the first week of the new year

Let’s do a wrap up shall we?

~Scarf swap: Everyone should have received their matches and contact e-mails by now. If you haven’t, please let me know. Reminder posts will happen next week on Monday and Friday.

~Style Lush: Post this week was about some candlesticks I have and am not sure how to handle.

~Food Lush: Post this week was about re-creating my fave Starbucks drink “Dirty Chai” at home

~The Vanity Resolution: Is going strong, so strong in fact that I have started a flickr group (please feel free to join btw one person does not a group make) and put together a collage of this weeks looks

Week 1
Maybe I’ll get all fashion blogger-y at some point and actually take pics with my “real” camera and tripod, I might even add it as a separate section once we get my site overhaul done but for now, I am proud of myself for sticking with the whole posting and dressing thing every day. Of course you notice there are only 6 looks and that’s because it’s 6 freaking am right now, thank you allergies. *sigh*

~I made my bed yesterday!
I made my freaking bed!
Which I probably shouldn’t admit for being the big deal that it is, but our room is usually a disaster area. Mainly because our dogs like it that way. Here is something that i wouldn’t allow my poor husband to admit on facebook but our dogs are freaked the eff out about the bed being made and my side of the floor being completely cleaned. See they LOVE to sleep on our clothes, mommy and daddy nests we call it and if they don’t have that? They don’t know what to do with themselves, like it’s the end of the freaking world. I might have to go buy them kennel beds today just to calm them down, because I intend to keep the mess away and this year we are going to give my sinuses WOOD FLOORS, so they’ll need multiple baby beds anyway. Spoiled? Our little princesses? NEVER.

~I also went on with that whole “If I see something cute I want, just buy it when I see it” resolution the other day at Costco where I bought two awesome new sweaters because 1) the only two left in those colors and my size 2) we are supposed to be getting an arctic blast next week and I don’t have enough sweaters anyway and 3) I was severely pissed and holding my tongue is easier when I shop. Hello emotional buying.

~I also received my very first cashmere item EVER in the mail yesterday. OMG. Where have you been all my life?

~In the kitchen: I made the very best Red Lentil Soup I’ve ever had in my life and I could eat it every single day. I need to get some more spinach so I can make it again. I also made a Tortilla and Black Bean Pie last night and it was soooooo freaking good. Go make it, right now.

closet sales

There is going to be a reckoning on my closet and it’s going to happen very soon. I am thoroughly enjoying getting dressed everyday, in a way I just couldn’t have imagined. I like not feeling like a schlumpadinka every day. I like feeling like I can still be cute even though I have no pre-determined purpose outside of my house…anyway. It has even driven me to completely change the way I do my make-up which has remained the same for MANY years. It has helped me to get a handle on what *I* like to wear without a negative nancy in my ear telling me something is wrong that I like. Man, seeing a fashion blogger that you connect with goes MILES for helping that, why don’t I have someone here I can shop with that gets my fashion sense?

I have a bunch of stuff that really doesn’t suit me or my lifestyle that I can and should get rid of so I’m going to and I’m also going to try and be smart about it this time…not like last time when I had a bunch of stuff that I loved but had gained some weight due to my hormone meds and gave to goodwill only to get on a new migraine med and go right back to that size some 4 months later. *cry*

I have several pairs of shoes, that I know I don’t need to hang onto, probably a couple that have never even been worn because I no longer have an office job (and the one I did have went to casual attire right after I bought them) and probably won’t for a while if I can help it (come on Etsy)

I know several bloggers sell their items on the internet. I also know that they have brand name things and with the exception of my shoes, I just don’t do that very often…

So the question I’m pondering is do I even bother photographing and posting what I am going to get rid of and see if there is any interest or should I just give it to charity like normal?

the vanity resolution

So, it’s the time of year where everyone is all focused on New Year’s Resolutions. I have already posted a super long list of things I would like to get done this year. My husband spent last night rearranging the desks in our office so one of my items is already starting (but has a long road to the finish line still, this place is in shambles) but there is another that I started on the 1st, have stuck with every day since and am hoping to continue with for the majority of the year.

I want to get dressed any time I leave the house. I want to put thought in what I am wearing. I want to go through my closet, cull what I don’t need, keep what I do, alter what needs it and fix what needs fixing. I want to only purchase things I really want and not things that are just on mega sale. I want to feel good about myself and not like a giant SAHM schlumpadinka all the time. I’m reading and bookmarking posts like this one from Friday Playdate, I am trolling fashion bloggers I connect with like Kendi Everyday and I am looking to celebrities and tv personalities for my style icon inspiration. I’ve invested my Christmas cash in my face with some uber pricey (for me) face stuff, some new make-up (Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer) and take the time to moisturize my feet and elbows every night before bed now.

I am photographing my looks even if it’s just with an IPhone and posting them to flickr or twitter or both.
Jan 1
Shopping on Jan 1

Jan 2
Running errands on Jan 2

IPhone Day!
Getting my new IPhone yesterday

Today is going to be a bit of a pain because 1) it’s crap weather outside 2) I am babysitting my nephew, which is cause for lazy clothes and 3) I went to bed with and woke up with the same damn headache but I won’t be deterred too badly, I hope.

I am really looking forward to having a closet and wardrobe that works for me and feeling good in my skin.


This morning I read a lovely post about a Gatsby Summer Afternoon shared by another blogger. I’ve also read other posts about tweed bike rides in various cities and I’m sure there are other events out there that go along a similar theme. I think that is awesome and I would so love to do something like this, I love the vintage aesthetic and I love any excuse to dress up, but what really got me about that post is that the girl attending the event dresses in vintage on a daily basis. Can you imagine? I love vintage and there are few things I adore more than 40’s dresses, skirts, shoes and hats but I don’t think I could dress like that every day. It just seems like it would be so much work. I feel like getting dressed in “easily accessible” clothes is hard enough, I can’t imagine trying to source things from such a bygone era.

I always admire people that have a look they are committed to and do it so well. I feel too lazy at times. :)

what I wore-at the resort ed.

1st night outfit
This was dinner the first night.
Shoes: teal gladiators from Payless
Dress: white with coral embroidery from Forever 21
Necklace: teal, shell and silver from a shop in Key Largo
2nd night outfit
Dinner the second night.
Shoes: metallic gladiators from Target
Skirt: khaki swing skirt from Gap
Top: One-shoulder black knit so old I have no idea where I got it and could be considered vintage
Necklace: self-made
Last night dress
Dinner the final night
Shoes: metallic gladiators from Target
Dress: fuchsia linen wrap from Old Navy
Necklace: self-made
Biggest sun hat in all the land
Bikini and largest sun hat in all the land-Gap Outlet, Target cover-up
First moments at the beach
Target bikini, Gap tank and Lerner New York shorts
Us in the treehouse
Target bikini, Forever 21 cover-up

I also wore three other sundresses for breakfasts/lunches but no pictures of those. 1 Gap Outlet, 1 Forever 21 (never been worn but 2 years old) and 1 Target. I wore everything I packed except for the outfit I packed for the excursion (shorts, t-shirt or tank and tennis shoes) and one pair of gladiators (black, they felt too heavy so I wore metallic instead) so I feel like that was super successful packing!

Monday: conquering body issues-hello bikini time