this is what I resort to instead of what I’d actually like to do

Man, today was a hateful bia. It wasn’t any major thing just a lot of little shitty things that pile on until you are so freaking brittle and cranky that you want to dig your cranky panties (YES I OWN THEM) out of the bin, slap those puppies on and get Dexter on someone’s ass (serial killer, not laboratory). Things like draining the abscess in your dog’s side or breaking a plate while emptying the dishwasher and then stepping immediately onto the ceramic shard, your camera battery running out in the middle of photographing a project to blog and your battery charger being MIA, the usual suspects pissing you smooth the hell off and having to YET AGAIN bite your tongue about it, your DAILY HEADACHE or your knee being utterly useless after bending down to deal with abscess dog the day before, your shitty MUD district FINALLY sending you a bill a week before it’s due…

Things that annoy, things that perturb, things that make you start slowly with the anger management issues and then OH HO WE’VE GONE TO PLAID UP IN THIS BITCH.

So since I’m awake, icing my damn knee and obviously IN A FREAKING MOOD, WHAT OF IT? you get the following:


I created: Stabby Hate Threat Levels

If you are unfamiliar with the Kathy Griffin bit, it’s here almost at the end.

And Lily is here

We’ll return to our regularly scheduled house projects and other more chipper posts shortly.

another year older

Today is my birthday and I am currently fighting THE WORST effing cold I have had to deal with in a long ass time. UGH.

The birthday wishes I have received this morning have gone a long way to helping my mood, however. I have a large internet family and I really don’t know where I would be without y’all. xoxo

Both of my scarf swap buddies have received and LOVE their scarves and that makes me thrilled beyond measure. I so love giving people things that they love. I really and truly enjoy selecting something for someone and having them be pleased with it, that includes gifts, decor (have a decorating question? ask away!) or our reader questions on Food Lush or Style Lush.

Sprog is struggling a bit with how to be more thoughtful, more aware, more conscientious of others. I am struggling a bit with how to help him learn that trait. Taurus is not known for its ability to change (he’s still a Taurus, forever a Taurus) and can be very mule-headed, or bull headed as the case may be. We had a total battle of horns this week where-in he got grounded and his ass handed to him and yet, when he has an issue with his dad later in the same week, he’s texting me about it. I know that no matter what issue he and I have, I am his closest ally, his closest friend, his closest everything…so I feel even moreso responsible for helping him be and stay on the right path in all things. Teenagers, man, who knew?

Also, he’d like you to know that boys hate it when you say that they are like your little brother, so ladies take note, that is not a compliment and is like the BIGGEST INSULT KNOWN TO MAN.

I am sticking with dressing every time I leave the house, so that resolution is going well. PLEASE feel free to join the flickr pool AND POST PICTURES TO IT. I feel awkward being the only one posting. KTHNKS.

Reminder Scarf Swap: SHIP BY TOMORROW!

I would love for everyone to share pics of them in their scarf after they get it, I am happy to host and post!


I’m thankful. Of course I am thankful for my wonderful husband and rather fabulous Sprog. Of course I am thankful for the fam, my dogs, my friends, my life. Of course I am thankful that we have a roof over our heads, that my husband’s job allows me to stay home and pursue the Etsy, the blogging, the diy-ing.

This year I want to also list some silly things…some small things…

I’m thankful for cake.

I’m thankful for still having my hair, even if it is turning gray at an alarming rate.

I’m thankful for the reaction to the stuff on Etsy.

I’m thankful for chair dancing to awesome music.

I’m thankful for singing in my car and not caring who sees.

I’m thankful for butter, heavy cream and chocolate, all things I ingested today.

I’m thankful for all my crazy kitchen gadgets and how they make my cooking life easier.

I’m thankful that Christmas only comes once a year.

I’m thankful for the cold front that rolled up into Texas today.

I’m thankful for how it feels when I hug my husband.

I’m thankful for the joking conversations with my son.

I’m thankful excedrin migraine.

I’m thankful for down comforters and open windows on a cold night.

I’m thankful for all the places I have been this year and the people I have been able to see.

I’m thankful my friends have had beautiful healthy babies.

I’m thankful for Amy’s burritos with spicy yogurt.

I’m thankful for Halloween and Ren Fest for lifting my spirits and getting me through the rest of the holidays every year.

I’m thankful for books.

I’m thankful that Deathly Hallows didn’t suck.

I’m thankful for the stupid video game that I am totally addicted to.

my cockles are as warm as my arms

My Sprog is an awesome sprog. Friday, after his last final, I picked him up from school and we headed to the mall to do some Christmas shopping for his step-dad. He actually had an idea for him all on his own. (y’all this is rare and immediately supported, encouraged and acted upon) So while we were at the mall, I headed to Hot Topic to pick up some gifts for a friend of mine (and no blue twilight crew it was not ANYTHING twilight or new moon related) and a merchandiser made sure to inform me that all Nightmare Before Christmas items were 50% off.

BALLS! I am not supposed to be shopping for myself. But. There is one hoodie left…that I like…in my size. Hemming and hawing commenced. And then, my Sprog asks, “How much will it be after the discount?” And I answer. And then, “And there is only one left in your size?” And I respond. “I have that much in chore money, buy it, from me.” Doesn’t he just rock?

Y’all. There are moments where I just pause and marvel at the coolness of my own kid. Times when he does things like that or when he has ideas for presents for people on his own. When he gets excited about doing the Christmas lights and decides how they should be done, staying outside in the dark and cold to set it up, or the fact that he has Christmas lights and ornaments hanging from beneath his loft bed at this very moment. When he dances with me in the car while we run errands. When he pops up from the floor, during a movie or show we are watching, to make a face at me or make eye contact with me while he laughs at something. When he knows I am in a bugger mood and he makes the dorkiest faces just to try and make me laugh or when he tries like hell to imitate the evil eye I am famous for and fails miserably.

The fact that my friend had her birthday brunch this weekend and asked that he join because she enjoys his company instead of preferring he be left at home since he’s just a dumb teenager. I love that he’s getting his scrawny little butt back on a skateboard and that he totally gets why I subjected him to Eddie Izzard’s skit about puberty instead of being mortified or not thinking it was funny. We all laugh about his voice cracking and the fact that his horrible hippie of a mother is stunting his growth by keeping him in organic foods and dairy products and how he dreams of genetically altered foods like the rest of his friends.

My kid is the bomb is what I am saying and I wish that y’all could spend some time with him when he’s tossin down his sweet dance moves. There is seriously nothing better, in this world, for a bad mood.

i will remain thankful *deep breath* i will remain..

I’m up way earlier than I planned for the time that I went to bed. I even took Advil PM to try and ensure that I would still be asleep this morning but lo for the bad tum that got me up anyway. Did you read that sentence? I have a BAD TUM on Thanksgiving. Um. Shouldn’t that be illegal or some shit? Not that it matters all that much given what my in-laws choose as their Thanksgiving feast but REALLY? I can’t even look forward to my deviled eggs or whipped sweet potatoes with banana and honey? I think that is unjustifiably cruel.

Before I go twist myself up into some odd shapes on the floor to try and alleviate some of this pain, I figured I should go ahead and force myself to think some positive thoughts. Today is going to be a long strained day of family and now adding the extra layer of pain to the equation? It’s just a recipe for disaster…maybe I should bring a flask today too.

* I’m thankful for my husband and our marriage. That we are easy and comfortable together and really know one another.

* I’m thankful for my friends: super old (I’m talking elementary school here), super new (months) and never met (internet friends what up?), you have always been my family.

* I’m thankful for my sprog. You are a person I enjoy hanging out with in your own right, not just because you are my spawn.

* I’m thankful for the hot messes I know as my dogs. Y’all make me crazy, but as we know, I would be a wreck without you.

* I’m thankful for skinny jeans, boots, scarves, sweaters, fitted blazers, and suede coats in unusual colors. I’m thankful for knee-high converse, fingerless gloves and cowl necks. I’m thankful for michael kors, kate spade and diane von furstenberg. I’m thankful for dresses by converse and gorgeous catalogs that I can’t get enough of.

* I’m thankful for design inspirations.

* I’m thankful for kitchen gadgets and glorious food (when I get to eat it).

* I’m thankful for Tim Gunn and Heidi Klumm.

* I’m thankful for confidence enough not to let the idiotic opines of people on the internet bring me down or rile me up.

* I’m thankful travel and having seen some of this world.

* I’m thankful for beautiful photography and people that inspire me.

* I’m thankful for experiences.

* I’m thankful this season only comes once a year.

* I’m thankful for all things Halloween.

* I’m thankful for playing dress-up and costumes of all sorts.

* I’m thankful for those that are still here reading my little blog and all those that are reading me at Style Lush now too.

happy places ala She Likes Purple

1. Sedona, Az. It amazes me to no end that this desert utopia is only 1.5 hours from the hustle and bustle of Phoenix but every time I drive into town, I just breathe a sigh of relief. There is a calm that washes over me that can’t be explained, you simply must experience it for yourself. I am the most at peace when I am hiking among the towering red rocks, breathing in the clean crisp air and being one with the universe. Yes, I just wrote that and meant every single word. Of course if this hippy dippy mentality is not for you, there is always a pink jeep four wheeling tour that I guarantee will get your adrenaline pumping and your face hurting from the grinning.

2. Mallory Square, Key West, Fl. This is HUGELY touristy, it just is, but I don’t care; it’s fun. It’s awash with people and sounds of people having a great time. There is music, street performers, clapping, laughter and just general good times going on all around you and then everyone begins lining up to watch the sunset. Sailboats cross paths while the sun makes its lazy descent into the water, making for the perfect backdrop to their darkened silhouettes. It’s just awesome.

3. Arkansas River Tours, Colorado. White water rafting is something I have only done once in my life but to say I was profoundly affected by it, is an understatement. I think this is one of the best experiences we have ever had as a family (tied with the next item on my list) it was hard work (some might call it grueling even) which might not seem like a happy place but it was also instantly rewarding seeing what we could accomplish as a family. It was totally thrilling getting through those huge rapids and it was also thrilling seeing (and hearing) Sprog conquer his fear and come out so completely stoked about something on the other side.

4. Discovery Cove/ Snorkeling et al, Fl. Swimming with dolphins is something I had wanted to do since I was a little girl, since I had a collection of dolphin themed items, and the reality of the situation did not disappoint. Discovery Cove only allows a small amount of visitors a day (1,000) compared to other “theme” parks so you never felt crowded or annoyed. There was ample time to do everything you wanted in and around your dolphin experience including feeding rays (so neat!) and late in the afternoon the HUGE rays were active in the snorkeling area which was completely surreal to have them gliding right beneath you. Snorkeling out in the open ocean at John Pennekamp State Park was so serene and calming to my soul even though the water was choppy that day that I can’t wait to do it again. In fact, I would love to repeat the whole vacation again and see how Natalie’s baby has grown (our dolphin had a baby recently who kept sneaking away from his trainer and visiting us during our experience).

5. Underneath a starry sky, anywhere. This is a holdover from all the time I spent camping as a kid. I am totally star struck whenever I get away from the city and can get under a full un-spoiled sky full of stars; there is just nothing like that feeling.

6. A fancy grocer. As mentioned yesterday, I can spend HOURS pouring through aisles of fancy oils, vinegars and mustards. Give me artisan breads, cheeses and an olive bar? I am in heaven. You may not get me out of there for hours or even see me for a similar amount of time. If you can track me down? I am sure to be grinning like an idiot and squealing over something you probably never knew existed or even care about.

7. Anywhere babies are belly laughing. There is no sound better than a baby letting loose a full and hearty belly laugh. I love it so.

grace a day early

It seems with every week I am struggling on the grace front…maybe if I did these daily it would be easier?

1. This adorable tea party on A Beautiful Mosaic. I don’t have a girl and have no desire for a doll, but I have a HUGE desire for this tea party. Who’s with me?

2. That baby purple is in process of being born; I am so excited to see this kid.

3. We NO LONGER HAVE COMCAST. Goodbye suckas! Woo!

4. My kitchen is spotless.

5. Tres Leches cake from Chuy’s.

friday five

I will eventually get back to OMFG, I promise! Right now though I am in full on negative nancy mode and feeling like I could pull an Ozzy Osborne, at any moment, and bite the head off of those around me; I think I might have gone a little long on refilling my hormone scrip this last time (hormones! a post for next week and a topic that has been big on Oprah lately. Oooh the excitement you must be feeling.). So, bring on the GRACE!

1. Reading a good book, under a blanket, next to a window, during a rain.
2. A cup of hot cocoa on a cold morning.
3. A baby’s laughter.
4. Still water.
5. A perfectly wrapped present.