More yoga wear (or gym or your workout of choice)

I talked to one of my yogi teacher friends yesterday about the shopping I was doing to fill my athletic closet and she recommended Evolve Fit Wear as a place to check out. She was wearing bright leopard print pants that she said were her favorite, from there, made from recycled plastic bottles.

I realized a few things as I was pulling out my yoga clothes to take these photos. Today will make my 4th day of yoga, in the studio, in a row, and I really seem to love MPG (Mondetta Performance Gear) pants. I have more pairs of these than any other brand. Also I am straying away from the standard cotton pants. I have one pair from Old Navy but I hardly wear them anymore as they pick up all the link everywhere and get saggy at the knee.

Cynthia Rowley at TJ Maxx. I had issues buying this top but it was so cute I did it anyway. I am between two sizes and the smaller of the two was probably what I should’ve bought but it constricted my breath so I bought the larger and wear another sports bra underneath.

the only “colorful” pants I own

the lace detail is also on the back of the calf

the lint catchers. I do like that they are capris so I probably just need to replace them with another pair of compression capris and get rid of these

love the cowl over a bra design but sometimes it gets in my face during inversions and annoys me

another built in bra top (not sure what it picked up in the wash, I need to lint roll it) I don’t think this is going to last much longer-it’s from Target and the top back doesn’t seem well made.

technically a pajama top but I just slap it over a sports bra and call it done

snagged on clearance in the juniors section of target, super thin and great at hiding sweat but left lint in my arm pits so it needs a couple more washes I think

I really love sleeveless t’s I want to find more of them I think. Cute and can be worn with jeans OR for yoga. Yep.

my favorite capris. I wear these more than anything

baggy pants but the calf cuffs stay put. LOVE.

My yoga journey continues

I still love my yoga studio. I still love going to restorative yoga. I enjoyed my beginner workshop and I’m sad it’s over. What I REALLY LOVE however? Chakra Yoga + meditation. I look forward to this class EVERY WEEK. It honestly gets me through every single week and it sounds completely twee but I feel different, better inside, since taking this class.

If you had asked me after the first class if I loved it, my answer would’ve not been so glowing. That first class was so hard. SO HARD. Holding a forward bend in yin was impossible for me. I was overcome with the feeling of falling and my muscles just essentially couldn’t let go enough to allow the posture to settle into my bones. My previous injuries and misalignments have lead to weak muscles and overcompensating muscles just to keep me going. My instructor and I had a long talk after class where I explained what was going on and she really listened and understood. She also added brought up what trauma does to our bodies and how that sort of thing plays out in the future with a deep yin practice. I asked if she felt I could do this and she seemed shocked I would think I couldn’t, even with what I felt was a dismal showing in the very first posture of class.

So I went the next week and the week after and so on. We’ve moved from Root Chakra to Sacral Chakra to Solar Plexus Chakra to Heart and here is where I am going to pause a moment. Each Chakra comes with an explanation of the Chakra and how it correlates to what goes on in our bodies and minds. To do the work required to unlock any blockage and get that wheel (they are wheels of energy) flowing, open and in alignment with all the others, you have to understand what you are holding there. So when Heart Chakra happened to fall right after the stuff that is in the protected posts? Well I was crying in class. Specifically when we did this mudra

Courthouse Butte with bonus yoga mudra

The left hand indicates forgiveness and the right dispelling fear and hello waterworks. My instructor was looking straight at me when I started to cry and she had us close our eyes and spoke some very meaningful words about fear and focusing our breath into that hand, holding it strong in spite of the tremble we could surely feel, keeping it pressing open with intention. It was so great, SHE is so great.

Thursday night was Throat Chakra after a missed week (class was cancelled for a week for some reason) and I brought my instructor a rock from Sedona. I worried she might think it was lame but I have a rock from Sedona right on my computer desk here and when we were hiking I was moved to grab one for her. I also brought the photo above with me to show her that I did the mudra in a spiritual place, that it resonated so deeply with me. I wasn’t sure I was going to show her but I had it just in case. When I handed her the rock she was so surprised and touched that I explained I did the mudra and I had my husband take a photo for me and that I brought it too. She then flipped out over the photo so much that I gave it to her and she had me sign the back. My other instructor was there (the one who teaches restorative) and they went on and on about reaching someone and how great that was. It was after that she told me she’s from Arizona. Y’ALL COME ON.

Could it BE any more perfect than that?


Since I last mentioned starting out in my journey with yoga, I’ve completed my 3 “new” classes at the intro rate. I took two restorative classes and one Candlelight Vin Zen class which combines a vinyasa class with some restorative poses at the end. I was not prepared for the speed at which the vinyasa flowed, but with the exception of Half Moon Pose, I mainly was able to hold my own and at least attempt everything. Half Moon was not only difficult from a balance point but also because it stirred up all the concrete in my sinuses and after the second or third forward rotation, I thought I might vomit from the pressure in my face. I gave up at that point and just retreated into Childs Pose. After that experience I thought I should try a class they offer called Gentle Yoga which has a lot more modifications for damaged people such as myself.

In Gentle, my form was corrected more than once and I made the decision that I should start over with a beginner’s workshop that was coming up. I have done yoga many times but not really since the injuries that have pulled my right side so far out of alignment and my muscles have compensated far more than I thought. I know I am out of whack, I can feel it every day, but I didn’t really do the mental math of how much that would affect how my hip would be turned doing a hamstring stretch or how tight EVERYTHING (my hamstrings ARE A JOKE) is just to try and carry my frame. All of this is explained in the fact that I am in pain every day and have been for well over a year, even when I was in physical therapy, it never went fully away. I’m just so used to it now that I don’t consider what it does to my abilities.

Tuesday was the first beginner’s class and our instructor gave a great tip on how to ground your palms for better support and taking the weight off the wrists. I was very mindful of the corrections I had received on my form for downward dog previously and am hopeful I kept that line better. We practiced easy three part breath and some basic forms. I asked for a modification in beginning chaturangas as my shoulder still locks when I try to lower myself through to plank. I don’t have a fluidity of motion because I can’t properly support myself. We learned about the terms for things and the purpose of doing yoga in the first place.

I’m adjusting to different teaching styles and methods. It’s easiest for me when they are similar either in cadence, voice, methodology or flow. I need some similarity to grasp at so I can be comfortable and pay better attention, otherwise I am thrown off and can’t relax. So I need to get myself to focus on my breathing and just try without being so focused on nerves or trying to do things “right”. Being more in the room is one of my struggles as things haven’t just come as easily to me as before I was injured. And of course being more in that room in the midst of the drama shit storm we live in, is one of the reasons I am going.

Tonight I signed up for a Chakra + Meditation class and I am really excited about it. I love that this studio has so many options and so many ways to find your own path. They have a class that combines acupuncture and yoga which I likely will try in April. Even though I mess up constantly or can’t do things the way I wish I would, I still look forward to going every week, that means I’m in the right place, I just have to get ME into the right place.

the walkers


I’m not sure how long ago I committed to walking the dogs every morning but it’s been long enough to make it a solid habit now. So much so that the dogs get antsy the same time every morning and Maddie (the black dog) starts slapping me if I’m not up and getting ready to go “on time”. We had to pause for Maddie’s surgery and her recovery but I went by myself during that time and I thought she would burst from happiness on our first day back out there, they really do love it that much. I’ve even forced Sprog to drag his teenage hide out there by himself and take them when I’ve had other commitments that prevented me from doing it.

We go when it’s cold. We go when it’s crazy windy.

Today thanks to DST was the first time I’ve been out before the sun was actually up
Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 8.26.24 AM

Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 8.27.04 AM

and we almost caught Willy leaving for work. He was turning the corner right as we were about to cross the street and Maddie spotted his car and started to run for him. So cute and slightly dangerous. Thankfully I always walk the girls on the leash :-)

Over the weekend I shot an outdoor wedding and as I currently have a sinus infection, it knocked me down pretty hard but we had plans with friends that evening to see another one of our friends do an acoustic set here before heading on to SXSW shows and I didn’t want to cancel. I’m really glad I went because not only was it a crazy evening for the record books but I also had a couple of people tell me how much they love seeing our morning walk pictures and it really made my night. I didn’t plan on it turning into a “project” but somehow it has morphed into something that I not only look forward to every day but that I get excited about documenting and putting out there into the world. The fact that other people are enjoying it too? It’s just icing on the cake and brings a smile to my face.

vitamins and air purifiers and roombas, oh my

For whatever reason, 2013 has become a commitment to working my health shit out. Maybe it’s because the mutant thing is finally giving us some hope or maybe it’s because we’ve used our Amex card so much we have enough cash-back to use on spendy things; either way, we’re doing a lot of new things around here.

The first thing was to add back all the vitamins my body is sorely lacking. Every day I am taking a Super B Complex, Vitamin D3, Flax Seed Oil and Probiotic Supplement in addition to my regular multi-vitamin. I’ve also started giving Sprog the B as well since there’s a good chance he has the same mutation (and given the symptoms of the deficiency, it sounds like he’s there) so hopefully he can avoid some of the problems I have by starting him out early.

Then we purchased an air purifier for the bedroom
and I’m increasing the frequency that I wash the dog bedding.

I started walking the dogs every single morning. Unless I have a full bore migraine, I still go out there headache or no, I don’t know how long my allergies are going to be bearable but my body really needs the exercise and the “fresh” air.
We walk the bayou directly behind the house. It’s one of the bonuses about this house and we really need to take advantage of having it. (more pictures in my flickr or in my Instagram, tagged #morningwalk)

Our most recent addition to the new regimen is the purchase of a Roomba, I wrote about it here on Style Lush, but we are really focusing on keeping the dust to a minimum in the house and the girls track in so much from the yard as the grass is still trying to make a come back after the years of drought. So the Roomba running everyday should really help with that situation


even if the girls weren’t exactly thrilled at first (Maddie still hates it, Mayday just constantly gets in the thing’s way so I lock them in the bedroom while it runs).

I also would like to get back to yoga and I desperately need to start weight training or I’m going to wind up back in PT (I pretty much need an adjustment right now) but I’m really trying to get into solid habits before I try to jump into another one lest I just drop everything altogether.

I have some other vitamins/supplements that I am researching and probably will be adding to my rotation very soon, so if you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

let’s get physical (therapy)

It’s been almost 10 visits to physical therapy now, so I figured it was time to bore y’all with an in-depth update on how it’s going.

First, a little update on cost/how this is hitting ye olde pocket book. Insurance has cleared me for 20 visits with a $50 co-pay. We have a flex spending account with the amount of our deductible in it ($500) because we planned on me having my colonoscopy this year (um and last year, neither of which has happened) for my digestive issues. Instead, that money has been going to covering these appts. Originally, I thought it was going to cover my MRI but in the grand wisdom of insurance this year’s MRI didn’t cost me anything, when last year’s MRI cost me $500. I don’t get it. So anyway, I have like 2 more visits before we pay anything more completely out of pocket.

We had a little “State of the Jess” discussion at my last appt because my therapist needs to send an update letter to my PC.

Things I learned in that discussion:

Overall, I’m healing fairly well.
My “pelvic stability” is greatly improved and my hips have remained in alignment for the last two visits so that’s really good but I drop them when I walk so I am working on learning to properly control those muscles now (this is really effing hard, btw)
The original dislocated rib isn’t so much an area of concern even though my back continues with it’s firey escapades more often than not and probably will continue well into the future…over time it should continue to decrease in intensity
I can now feel it when my spine is shifting and pop it back into place myself which is disheartening and strangely liberating at the same time.
The new areas of concern continue to be problematic in that my collarbone (upper most rib on my left side) is out about every other visit (this hurts like hell to get wrestled back in place, btw. it’s a very inconvenient rib location) and my neck is out pretty much every visit. He chalks this up to the fact that I carry every single bit of stress in my shoulders and neck (HI this has been my ENTIRE LIFE) and in his opinion is largely responsible for my headaches. He spends a good portion of the beginning of every appt just trying to release my shoulder muscles and I spend a lot more time at home trying to stretch them out.

I probably would do well to take up yoga again and remove even more sources of stress from my life but unfortunately I am stuck with some of them. I need to figure out some better coping strategies.

I take far less advil, excedrin migraine, insert whatever over the counter pain medication I could get my hands on here, than I have in YEARS since I started this whole thing and honestly I feel like physical therapy is one of the BEST things insurance companies could pay for in regards to the health of their patients. Read $50 is way too high of a co-pay for this to be easily accessible compared to the benefit it provides.

headstands are hard

Our summer trip is a little over one month away and even though I will not be required to be “bikini ready” this year, bikini season is also rapidly approaching as well.

I have been half-assed working out here and there for the past two weeks, but this morning I decided to really give it a go. I resumed my Slynnro leg work out and added some ballet bar style pliés and then went on to do my Wii Fit strength exercises + yoga. Once I completed that, I decided to see if I could do a headstand anymore. Don’t ask me why, as I have no earthy idea, but headstands are HARD. I remember when I was a kid they were like the easiest thing in the world and I didn’t even have to start in frog position to do them. Now I’m a shaky froggy fool. It’s pathetic really, but at least I was able to get my legs up in the air and hold them without the use of a wall, that’s something-right?

Anyway…I am really hoping that I can stick to working out and get my lungs back in shape. I am starting with strength and yoga but within two weeks, I want to start adding aerobics back into the mix. With my asthma and the high altitude of Denver (and the surrounding areas) I am worried about how I will fare with all the hiking I hope we will be doing on our trip.

I also recently switched to a generic version of Topamax going from $50 a month to $10. I am hoping it won’t be a noticeable change in the results, as I’d really like to save that money, especially now that my Nasacort is costing $50 a month and I have to be on Zyrtec daily as well. Unfortunately, I’ve been noticing an uptick in my headaches anyway and I really hope I don’t have to up my dose. That 20lb weight loss I mentioned the other day is through nothing other than this pill and if we up it, I’m afraid of how much more weight (and hair) I am going to lose as a consequence. Hopefully it’s just a hormone imbalance, which will be remedied when I go see the girly bit doctor on the 12th.

Anyone have any tips on staying motivated to work out more often? I’m finding it a struggle to be consistent.

on things both public and private

As you know yesterday was our third wedding anniversary and my lovely husband surprised me with diamond earrings. I was under the impression that our trip at the end of the month, while mainly for the sprog’s 13th b-day, was going to count as part of our anniversary as well, due to the high cost of everything and therefore had not purchased a gift. Well, I REALLY don’t like being empty handed. In fact, I would give everyone I know a gift for every occasion whether they have one for me or not (and do as often as I can) and so I talked with the sprog about a plan.

This weekend is Father’s Day and the sprog will be gone for most of it (GAH! He has already been gone EVERY WEEKEND THIS MONTH! I HATE SUMMER) so I asked him how he felt about giving Wills the gift I had earmarked for his birthday as a combination anniversary/father’s day gift instead. I’ve had it since JANUARY and it’s been hidden in the house this whole time so pulling it out early wasn’t going to be a problem for me, but we already had something else picked out for Father’s Day, so if the sprog wanted to stick with that, I wasn’t going to derail it. Fortunately, he agreed to go with what I had instead and so last night I gave Wills this:

Vinyl Art by Daniel Edlen
Original Vinyl Art piece by Daniel Edlen

Wills is a HUGE Jimi fan and when I found this artist, I knew that I had to get something Jimi done for him. He does other people as well and is such a NICE GUY. Seriously. I am HUGELY IMPRESSED with his work and so was Wills. His blog is here definitely check him out. If you order anything from him, please let him know that I sent you. I would like him to know how happy we are with his work. Truth be told, I think we are still going to get Wills the Father’s Day gift we planned, it just means I can order it and have it shipped instead of rushing around to get it here by Sunday. Yes honey, you read that right, TWO GIFTS FOR YOU! LOL.

In other news, people in my life are making me RANTY. This means a private post is coming and in short order. So here’s the rub, some of you haven’t registered on this here blog and that is totally fine but for those that have, what to do about private posts? I have no idea how that works with the readers. Does the title even show up or is it nothing at all? Should I e-mail you guys directly when a private post is up to let you know that it’s there or just tack a note onto another post? I’m not sure what would work best in this situation.

In a small item of bitchy: I got a new bathing suit yesterday with a super cute ring detail. Let me just mention, I WAS NOT THINKING. Those rings are not so cute, WHEN THEY ARE BURNED INTO YOUR SKIN. I apparently missed one shoulder area with the spray on sunscreen and now I am going to have a funky ass tan line, which is going to look HORRIBLE with my LBD at the theater on Saturday night. Not to mention the lack of sleep due to sunburn last night and the OMG SKIN CANCER freak out as well.

I added a new workout to my Wii Fit, courtesy of Random Rantings. I am not going to link to it because she mentioned taking it down shortly due to some skeevy comments she has already received over it. Her link is in the blogroll, if you get there quick, it might still be up. I DEFINITELY felt the muscles working and I am DEFINITELY feeling them today. I plan to do this workout every single day until we go to Orlando and maybe then I will accomplish something I haven’t done since high school (and frankly very rarely then) and that’s wear my bathing suit sans bottom cover-up. This is a HUGE goal for me and a HUGE point of neurosis, so we’ll see.  I can’t believe our trip is under two weeks away. I feel so ill prepared!

Had a huge spike in page views the other day so: Hi new people! *waves* I hope you’ll stick around!

Wii Fit: the update

So I’ve had Wii Fit for two weeks now and thought I should do an update. I have unlocked all of the balance games at this point.

I have unlocked all the yoga poses.

I have unlocked almost all of the strength exercises.

I have unlocked only 6 of the Aerobics exercises.

I had a migraine yesterday and I still tried to work out, that is how much I love this thing. I haven’t lost any real weight (my BMI is underweight again but I am hoping that is just the normal daily flux thing) but I have noticed some toning already happening and this makes me very happy. I’ve had to miss a day or two here and there because of the hectic goings on of life and it bugs me. I enjoy it way too much to not do it.

I haven’t made it to the pool as I had hoped. The swim team is taking it every morning and that means it’s overrun with kids every afternoon. Maybe I’ll have to join the gym afterall just to be able to swim laps like I want.

watch me wiggle, hear me…

speak! I have a thing for bandwagons and jumping on a good one when I see it. Besides, I had to fulfill a special request for Wii Hula. Now I feel like a HUGE dork and have broadcast it all over the internets, SOBER. Go me!

Oh I should mention that was take 3. The first one, you couldn’t make out what was happening on the screen. The second, there were technical difficulties as both the Wii-mote and the balance board had fallen asleep. On this third run I got a “Calorie Incinerator” score of 303 turns of my hula hoops! There is also a cameo of Maddie walking through and Mayday laying by my feet just off camera. (she later used the balance board as a pillow, pictures to be posted to flickr at a later date)

Special thanks to the hubs for filming, uploading and encoding this for me!