and just like that, it’s back to real life

Lately we’ve been sort of social, demented and sad but social, right? (movie quote can’t help it)

With “hermit mode” the normal MO around here hasn’t really been all about getting out much but since The Blathering we’ve been this crazy old-timey version of ourselves. The ones that actually have social type plans outside of the house with people other than each other.

The hubs has had work happy hours. I’ve had volunteer work (more on that later). We had friends over for game night, met them out at BW3 and babysat the adorable daughter of one so they could all go to that Breaking Dawn POS (No offense to y’all that like it but my opinion will not be swayed 😉 )

Yes, I will do this dorky crap in public
I’ll do near anything to make a kid smile
Including finding The Fresh Beat Band on Netflix and plying her with Nilla Wafers

We’ve both done dinner with a former elementary school pal of my husband and his wife that he reconnected with at the Halloween themed wedding and who happens to live like a a mile away (which I totally stressed about the potential awk of but turned out to be really enjoyable). We did our traditional trip to Santa’s Wonderland the day before Thanksgiving.

It’s of course very old-timey and Texas themed even with the lights everywhere and they aren’t all about the vegetarians (baked potato was cooked in brisket grease served with bacon even though I said no meat and the BBQ sauce had MEAT IN IT, OMG) so this is what I had for dinner
A giant S’more. They have a fire pit and roasting forks and you get to make them yourself. I also had a huge bag of Kettle Korn and some coffee. Healthy up in this piece.

On the way out the door, we ran into my brother’s ex with our nephew so the boys were able to play for a little bit before we headed home.

Thanksgiving was SO MUCH FUN that I was drinking Jack Daniels Honey over ice at mom’s later. We had to hit both families in the same day so our day was 12 hours long, required 2 hours of driving and I did cooking on two days so that I could bring things to both houses but at least be able to eat dinner at mom’s.

Nieces and nephews were cute as always.

Although I didn’t get any pics of Luke and Connor from T-day because they were off playing at the park when we got to mom’s and I was too busy helping with dinner when they got home.

Saturday I had a wonderful 4 hour brunch with Andrea who had come into town to see her folks. It’s so nice to get to hang with a blogger, because that never happens here, but even nicer to hang out with one and seem to get along so well. I felt bad talking her ear off, though, like I should come with a “BIG TALKER” warning label.

We had big date night-ish type plans the rest of the weekend and were thwarted on Sat night because I got a monster headache and Sun because the hubs thought he was coming down with the dreaded man cold. This weekend is Santa Pub Crawl and our first ever attendance to that particular drunken festival so that should be…something.

And now I think we are reasonably caught up AND I used a whole lot of words and pictures to make up for my absence. Score!

i have permission to blog about this

Katie’s cousin’s permission to be exact.

This would be the gentleman in question
Beer Pong + weight loss competitor

and he’s a riot. From the point that the boys showed back up at the shower to retrieve us and the presents, he was making me laugh, constantly. I’m sure a good part of that was the afternoon the boys had spent playing Beer Pong, but I imagine he’s just like that naturally, as well.

I didn’t go to college (I sort of busted out with that fact when I was invited to play, like it’s a secret college handshake, the playing of beer pong, or something) and I had a baby when I was college aged so no wild parties (well…not that kind of wild, my brother has always been in a band afterall) for this girl. I’ve played quarters but that’s about it. Anyway, when we got home after the shower? I played beer pong for the first time. I AM BEER PONG RINGER!

Of course, my husband thought it was because I don’t drink beer and Jon (Katie’s husband) was drinking mine for me (Amanda’s husband, was drinking for her too), but lo he wasn’t aware of the giant snifter of whisky that I was drinking while playing and that I had already partaken of vodka punch at the shower. We played 3 rounds and whichever team (we swapped for the last) I was on? WON. I find this incredibly hilarious.

As the drinking progressed, naturally trash talking and bravado do as well and somehow we ended up with a weight loss challenge being thrown down. That man, up there? Well he has to lose 70 lbs by April. His prize? A $150 bar tab on the cruise that they are all going on together. If he doesn’t succeed, Katie and Jon receive the same bar tab. Somehow by coincidence or through catching wind of the contest, his father has upped the ante with a substantial sum of money thrown on top.

The next morning as we were in Annapolis for breakfast, Jon checked in on the competitor to find that he was MAJORLY hung the eff over and no work out was happening. Haha. I am thoroughly interested in how his journey progresses. I will have to check in with Katie, not only for baby news, but for news on this front as well.

Baby shower pics here

This week on Style Lush: Tasty and portable snack (Sprog is ADDICTED to these, btw) and my guide to Az

for the love of the game

Have I mentioned I am addicted to Lego Harry Potter? ADDICTED. I have finished the first four years (the next game comes out in October! YES!) and now I am going back and collecting all the stuff. Currently I am a little over 50% complete so I have a lot of stuff to find and collect and I have already devoted many hours to this game. I am figuring out which characters are good at which things (Hermione SUCKS at flying, Miss Patil is a good jumper, Professor Snape can open things that are on the dark side, etc) and remembering where I am in the castle in relation to where I need to be and where the poly-juice potion is so that I can change into whatever character I need.

My friend D is also playing, so we help each other whenever we get stuck via text messages. Yes, we text each other during the day about a game. :)

Over the weekend they had ladder ball at one of the parties we attended.
ladder ball
Have you ever played? I didn’t play but the husband did, I think we might add it to our background game repertoire. We already have bocce, but I’d also like to have badminton or volleyball and something else. I have grand ideas of backyard barbecues with our friends, I like to pretend it’s not 1 million degrees here in the summer.

Do you have a favorite outdoor game?

it’s game night!

Game night!

A few friends are stopping over tonight for game night! It’s the first one we’ve hosted and I am working on getting the house in order for company this morning. (It’s also a welcome distraction from the evil hag of a headache I woke up with this am, but we won’t waste any breath discussing that!) I LOVE games but find that not everyone is into the same types of games. Apples to Apples and Bananagrams seem to be pretty safe universal-ish type games (but even then, I know of one Apples to Apples detractor) so I have those at the ready.

I might pick up another game just to have it on standby tonight but of course we’ve always got the Wii, if people get bored with tabletop/board type gaming.

Other games I own/love to play:

Trivial Pursuit
Munchkin (and various expansion packs)
Cranium Conga
Word Spot
Alpha Blitz
Sorry (Disney Edition)
You’ve Been Sentenced
Group Photo (Scooby Doo Game-Sprog’s from when he was younger)
Connect Four
Scooby Doo Match Game (Again Sprog’s from when he was younger)
Chinese Checkers

What games do you like to play/recommend? If you were hosting a game night tonight, what would be on your table?

the gamer

I’m pretty sure I’ve already mentioned Bananagrams to y’all. I have my sister so addicted to this game that I had to give her one of her own, to take to school; she thought it might be good to play with her kids after tutorials. We play it almost every time we go over there now.

I may have already mentioned WordSpot as well, which is another fun game but is only two player, unfortunately.

On New Year’s Eve, I picked up some new games at Barnes and Noble to play with the family:

Apples to Apples the party crate, which came in a wooden box and is HUGE. This game seems to be Sprog’s new fave and I love the vintage feel of any game that comes in a wooden box. The lesson in this game is “know your judge” if you do that, you’ll surely win the hand.

You’ve Been Sentenced is the other game that we purchased. We haven’t had a chance to play this one yet but hopefully soon. It seems like it could be a lot of fun and the possibility for silly with the sentences is HIGH. I like that.

It was hard whittling it down to just those two, however, and there are many other games that I have added to my Amazon wish list; games like Last Word, Smart Ass, Killer Bunnies and Ringgz. I also would like to get Zombies again. I played that a long time ago with Hobie and it was a lot of fun.

For Christmas we also got a new game for the Wii, Rayman III.

It’s awesome! The only issue I have had with the game is that I can’t play the games where you have to do the downhill racing with your ass, on the balance board; it hurts! I opt to do those games with the Wii-mote instead. Also, there are some dancing games and one of the moves is spanking your ass! Haha. That one took me off guard at first.

For the DS, I’d like Mystery Millionheir which is a puzzle/search type of game.

Do y’all game? What type of games do you enjoy? Do you have game nights?

wii fit: the man’s review

Hi! Guest blog here from The Hubs…

Being a lifelong Nintendo fan, I was by default excited about Wii Fit. Afterall, I got in line at our local Target at 4:30am to buy the system itself on launch day. However, being a casual gamer and friend of more “hardcore” gamers, I had heard the naysaying that it wasn’t gonna be any good, was gonna be “useless”.

I have to say that I really like it. After only playing a handful of mini games (yoga, some strength training, then balance games), I had worked up a slight sweat and was breathing harder than usual. After twenty minutes, I was ready for a break and went straight for the fridge to get a glass of cold water. That is more than I can say for any other video games. No, it will not replace getting outside and running down the street. It doesn’t come close to replacing a real workout. But I think, that that is kinda the point. It’s casual exercise, done in a more interactive and fun way than you’re going to get doing a few stretches on the livingroom floor, or hitting the weights in the garage.

I was a little, only slightly, skeptical about the balance board, but it really does work. The way it uses balance (and senses your center of gravity so well) really makes for a convincing workout. I definitely recommend it!

Note:The hubs being on it actually got the sprog back on it as well. Earlier today I tried to get him to play it and he was a sore loser when he couldn’t get some of the games on the first try. Competition with the other boy in the house is a sure fire way to get him back in the game.