it’s time for another scarf swap!

Now that we are done with Christmas (this may be a good thing or bad thing depending on how yours went down) it’s scarf swap time! For those that haven’t joined us before, essentially it boils down to this: for the past three years (this is year three) now, I have been hosting a scarf swap in honor of my birthday, so a bunch of people all get to open presents, instead of just me and given the time of year, what better than a pretty scarf? Past posts for more information can all be found here, here, here, and here I’ve also started hosting a flip flop swap in June (in honor of my wedding anniversary) but we aren’t here to talk about that one right now.

So onward with logistics!

There are three ways you can enter the swap
Email me-my e-mail address is located under the contact me category
Comment on this post
Tweet me

You do not have to be a blogger to participate! I just have to have an e-mail address and a physical address so your swap partner has 1) a way to communicate with you and 2) a way to get your scarf to you.

You have until SATURDAY DECEMBER 31st to enter. Matches will be sent SUNDAY JANUARY 1st and scarves should be in the mail by MONDAY JANUARY 16th

A note on the shipping date on the scarves, this is a guideline date, if you want to send it earlier? That’s obviously cool. If you want to send it later? Just discuss it with your swap partner so that they know they haven’t been forgotten or anything.

If you have any specific color aversions, preferences, fabric allergies or anything of that sort, please include them in your comment, tweet or e-mail! It just helps your swap partner pick something that you’ll love. You can also discuss any of that in your introduction e-mails with your swap partner or any other communication, just make sure it happens (if you have those preferences that is) I want to make sure you get the most out of this experience!

This year I’m going to create a flickr photo pool to make it easier for everyone to add photos (if they choose) and I’ll also create a results post with links to any posts y’all do about your scarves (just send me the links or comment on this or any scarf swap post with them)

I think that covers everything! I am so excited! I started a Pinterest scarf swap board a while back and my fingers are itching to pull up my spreadsheet and start getting some lists going!

Oh, we’ve been keeping the pricing at around $20-25 dollars the past few years so I guess we’re sticking there.

flip flop swap

Looks like people are receiving their flip flops! I hope everyone is enjoying their new cute shoes! If anyone hasn’t heard from their match yet, please let me know, you definitely should have at least have had contact by now if not have already received your shoes.

I’ve enjoyed some pics on twitter.
Littlemeaggs received these from ihopeitkeepsup

TUWABVB received these from Kristie999 and she in turn sent these

apparently from the same company, who makes the soles from upcycled yoga mats! So cool.

If you’d like to share your flip flops, feel free to e-mail them to me or share them on twitter and I’ll post them.

flip flop swap admin

Hey all!

Everyone has been sent an e-mail with notification of their match. If you haven’t received one, please let me know and I’ll take care of it for you.

Also, unlike the scarf swap, the actual budget range never got hammered down for this so feel free to either comment on this post with a number or discuss it with your individual matches to hash out what works best for y’all.

I am really excited about this and hope everyone has a great time! Thanks for joining!!

Are you signed up?

Final day to sign up for the flip flop swap!

I’m really excited about getting everyone assigned their matches and seeing everyone with their new flip flops. Thanks everyone for participating!

Are you on Pinterest? I am totally addicted. It’s such an awesome way to keep everything you drool over organized! I have gotten several project ideas and several projects completed just since I joined. Mad love.

I finished this yarn wrapped & symbol yesterday. <3 An 11 year old little boy with special needs is hoping for a customized bike for his birthday. Fluid Pudding has a post with more info and ways you can donate, if you so choose.

I am on Google+ now but I really have no idea what the point is yet. Anyone else out there trying it out and have feedback?

I hope everyone has a fabulous (and safe) holiday!

and I’m back in the game!

Not sure if it showed up to all of y’all or not, but Just Expressive was down for a couple of days while my wonderful husband sorted the damage done to my site by some hackers. Isn’t that lovely? Apparently being called something shitty in comments by an internet troll, Russian spam or people from your past finding your blog doesn’t mean you’ve made it to the “big time”, being hacked does. *sigh* I think it’s funny that I don’t get money or fame once I get on someone’s radar, I get hacked instead. Perhaps I should don a mustache ala John Hodgeman on The Daily Show?

Anyway! On to bigger and (hopefully) better things!

The Flip Flop Swap is finally going to get underway!

Sign-ups are open starting today. Everyone that is interested in joining needs to let me know by July 1st. I’ll get everyone their match by that Tuesday July 5th (because of the holiday weekend) and all flip flops need to be shipped by July 15th. You have the ten days in between to contact your matches, get shipping addresses and color preferences and all that.

If you’ve never been involved in one of my swaps before, the scarf swap should give you an idea. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

The only remaining issue is the price limit. My inclination is to forgo the $1-3 flip flops at Old Navy for this sort of thing, I feel like they should be something slightly more special. What say y’all?

Oh and sign-ups are open to everyone, come one come all! Blogs are not required, I just need e-mail addresses!

Flip Flop Swap

It looks like the flip flop swap is a go! There are a few people that I think are probably going to be interested that haven’t checked in yet, silly people having busy lives and whatnot, but several people jumped on board elsewhere on the internets.

At the present the group is small, but it always starts that way.

Here is how the scarf swap went down and I am fully open to budget and time-frame suggestions.

*PS as with the other swap, share with whomever you think would be interested.

wanting wednesday

SCARF SWAP!!! I posted about it yesterday on Style Lush

Hopefully most everyone has received their scarves by now. So what do I want? PICTURES!!

There is me in all my dirty mirrored glory (the pics are taken in my guest bathroom, also known as my son’s bathroom, thus the dirty mirror) the top scarf is handmade by Homesweetsarah and the bottom scarf is from Camels & Chocolate

the first week of the new year

Let’s do a wrap up shall we?

~Scarf swap: Everyone should have received their matches and contact e-mails by now. If you haven’t, please let me know. Reminder posts will happen next week on Monday and Friday.

~Style Lush: Post this week was about some candlesticks I have and am not sure how to handle.

~Food Lush: Post this week was about re-creating my fave Starbucks drink “Dirty Chai” at home

~The Vanity Resolution: Is going strong, so strong in fact that I have started a flickr group (please feel free to join btw one person does not a group make) and put together a collage of this weeks looks

Week 1
Maybe I’ll get all fashion blogger-y at some point and actually take pics with my “real” camera and tripod, I might even add it as a separate section once we get my site overhaul done but for now, I am proud of myself for sticking with the whole posting and dressing thing every day. Of course you notice there are only 6 looks and that’s because it’s 6 freaking am right now, thank you allergies. *sigh*

~I made my bed yesterday!
I made my freaking bed!
Which I probably shouldn’t admit for being the big deal that it is, but our room is usually a disaster area. Mainly because our dogs like it that way. Here is something that i wouldn’t allow my poor husband to admit on facebook but our dogs are freaked the eff out about the bed being made and my side of the floor being completely cleaned. See they LOVE to sleep on our clothes, mommy and daddy nests we call it and if they don’t have that? They don’t know what to do with themselves, like it’s the end of the freaking world. I might have to go buy them kennel beds today just to calm them down, because I intend to keep the mess away and this year we are going to give my sinuses WOOD FLOORS, so they’ll need multiple baby beds anyway. Spoiled? Our little princesses? NEVER.

~I also went on with that whole “If I see something cute I want, just buy it when I see it” resolution the other day at Costco where I bought two awesome new sweaters because 1) the only two left in those colors and my size 2) we are supposed to be getting an arctic blast next week and I don’t have enough sweaters anyway and 3) I was severely pissed and holding my tongue is easier when I shop. Hello emotional buying.

~I also received my very first cashmere item EVER in the mail yesterday. OMG. Where have you been all my life?

~In the kitchen: I made the very best Red Lentil Soup I’ve ever had in my life and I could eat it every single day. I need to get some more spinach so I can make it again. I also made a Tortilla and Black Bean Pie last night and it was soooooo freaking good. Go make it, right now.

scarf swap 2010 update

Today is the final day for the scarf swap sign-ups. So far we have 22 ladies participating (YAY!) but there is always room for more. One of our participants has been fab about re-tweeting and promoting the swap on FB (Thanks Retta!) and if anyone else wants to do that, please feel free! The more the merrier as far as I am concerned and this is swap is not open only to bloggers either. I am happy to include anyone that wants to join and if they would like to post pics of themselves in their new scarves but don’t have a blog, I am happy to host them here, as well.

In my original post, I gave myself until the 5th to get everyone matched and the e-mails sent but I imagine that y’all will get your e-mails early tomorrow. I already have my Foodlush and Stylelush posts done for the week and no pending orders for the Etsy shop (sad panda) so there isn’t anything standing in my way of getting that done quicker :)

Oh and I think I decided I am going to do another swap around June (my anniversary) but I haven’t decided what item. If you have any ideas feel free to leave them below!