“ideal” weight

So today the Wii Fit gave me my ideal weight. Through all of my ups and downs with my weight over the years, I have long said I just wanted someone to give me a number (any number) of what my “ideal” weight should be and I would strive for that. Everyone has an opinion of what is a good look and what isn’t: too skinny/too fat; I wanted a concrete number, not an opinion.

I didn’t want to live in the gray area any longer, the gray area where I think I look good and yet people give me shit about shopping in the toddler area and still someone else has the balls to ask me to my face, if I used to be skinny before having my son. I wanted to have a comeback of,  “I am at my IDEAL weight thank you very fucking much” for any and all comments.

And today when I finally got that number… I was disheartened. Not because I don’t weigh it, or would have to lose weight to get to it, but because that number? My ideal number? Is only 4 pounds less than what I weighed when I gave birth to my son. So my ideal weight is PREGNANT WITH ANOTHER PERSON? Are you effing kidding me?  From this point, I would have to GAIN over 22lbs to get to my “ideal” weight. I was almost ideal before I started taking the Topamax but even then I was still under this weight.

It bases the “ideal” on a BMI of 22 which supposedly the BMI where you have the least chance of being sick and are least susceptible to illness. Now I know this is just game and not a doctor telling me this but still, it was FINALLY a number… and I’m not happy.

Maybe I should listen to Queen Latifah and just be a size happier or was that a size healthier?

wii fit: the man’s review

Hi! Guest blog here from The Hubs…

Being a lifelong Nintendo fan, I was by default excited about Wii Fit. Afterall, I got in line at our local Target at 4:30am to buy the system itself on launch day. However, being a casual gamer and friend of more “hardcore” gamers, I had heard the naysaying that it wasn’t gonna be any good, was gonna be “useless”.

I have to say that I really like it. After only playing a handful of mini games (yoga, some strength training, then balance games), I had worked up a slight sweat and was breathing harder than usual. After twenty minutes, I was ready for a break and went straight for the fridge to get a glass of cold water. That is more than I can say for any other video games. No, it will not replace getting outside and running down the street. It doesn’t come close to replacing a real workout. But I think, that that is kinda the point. It’s casual exercise, done in a more interactive and fun way than you’re going to get doing a few stretches on the livingroom floor, or hitting the weights in the garage.

I was a little, only slightly, skeptical about the balance board, but it really does work. The way it uses balance (and senses your center of gravity so well) really makes for a convincing workout. I definitely recommend it!

Note:The hubs being on it actually got the sprog back on it as well. Earlier today I tried to get him to play it and he was a sore loser when he couldn’t get some of the games on the first try. Competition with the other boy in the house is a sure fire way to get him back in the game.