New Canvas Print

Y’all know that this:
Sprog @ Lover's Point Monterey
is one of our favorite pictures of Sprog that I have ever taken. It’s just such a seriously awesome moment in our travel history (even though it gave me total heart palpitations at the time) and it’s something special that I thought needed a little more than just a print from Walgreen’s slapped into a frame.

I was thrilled when contacted me about working with them to get a canvas of my own printed. Obviously, I knew exactly which picture I wanted to use which made the whole process insanely easy for me, but if you don’t, they have an idea gallery at the ready to help! Their website is incredibly user friendly and explains each step of the process (there really aren’t many at all) in a clear and concise manner, with helpful visuals, previews and image processing if you need it. It’s even easy to go back and make changes if you make a mistake, like I did. When I initially selected my canvas size, I automatically picked 8×10 not really thinking about what that would mean for the layout of my picture. When I got to the preview and I discovered my mistake, I was able to correct it in two clicks of a mouse. SO SIMPLE!

My canvas arrived in record time and looks fantastic.
I love that none of the detail of the photo was lost in the printing process and the texture of the canvas even adds to the drama of the print.

Knowing exactly where I wanted to hang it, I selected a printed gallery wrap
so when you walk by it, the picture continues along the edges of the canvas. I love that I don’t have to frame it and yet it still looks great.

Reasonable prices, easy process, great quality and fast results, I couldn’t be happier with my experience!

The final installation of the canvas print in our bedroom includes a small old-timey map of Monterey Bay and a Monterey Bay smashed penny, since I had some leftover and loved yesterday’s project so much.

It makes me smile every time I walk into my bedroom.

I was compensated for this review with my canvas print, however, my opinions are my own and had I been unhappy with the process in any way, I would’ve shared that with you.