And just like that, a month is gone

I really can’t seem to properly grasp how time works during the year. In the first 9 or so months of the year, time seems to take FOREVER, it just drags and drags. Especially in the crazy horrible heat and grossness we deal with on the regular over here… but September shows up and BAM time goes to PLAID and suddenly I have no idea what day it is, I run out of time to do what I love (HI HALLOWEEN I’M SORRY) and plans I don’t have in the beginning of the year? They all happen at once, it seems.

I didn’t even decorate the inside of my house for Halloween this year and that pains me. IT PAINS ME. I just couldn’t devote the time I needed to get it done properly and if I couldn’t devote the time I wanted, I wasn’t going to do it at all. At least the outside got done and we still carved pumpkins and dressed up

Running errands

Group shot

Me as Elle Driver from Kill Bill

Stuntman Mike from Deathproof

Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction

My “Jack” O Lantern

I’ve also been photo-ing. We did a day at the park with the digital photography kids after a talk on carnivorous plants.

The weekend before Halloween, I ran to Austin to second shoot with Natalie on a wedding and then did a mini shoot with her and her family.

This week I’m off to Az to see my BFF and her wee baby and then immediately turn around and head to New Orleans. BUSY BEE.

the bouts and bouquets (picture heavy post)

The car dramz is getting worse so I’m just going to pretend that isn’t happening and use this space to talk about something pretty. The fabric flower bouquets and bouts that I made for Kristie’s upcoming Welsh wedding to Big D.

Food with friends!

So that would be the Bride and Groom (squee) on the left there and for the past few weeks (seems like 8 years) I have been making her bouts and bouquets out of fabric flowers for her wedding. I have an Etsy shop, I make fabric flowers on the regular, I do have TWO fancy ass cameras, you would think I would’ve taken at least ONE picture with a real camera, wouldn’t you? But no, no I did not. Hopefully I’ll get some next month AT HER WEDDING but in the meantime here are the ones I snapped with my iPhone.

Please keep in mind I have never made a bouquet this way before and some of these flowers I’ve never made before either. It was quite the undertaking and way above (in time) what I thought it would be, but I loved making them for her and she loved the end result so I’m really excited about it.

I should also mention that Kristie lives north of Ft Worth and was not with me in person during the crafting of these and that she also pretty much gave me free reign on making them so I made some flowers that didn’t end up making it into the final bouquets (I’m not going to bother showing those pics) and some other ideas (like ribbons on the bouts were nixed in the end)
This is the trial bout pic that I sent to Kristie. She asked if I could add some leaves or something to give more green to the finished look and also some way to make Big D’s look different from the rest.
Here they are finished. They all have leaves but D’s has two fabric leaves which I embroidered with their initials and the date (in Brit format) of their nuptials

For the bouquets I’m going to go in opposite order.
Here is Kristie’s bouquet finished
with a hanky that her mother got her in Italy and ribbons on the handle and everything.

Here are the detail shots of some of the flowers and such




Here are the bridesmaid’s bouquets finished

and detail shots


Each bouquet has a different flower center and they are all balanced in their distribution of the colors of white, cream, gold, green and navy blue.

in the baking spirit

Yesterday we made time to do our annual baking and decorating of Christmas cookies with the fam.

We went over to mom’s armed with a bag of cookie cutters (thanks for the snowflakes Alice!) decorative sugars, sprinkles, sugar cookie dough, Santa hats and reindeer antlers and I proceeded to roll out and cut many trays of cookies. Connor cut out one tray of cookies but everyone else mainly waited for the decorating bit of the program.

Sprog looks so thrilled to be wearing this thing, does he not? He did amazing with his cookies though! Kid’s got a real talent for cookie decorating.


Course, he took his seriously and didn’t do things like putting dead eyes on Santa…or worse.

Like the shit cookie my bro made. Doesn’t it look delicious?

Connor went the route of putting all the shit on the cookie. He of course couldn’t finish it.

My sister, twisted in her own way, posted this on FB with the caption “candy cane, or?”
She also got my brother while he was passed out in a chair in the living room
and posted it on FB too. HAHA.

One of the best parts of cookie decorating for me is that we leave them all at mom’s and that I am never even tempted to eat any so I don’t feel like crap later with a sour over sugared tum, I just have fun with the decorating :-)

day of the dead

If you follow me on twitter or FB, you’ve already seen our costumes for this year but allow me to elaborate on what we did and how we did it a little bit.

First, let’s talk about Sprog.

Deadmau5 costume

Sprog was Deadmau5 for Halloween. Originally he was going to be the LMFAO robot dude from their videos but he changed his mind and opted for this instead. He and Willy made the head from scratch following a tutorial they found on the internet and I’ll have you know that’s a 13 inch hamster ball my child’s head is inside. Of course it’s a bunch of other crap too and I got involved as well (some Just Expressive materials were sacrificed to make the mouth) but for the greatest majority of it, it was all them. I am so happy it turned out so well. They did an awesome job!!

Deadmau5 texting his new girl

He spent a lot of time during the night doing this (he has yet ANOTHER new girlfriend. holy gods) but he also mounted headphones inside the head facing out so he played music and swayed along as he was walking too. Pretty cool.

Willy and I originally planned to be something else but as crap kept going wrong around here, I had to scrap our original plan and then had no idea what we were going to do. Ever since going to Austin for The Blathering, I have been obsessed with The Day Of The Dead folks I saw on 6th that night and decided that somehow I was going to incorporate it into this weekend. I originally thought I would do it for Ren Fest on Sunday but scrapped that plan in favor of Wills and I being a DotD Bride and Groom for Halloween

Bride and Groom

Everything except for the make-up and the colored flowers was already owned or borrowed (we had to ask mom for the ribbon for his skinny tie) All of my outfit is stuff I already had, including the white flowered headpiece which came from Ren Fest 13 years ago. I bought 3 dollars worth of flowers at the 99 cent store and hot glued them onto it.

The make-up is where I really invested the most time and thought. As you can see in Willy’s (above) I went very simple and masculine. I also did it on the fly with no pre-planning when he got home from work. I watched one tutorial for male DotD make-up and that’s where the idea for the top part came from (even though mine is a bit different) but other than that it was all about what I could get done really quickly AND what happened when he moved while I was putting it on his face.

Make-up close up

My make-up I actually did a trial run for but the boys thought the first white stick I bought wasn’t white enough (I wasn’t even going to bother with grease paint given how easily I break out so everything I have on is “real” make-up) so I ran to Ulta and was able to get one I saw recommended in several other tutorials. Otherwise it looks completely different than what I did the first time I played around. One tutorial I saw used a rose stencil on her face which gave me the idea to use lace. That’s what is at my forehead and chin area and I love how it turned out. Other than the lace, everything else was done free-hand and is a combination of eye-shadow, eye-liner, liquid eye-liner and gel eye-liner.

When we got to my mom’s house, people thought we were zombies? I dunno. So everyone was talking and in a big uproar about it and some dude whipped out his iPad and made me take a picture. Later another dude snagged a pic from his from yard. Sprog was THRILLED that people knew who he was. I also totally made a wee child burst in to screamy tears pointing at me even though I saw it coming and tried to turn around before it happened.

We were running super late getting to mom’s so we didn’t have time to stop for food. We ended up running to Schlotsky’s after trick or treating (fave Halloween house let us down for the second year in a row, MAJOR BUMMER) but then had to rush off to take a key to some friends that had locked themselves out of their house. Once home? That’s when the real trick happened. My husband inadvertently locked our black lab in the office. So she retaliated by pissing and shitting on the floor, trying to break into the iguana’s cage (thank god the dog is currently in a cone of shame or very bad things would’ve happened there) and generally destroying everything in her path. She then proceeded to walk through fresh shit in the yard and TRACK IT ALL OVER my newly mopped kitchen and laminate floors. I was cleaning up shit for almost 2 hours after we got home last night. Not happy making, not happy making AT ALL. And it’s like, I would think that I got every fucking paw print and yet another one would suddenly appear. PHANTOM PAW PRINTS OF SHIT all over my house. I don’t even know how she could get them everywhere that she did.

I would like a Halloween do over please. It’s the ONE HOLIDAY I wait for every year!

happy best holiday of the year!

Of course I am referring to Halloween. Even though the outside of my house barely looks decorated. Even though I had no idea what I was going to do for a costume until Saturday. Even though I was woken up this morning at 4:30 am with a monster headache and a barking dog. TODAY WILL BE A GOOD DAY.

Halloween 2011 preview

That’s a little preview of who I’ll be tonight.

Sprog's Halloween 2011 preview

Sprog and Willy have been working super hard on finishing Sprog’s costume. We have one more thing left to do today after he gets out of school and it will be all set.

Since I’ve been up since O’Darkest Thirty this morning, I have enjoyed trolling through pics on FB. I love seeing a mixture of super new creative costumes and old stand-bys with a new twist. <3

Halloween 2011 and other stuff


I shared the inside pics of the house today on Style Lush and as soon as my voice comes all the way back, I’ll do a vlog to put up here that gets more into the details.

I really love how everything turned out this year so be sure to check that out!

As an update to the Sprog/Barbie/Mum sitch, they broke-up on Sunday so no mum will be purchased or made. Sprog was SUPREMELY upset when it all went down but she handled some things REALLY POORLY and he felt like he didn’t want to deal with it anymore. Hugely mature of him to make a choice that made him unhappy in the moment but is better for him in the long run.

In other Sprog news, we got his first progress report this year and he got ALL A’S AND B’S!! I seriously could not be more proud of him and we are all working hard to maintain it. He has a flat $50 waiting for him if his report card comes in looking the same way.
butter headband

In shop news, I’ve added 3 new necklaces (one has already sold) and 3 new headbands to the shop in the past two days. I’ve got some pins in process and will be steadily adding more items to get ready for the holiday season. If there is anything you are looking for in particular please let me know!


I fully admit to being Pinterest addicted. I am either on the app on my phone or on the website at home but for as much as I’m on it, I’m also getting project ideas and then getting them done. I love crafting, as evidenced by the Etsy shop, and having a place to get all new inspiration is awesome for me.

Take for example these bracelets from Delighted Momma.

I am not sure when I saw them on Pinterest (or even where, sometimes I tend to fall down a rabbit hole) but I know it was within the last day or two and yet here I am today turning some ridiculously cheap bangles into something cute.

I didn’t have hemp cord lying around but I usually have embroidery thread so I used that instead.

The first one I did similar to hers with just wrapping the thread around the bangle

And then I drew upon my past of making friendship bracelets and hemp necklaces and switched it up a bit

The yellow and orange one is made in the hemp necklace method and midway through I flipped the primary color.

The red one is called a “Chinese Ladder” technique from making friendship bracelets and it’s still in process so you can get another glimpse of the MEGA cheapie bracelet that is going on underneath there. I still have two more bracelets left to cover and decide what I want to do with them but they turned out so cute!

Projects and cookery

Over a week since I posted last? I would love to say it was because I was off on some fabulous vacation, or hell ANY vacation, but that isn’t the case. I’ve just been spending my days doing chores, babysitting the nephew
Nephew playing the Wii
making stuff for the shop

(but then not actually getting it really photographed and posted-feh)

making yummy foodstuffs
and working on some small projects around the house
Our song, for the gallery wall

I’ve also been trying to swim daily. It seems like so much stuff but really I’ve been fighting head and allergy problems again so I feel like I could/should be doing so much more. Plus we had a huge problem last week with Sprog’s dentist and it really messed a lot of stuff up (still not resolved unfortunately) so I’ll need to get on that this coming week.

Tonight we are going to Pasadena for a niece’s b-day and I need to get her gift situation sorted. Her party is actually tomorrow but it’s being held at 3 pm OUTSIDE in TEXAS in JULY and there is no freaking way with all my head issues that is going to happen. I think I would probably just pass right the eff out from heat stroke. Plus we FINALLY have Sprog for our whopping two whole days this month and we want to get to spend time with him doing what he wants to do. Going tonight instead is hopefully a good compromise, I don’t want her to be disappointed.

I hope everyone is enjoying flip flop shopping! Have a great weekend.

ah, penny, brown penny, brown penny

I collect souvenir smashed pennies, whenever I can find a machine, as my take home souvenir of our travels. I rarely buy any t-shirts or anything else for that matter, save for the occasional post card, but smashed pennies have always been a love of mine, I guess it harkens back to when I was young and went to Disneyland for the first time.

Anyway, the other day I got a wild hair that I needed to do something with them ASAP, that keeping in the little witch bowl I had been storing them in was no longer acceptable and that is how this addition to our gallery wall came to be. It’s also how I discovered that I’ve lost our Grand Canyon pennies which really bothers me and also proves my point about the storage solution being less than ideal. *sigh*

I started with an old frame that had been chucked out to the garage until I could figure out what I wanted to put into it. Conveniently, it was already divided like this, so I just needed to select the 9 pennies I would want to use.
From there, I grabbed a T-shirt out of the “work shirts” drawer (work shirts here being house chores and projects, of which we have FAR TOO MANY) cut it to the size of the cardboard insert in the frame, attached it with spray adhesive and duct tape on the back side to allow for cleanly folded edges.

For each penny, I made a half-inch date/location strip consisting of scrapbook border paper cut on the edges with scrapbooking scissors and ultra fine tipped sharpie.
I can’t even tell you how excited I am that Command Strips come in black now. Since I use black frames in my gallery wall, it’s always bugged me that some of them are held up with white strips. Will be changing those over in the future.
They are insanely easy to use and since I already have stuff on my wall, it prevents things falling on me when I try to hammer up something new.
Here is the wall as it stands today with the new projects (this one, the silhouette of Sprog, a hammer spray painted butterfly and a cute witch themed plaque from my sister which I added the other day)
I love it!

*title from a Yeats poem that I saw in the movie Must Love Dogs

the haters of halloween

My pumpkin

This year I’m seeing a lot of hate float around the internets about Halloween. I’m sure it was probably always there, it’s just that I am in more places online now, connected with more people, so I can more easily see differing opinions. I don’t really understand anyone disliking Halloween, given that it’s my favorite holiday, but I can barely tolerate Christmas, so obviously I understand the sentiment. What I don’t understand is people deciding that something about it is “wrong” or “weird”.

As I recently just carved my own pumpkin (above), I was excited to see the fancily carved pumpkins on DesignSponge until I read the part in the article where it says that dressing up to walk around the neighborhood at 28 is weird. I wonder what the hell it is at 35? I realize that at my age I’m entering the “appropriate vs not appropriate at her age” battlefield and I’m sure that some would speculate I entered it when I turned thirty but Halloween is about fantasy. It’s about FUN and being child-like. It’s a night of being able to cut loose and be whoever you want to be for that one night. It’s about flexing your imagination and I look forward to my costumes every year. Sometimes we have someplace to go (this year we will be at a wedding during the day) and sometimes we just go trick-or-treating with the nephews (used to be Sprog but he’s way too old for that, now) but I ALWAYS dress up.

Of course, I am some weird Rennie (dresses up in costume for Ren Fest) too, so I guess it’s just par for the weird course around here. Instead of being a crazy cat lady, I’ll be a crazy costume lady.