bullet pointed for your pleasure (not much with the caps or grammar or punctuation though, fair warning)

* my back has been kicking my butt for over two weeks now with little to no improvement. I’ve had x-rays and multiple dr appts. I’ve had multiple medications. I’ve had an MRI and fights with my insurance. Last night it was decided I will now be doing PT for at least the next two weeks if not more. Good times.

* yesterday was my 7 year wedding anniversary to my most excellent husband. we didn’t do anything and I’m totally okay with that. we hopefully will get a date night this weekend, instead.
Screen Shot 2012-06-12 at 9.20.44 AM

* my most excellent husband still gave me a gift anyway, a pair of the new strappy Toms wedges, I heart them long time.
Screen Shot 2012-06-12 at 9.18.44 AM

* our Keurig is leaking water all over the counter. this is the second morning in a row without coffee (this would be the reason I can’t be bothered to care about the rules of proper writing)

* attended the lovely engagement party for Kristie and Duvain hosted by A’Dell and Jennie. I love them all and I hate that I don’t get to see them more often. I miss being around people I like.
Screen Shot 2012-06-12 at 9.15.42 AM

Screen Shot 2012-06-12 at 9.22.48 AM

* On the way back from the engagement party we happened across a CRAZY HUGE field of sunflowers, it was amazing and I had a ball taking pics. I got some really good shots. I’ll share those tomorrow.

* Flip flop swap match e-mails have all been sent (it wasn’t until they were all sent that I realized I called it the scarf swap in the first sentence. SEE NO COFFEE)

titles are for royalty

Coming up with titles is sometimes hard enough that it will dissuade me from blogging at all, such is my lack of motivation these days. Bleh.


Over the weekend, I hopped back in my car and drove back to Austin. Jennie and Kristie were in town for the 3M Marathon and Maryann had put together a largish blogger dinner and I needed to get the heck out of dodge, even if only for a night and even if I had only just been there two weeks prior…

The ever lovely and kind Natalie took me in and let me crash in the back house with Jennie and Kristie and her adorable wee ones adopted me as one of their own from the moment I walked in the door on Saturday afternoon and was instantly directed to play ponies in the castle. It seems that miss Adele bonded the most completely with me and when Jennie and Kristie arrived I was deep into reading her a story as she sat by my side and occasionally patted my leg or pointed things out in the book. Oh the void in my “always wanted a little girl” heart just tinged away the whole weekend, I can’t even tell you. And, their house, yard and back house is pretty much my ideal everything and spent many hours yammering on about it to my husband upon my return.

Of course, I did spend time with other people, that aforementioned blogger dinner and all, but I didn’t get ONE picture with anyone else. I’m trying this new thing when I am in large groups where I don’t immediately dive for my phone and am trying to stay more connected to the people immediately in front of me. The unfortunate side effect of that is not taking any photos with people I really wish I would’ve. I really need to try and figure out what my balance point is…maybe pics first and then phone away? Otherwise, I fear I’ll totally forget about my phone altogether which was the case this weekend.

But fortunately for me, at least one pic was taken at dinner (which was HILARIOUS as it was being attempted and also AWKWARD as the whole patio STARED SILENTLY AT US)


Evidence! I was out! With people!

I was also wearing a dress I’ve had in my closet for TWO YEARS (I think, at least I’m pretty sure) and haven’t worn, tags still on it and all. I got it on clearance for $7. I have probably about 10 items in my closet, if not more, that I have never worn and I am making a concerted effort to wear them this year.

I posted on Style Lush recently about a skirt I purchased asking for help on how to wear it, if you have an opinion, you can weigh in here.

37?! (in a row?)

As I mentioned, I turned 37 on Saturday and historically my birthday has not been good. There is usually a fair bit of drama or sickness that tends to happen on or around my birthday and this year was pretty much standard operating procedure what with the sinus infection and dental issues the weeks leading up to it. This year we opted to avoid some of the usual drama, however, and leave town to visit with some friends.

Kristie and her welsh boyfriend were going to be in Austin for the weekend so I decided I wanted to drive over and meet up with them for dinner/drinks and then drive back. Sure, it’s a lot of driving for a few hours but in our youth (HA HA) the hubs and I used to pop over to Austin for gigs and whatnot.

Friday Sprog went to hang with friends after school and then was incommunicado for 3 hours when he had made plans with Willy to go shopping for my birthday present which meant that our previous plan for him to head to the mall with friends and then spend the night while we were in Austin had to be scrapped. I don’t care that he hangs with friends as long as he STAYS IN CONTACT, else what is the point on him having a cell phone on which he is able to send over 7000 texts in a month? SEVEN THOUSAND!! So when he doesn’t stay in contact and check in, especially when his friends are people I don’t know and trust and I am going to be over 2 hours away? Boy gets sent to my sister. I guess that makes me an overbearing parent, but whatevs. I will not be the mother on the news that had “no idea” what her child was up to.

Anyway, so Saturday morning my lovely husband gave me these


and then went with me while I finally spent my Christmas cash shopping for some new clothes. I got some new skinny jeans, a new top (which I posted yesterday) as well as a new skirt, new belt and new navy flats. I tried to buy some jeggings but I just couldn’t do it. It felt as if my calves were being separated from my body. We then hopped in the car and headed for Austin and dinner at a darling restaurant with Kristie and Regan on South Congress. I WISH I lived closer to people and could just hang out with them whenever I wanted.

Us on 6th (snagged from Kristie)

After dinner some of us (Regan and her hubs bowed out) headed for a couple of drinks on 6th at a bar called Mooseknuckle (eww) and were reminded why we don’t go to 6th and also why we are OLD. Hello douchebags! When we got to the bar it was empty because no one goes out that early, read: before 10 pm. By the time we left (before midnight) it was wall to wall douchebags and half dressed girls dancing to rap music. The bar was showing football on large tvs when we got there, quite the switch.

The drive home was largely uneventful until about Brenham when we were treated to a drunk driving THE WRONG WAY on our side of the freeway IN THE LANE NEXT TO US. Even with our and the car next to us flashing the lights and honking horns, he/she kept right on going and even got into our lane after they passed us. WTF?! There is never a cop when you actually want one.

Sunday we grabbed my favorite cupcakes from Crave and then went to dinner with the fam before going back to their place to watch The Golden Globes. From them, I received the Cuisinart Griddler I have been coveting (which has already been used for burgers and last night when Sprog was taught to make pancakes from scratch) and a mix cd from my brother that I am too scared to listen to as well as my favorite candy from my nephew.

I also received some cash from my MIL which is always nice :-)

Scarf swap update tomorrow!

(Oh PS, I talked to Sprog about the whole “how I dress” concern and he said he would be embarrassed if I dressed like a mom. HAHA. He said that he wouldn’t claim me in public if I dressed any other way than how I do because he has a certain style and my style shouldn’t contradict that. INTERESTING.)

and just like that, it’s back to real life

Lately we’ve been sort of social, demented and sad but social, right? (movie quote can’t help it)

With “hermit mode” the normal MO around here hasn’t really been all about getting out much but since The Blathering we’ve been this crazy old-timey version of ourselves. The ones that actually have social type plans outside of the house with people other than each other.

The hubs has had work happy hours. I’ve had volunteer work (more on that later). We had friends over for game night, met them out at BW3 and babysat the adorable daughter of one so they could all go to that Breaking Dawn POS (No offense to y’all that like it but my opinion will not be swayed 😉 )

Yes, I will do this dorky crap in public
I’ll do near anything to make a kid smile
Including finding The Fresh Beat Band on Netflix and plying her with Nilla Wafers

We’ve both done dinner with a former elementary school pal of my husband and his wife that he reconnected with at the Halloween themed wedding and who happens to live like a a mile away (which I totally stressed about the potential awk of but turned out to be really enjoyable). We did our traditional trip to Santa’s Wonderland the day before Thanksgiving.

It’s of course very old-timey and Texas themed even with the lights everywhere and they aren’t all about the vegetarians (baked potato was cooked in brisket grease served with bacon even though I said no meat and the BBQ sauce had MEAT IN IT, OMG) so this is what I had for dinner
A giant S’more. They have a fire pit and roasting forks and you get to make them yourself. I also had a huge bag of Kettle Korn and some coffee. Healthy up in this piece.

On the way out the door, we ran into my brother’s ex with our nephew so the boys were able to play for a little bit before we headed home.

Thanksgiving was SO MUCH FUN that I was drinking Jack Daniels Honey over ice at mom’s later. We had to hit both families in the same day so our day was 12 hours long, required 2 hours of driving and I did cooking on two days so that I could bring things to both houses but at least be able to eat dinner at mom’s.

Nieces and nephews were cute as always.

Although I didn’t get any pics of Luke and Connor from T-day because they were off playing at the park when we got to mom’s and I was too busy helping with dinner when they got home.

Saturday I had a wonderful 4 hour brunch with Andrea who had come into town to see her folks. It’s so nice to get to hang with a blogger, because that never happens here, but even nicer to hang out with one and seem to get along so well. I felt bad talking her ear off, though, like I should come with a “BIG TALKER” warning label.

We had big date night-ish type plans the rest of the weekend and were thwarted on Sat night because I got a monster headache and Sun because the hubs thought he was coming down with the dreaded man cold. This weekend is Santa Pub Crawl and our first ever attendance to that particular drunken festival so that should be…something.

And now I think we are reasonably caught up AND I used a whole lot of words and pictures to make up for my absence. Score!

business in the front, party in the back

BUSINESS: Scarf Swap Reminder- SATURDAY 1-15 is the cut-off for getting your scarf into the mail to your recipient! Everyone should be getting their addresses and preferences exchanged if they haven’t done so already.

PARTY:Over the weekend we got ourselves out of the house for a change. Saturday we met up with friends for dinner at a Greek restaurant in midtown. I had THE BEST fried zucchini I have ever had in my life. They were sliced paper thin, like chips, battered and served with tzatziki. OMG. So freaking good. I also had my weight in salty feta, kalamata olives and this spanikopita that was beyond flaky. *sigh* Then I finished the whole thing off with hot, sticky loukoumades. I am drooling, right now, fyi.

Afterward, we actually pretended we are youngsters (like when we met) and hauled ass across town for a show. An EPIC show. A show of Mulleted Awesomeness, the likes of which you have probably not seen. Let me show you:

The Mullet Boyz
The band

The girls
Don’t we look innocent?

I mean, there is nothing unusual about a group of people that pose for pics with a mullet, right?

Husband mulleted

Um….except there was some drinking

The chest of awesome
But dignity was maintained

Mullets for hippies

No, I don't know what is wrong with my face either.
Oh dear

Mulleting grandpa creeper
We might’ve involved creepers that repeatedly hit on Rachel

Posing with grandpa creeper
He didn’t seem to mind

In the end, our final verdict is clear
YES. That just happened

closet sales

There is going to be a reckoning on my closet and it’s going to happen very soon. I am thoroughly enjoying getting dressed everyday, in a way I just couldn’t have imagined. I like not feeling like a schlumpadinka every day. I like feeling like I can still be cute even though I have no pre-determined purpose outside of my house…anyway. It has even driven me to completely change the way I do my make-up which has remained the same for MANY years. It has helped me to get a handle on what *I* like to wear without a negative nancy in my ear telling me something is wrong that I like. Man, seeing a fashion blogger that you connect with goes MILES for helping that, why don’t I have someone here I can shop with that gets my fashion sense?

I have a bunch of stuff that really doesn’t suit me or my lifestyle that I can and should get rid of so I’m going to and I’m also going to try and be smart about it this time…not like last time when I had a bunch of stuff that I loved but had gained some weight due to my hormone meds and gave to goodwill only to get on a new migraine med and go right back to that size some 4 months later. *cry*

I have several pairs of shoes, that I know I don’t need to hang onto, probably a couple that have never even been worn because I no longer have an office job (and the one I did have went to casual attire right after I bought them) and probably won’t for a while if I can help it (come on Etsy)

I know several bloggers sell their items on the internet. I also know that they have brand name things and with the exception of my shoes, I just don’t do that very often…

So the question I’m pondering is do I even bother photographing and posting what I am going to get rid of and see if there is any interest or should I just give it to charity like normal?

another picture post: finally more from the Halloween wedding

My friend’s photogs finally got back to her with some pictures so I can finally get some up for all y’all that asked for them. I am going to go ahead and point out that she didn’t hire someone crazy awesome like Colleen, EPie or Ashley Forrette (because most of us know them or of their work) but gave some art students the chance to work on their portfolios instead. Anyway… some pics.

Candy bouquet
I don’t know if anyone got a decent pic of this thing and I know I should’ve taken one when I made it but I was so pissed off at it by the time I was done, I just didn’t. This pic doesn’t do it justice either because you can’t make out what everything is, the second shooter spent some time with the bouquet so maybe she got one? I dunno. Anyway, there are black heart lollipops, red apple lollipops, purple flower lollipops and the large pink and red swirled lollipop in the center. I also added red and black tulle and wrapped it with red and purple ribbons. The bead embellishment is something she wanted after the fact.

Hair flower
Her colors were red and purple so I made my hair flower to match, this was taken while I was doing her make-up

Bat in progress
Her nod to Halloween since she didn’t get a costume together for the reception and instead stayed in her wedding dress the whole time

Bride, Wedding Coordinator, Me
With our wedding coordinator before getting in the dresses and walking down the aisle

Me and The Bride, Halloween Wedding
In our knee high chucks about to walk down the aisle

Wedding Party
The wedding party after the ceremony

Me and Wills-Reception
We take receptions very seriously

Anniversary Dance
Wherein I look like a giant swoon-y dork and show you how in love with my husband I am, during the anniversary dance.

Table decor outside
Example of the table decor with those starbucks frappuccino bottle vases, this particular one has pumpkins on it

scarf swap 2010

We did this last year and this year, I hope even more people will participate and I hope to have people post pics of them in their shiny new scarves and everything. I love to see other people get presents!

Here is me in mine from last year
Jan 13

So the details:
In honor of my birthday (go Capricorn) give me an excuse to make a spreadsheet and various listy type things and host a scarf swap. Respond to this comment or send me an e-mail (my e-mail address is located in the contact me link up there) or a tweet letting me know you are interested in participating by Monday January 3rd. I will get everyone matched and notified of their matches by Wednesday January 5th. You can then swap addresses with your scarf swap partner and any color preferences, fabric allergies (some people are allergic to angora) etc.

Scarves should hit the post office to be sent out no later than Saturday January 15th(the day after my birthday) which gives you ten days of shopping (theoretically) after you have been notified of your match.

Last year’s budget was no more than $20-25 was that a good range for everyone? Should we keep it the same?

over the weekend, I was on a boat

We are in the final stretch for the wedding of our friends D & Rob, which is taking place this Sunday (yes, Halloween) so this past weekend were the bachelor and bachelorette parties. Friday night was the bachelorette party, although I’m not really sure if it qualifies as a party if only three people make it and two of the three are me and the bachelorette. *sigh* Anyway, we did a murder mystery dinner on a boat in Kemah. It takes two hours, includes dinner and takes you on a tour of the bay. Pretty cool and a totally different thing to do. I got selected to be a person to act but I informed our waiter that D was the bachelorette while she was in the bathroom so they changed that for me, apparently Wes (our waiter) really took care of things because she ended up being the killer.

Us with the Captain at the end of the evening

D as Crystal saying her lines after she has revealed herself to be the killer

D, Crystal, with her husband Neil Diamond

D and Wes our manservant

Saturday night was the bachelor party and the boys had a mighty good time which required me to fetch them at after 3 am and not get home until near 4 am. I didn’t go to bed until 6 that morning because I drank coffee to be awake enough to drive. Needless to say Sunday was ROUGH but we finally figured out our costumes and have most of the pieces. There are just a couple more things I need to grab today, hopefully, and then work on tweaking what I already have. It is TOP SECRET, so no one will know what we are until the day of the wedding and y’all will get to see pics Monday after Halloween!

Shop news: First ring has been listed and three necklaces were posted yesterday, two of which have already sold!

Style Lush: Today’s post is pretty geeky, it goes up this afternoon, be sure to check it out.

it’s because of your comments

Thank you. Really, I mean that. I started the day feeling so shitty and just worn the eff down and your comments really did help. It’s nice to not feel alone when you spend a large portion of your days as a hermit only interacting with your dogs, your husband or your teenager. Because, let’s get real, as awesome as Sprog is, he is still going through easily the most trying time of our lives together and this kid had colic and when you are squabbling with the husband, that doesn’t really help, which leaves the dogs…the things keeping me up at night. The furry, four-legged, waggy-tailed objects of my stabby sleep deprived rage.

Bolstered by your comments I put myself on a schedule, of sorts, that allowed me to have one item of indulgence (in this case a small piece of chocolate cream pie) and then a set time that I had to start working on something for my store. I did all my normal mundane crap like the dishes, picking up poop in the dog yard, getting them water, feeding them, making dinner, packing the husband’s lunch for tomorrow, yadda yadda but where I felt i was really struggling, I held myself to task and I did it!

I wanted to make a barrette, I’ve been wanting to make a barrette (and headbands, hopefully tomorrow) but wasn’t sure how to do it. I knew I wanted to use red, since I hadn’t yet and I just sat down and worked it.

New pretty

It will be added to the Etsy shop once I have better pics (it was late in the day and taking pictures of one’s own head is hard) and I have a couple more floating around my head now.

So thank you again. I pink puffy heart you.