deal with. Yesterday I had no idea what day it was until the trash men showed up (our trash and recycling wasn’t out, obvs) and even then I didn’t believe it until I checked the calendar.

So..here is last week’s rather belated and admittedly half-assed #wys

These jeans are rapidly becoming one of my favorite things. You will see them again and again.

Friday was the day I was on the plane so no actual time for a full outfit shot. These two parts will have to do. I got a ton of compliments on my dress.

Plane wear 3-16-12

The lower portion of the plane wear

and Monday on the return flight I wore the same scarf and sandals to make my life easy

Plane wear 3-19-12
(outfit replicated at home, because again, no time for pics)
(also, see what I mean about the white jeans? LOVE THEM)

wys week #5 could there *BE* anymore outfits

So this week I went a little crazy with the outfits, especially on Saturday when I wore and posted THREE different outfits in one day. I blame it on the stupid Houston weather not letting me wear what I actually wanted to wear, coupled with muddy wet dogs destroying what I actually could wear.

Anyway a bunch of outfit pictures ahoy.

And here we come to Saturday and the multiple outfits. We also come to a Pinterest project completed (the heart-shaped elbow patches on an old grandpa cardigan)

what I wanted to wear

what the rainy cold weather determined I should wear

what I ultimately left the house in later in the day

I love how clearly this week shows just how schitzo the Houston weather is being since I went from skirts and sun dresses to jeans, sweaters, raincoats and wellies.

Things I wore this week that have never been worn: two. Things I wore that haven’t been worn in a while: four. Things I wore this week that are in my “favorites” category: four (my red raincoat, my brown boots, the brown dress and orange suede coat)

WYS week 4

This week was a lot of fun for me in “wear yo shit” land and I feel that I really hit my stride. I actually pre-planned (and got excited about) my outfits and even though I totally forgot to photograph one whole day (thanks for the migraines Houston) I still have had plenty to share.

I should point out that our weather has been unseasonably warm and we have moved from “Fall-ish” right into “Spring” so 70 to 80 degrees this week.


I liked this outfit so much, that I later played around with a nighttime look for it
3-1-12 Take 2

I dare you to not want a pair of pumpkin colored pants for yourself!

This outfit lasted about 10 minutes before I found out that my poor husband who had been working since 4 am was going to have to continue working and my Saturday was going to be reduced to taking Sprog to the mall, so I changed it to something a bit more casual

This week I wore two things that I had never worn. I wore two things that were many years old and hadn’t been worn in several years. I came up with a couple of looks for the same core items (white pants, olive cargos) and wore what I considered to be “work pants” (the pumpkin pants) in a casual manner to give me more use out of them.


Are you still playing along? Have you had any successes?

WYS week 3 and random other things

So for week three, I did a bit better. I broke out of my jeans and actually wore some dresses/skirts. I found even more clothes I could get rid of and I’m sure there’s still more lurking in there that can be done away with or accessorized differently.




I’ve also even “done” my hair a couple of times (as seen above in the jeans/white cardigan outfit) or when I used a vintage button in my pony tail instead of just a plain old pony tail. Most every day I try to do something. Of course there are days where I give up all together and throw on my husband’s Cocky T-shirt (with a pic of a Rooster on it, of course) and call it done.

In other news, I played around in the yard with my camera again doing the whole DIY macro technique and fell in love with some dandelion pics I caught

Playing around in my yard

Another view

Inside out

The first pic I am turning into a custom iPhone case for myself and the second one I had blown up to 20×30 and printed at mpix.com and am framing for the living room. I already have the print and the frame for it (frames were 40% off at Michael’s and I had a 25% off coupon which meant I got the frame for less than half the original cost) and am just waiting for my custom acid free mat to come in (even with the cost of the mat, I’m still under the original cost of the frame). My phone case is supposed to arrive today, I am super excited to receive it.

WYS week 2

We’re going to call this week a wash.

It’s rained or been foggy every other day this week which means I’ve had a headache EVERY day this week and as such, I’ve worn jeans and tennis shoes with my hair in some state of disaster pretty much every day. I did get dressed for Valentine’s day…in an outfit I’ve worn before

with these shoes

11/12/07 Red

and today I had a lovely breakfast with A’Dell so I sorta dressed for that.

(the best part of that outfit being my Great-Grandmother’s ring, of course)

but the reason I am not willing to call the whole week a fail is because I went through part of my closet and there is a HUGE pile of clothes ready to be carted off and donated, which was EASY. I also tried on some things and even though I LOVE them I was able to admit that they don’t fit they way they should (stupid broad shoulders) and that I need to just part with them already and they are going as well.

So I am still following through with my #WYS mission.

How are y’all doing? Are you wearing yo shit?

WYS week one

It’s Friday and I have gotten dressed every day this week. When I say dressed, I mean real clothes…even if the outfits weren’t all that dressy and were barely a step above yoga or pajama pants…and I am getting sick again so toward the end of this week I wore the same jeans multiple days or even got dressed for like 20 minutes, felt like I was about to crash and burn so I got undressed and then went back into a warmer hoodie and jeans ensemble. I’m still going to call it a success because for the first time I walked into my closet with IDEAS instead of complaints and loathing.

And it’s also a success because other people said they were inspired to join in, which is always awesome. As always there is a flickr pool so feel free to share your outfit photos so we all have inspiration!

This week I definitely stayed in my comfort zone of jeans + but I did get ideas about the skirts and dresses I wanted to be wearing…so maybe if I am not feeling too puny this weekend (and have some place to go) I’ll wear the outfits I have in my head.

You already saw the first day…so second day
I busted out this cropped, bow-tie, cardigan that I have had for probably 4 years and have never worn. I have thought about wearing it, I have put it on and taken it off many times over but have never actually gone through with wearing it, until now.

The third day
I wore this coat I bought for BlogHer ’08 and these lime green loafers.

The fourth day
I wore some brand new jeans (Levi’s) that I scored on sale for $12 and paired them with these old Mary Jane’s I’ve had for years. I pulled the color combo of my shirt and hoodie from the shoes and that’s how I went with a way old pale green scoop neck tee with the also way old coral hoodie.

The fifth day is when I started getting sick
So same exact pair of jeans a short-sleeved dolman sweater layered under a long-sleeved wrap cardigan that I got last year.

And finally today when I put together this
Super cute outfit of a couple years old navy blue skirt, many years old rust colored polk-dot tunic and year old flower cardigan with belt that is at least 5 years old and brand new birthday boots which lasted all of 20 minutes.

When I am feeling better, I definitely will be wearing that outfit again.

Are you doing WYS?