the year wrap-up meme thingo

1. What did you do in 2010 that you’d never done before?
Saw a place so beautiful IRL that it looked like a storybook
Big Sur

Got a stamp in my passport
Biggest sun hat in all the land

Went to New York
Style Lush Girls in NYC

Opened my Etsy shop

2. Did you keep your new year’s resolutions, and will you make more for next year?
I kept 6 of them. I actually completed a 7th (get and fill out an address book but then discovered I apparently lost it when I went to fill out Christmas cards this year, calling that a FAIL) and yes, I really want to get my ass away from the tv and off my couch more this year, so expect a resolution/goal list this week.

3. Did anyone close to you give birth?
Yes! New nephew, BFF since 3rd grade, Maglet, Katie and many online peeps (it’s a banner year for babies!)

4. Did anyone close to you die?

No thankfully

5. What countries did you visit?


6. What would you like to have in 2011 that you lacked in 2010?
Answers to my health issues. (same answer as last year)

More fun with friends

Less tension

7. What dates from 2010 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?

8. What was your biggest achievement of the year?

I have a few: my Etsy shop doing so well, Style Lush and Food Lush also doing so well and not going postal on anyone when I really, really wanted to.

9. What was your biggest failure?
Getting Sprog to care about grades, again.

10. Did you suffer illness or injury?
Yes. Same sinus/migraine/tum trifecta

11. What was the best thing you bought?
I am unable to qualify things in this way.

12. Whose behavior merited celebration?
I celebrate anyone’s behavior at the moment it’s merited (or at least I always try, people need it) I want to do this more, do this bigger.

13. Whose behavior made you appalled and depressed?

The same one(s) as usual. I wonder why it continues to appall me when I know there is zero chance they are ever going to change? Oh and my ex-BIL who left his family to go be a rock-stah in Europe. HOW DO YOU ABANDON YOUR CHILD? YOU EFFING DOUCHEBAG!

14. Where did most of your money go?
According to our budget wizard? Groceries. That is mainly because it incorporates gas and prescription medications into that bucket because we get them at the same store.

15. What did you get really excited about?
That I was able to travel more this year than last, that I was able to get a stamp in my passport, every sale in my shop (yes, still. giddy)

16. What song will always remind you of 2010?
Mumford and Sons

17. Compared to this time last year, are you:

(a) happier or sadder?
(b) thinner or fatter?
(c) richer or poorer?

(a) Neutral

(b) I think fatter, I ate HORRIBLY this Christmas and I feel like an overstuffed sausage right now

(c) Slightly richer. We have some money in savings again, we didn’t strap ourselves for Christmas…

18. What do you wish you’d done more of?

Let things roll off my back more. Done more fun stuff as a family, I am really starting to feel the panic of my baby running off and leaving me soon. Had more parties. Tried more new things

19. What do you wish you’d done less of?

Being upset, hurt, angry, in pain/sick.

20. How did you spend Christmas?
Christmas Eve with my fam. Christmas in Pasadena with Willy’s family.

21. Did you fall in love in 2010?

22. What was your favorite TV program?
Gah! Too Many! Big Bang Theory is consistently quotable and I watch an alarming about of reality TV

23. Do you hate anyone now that you didn’t hate this time last year?

Same suspects.

24. What was the best book you read?

I need to read more. I read a couple.

25. What was your greatest musical discovery?

Mumford and Sons, IAMX,

26. What did you want and get?

Kate Spade purse

27. What did you want and not get?

An underwater digital camera, an upgrade for my Canon, A NEW COMFORTABLE BED (I hate our bed so much) my gray boots with the purple zipper etc…

28. What was your favorite film of this year?
Again. I don’t like qualifying things this way but movies I loved: Black Swan, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Harry Potter, (and more I’m sure I am forgetting)

29. What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you?
35 and we went to see a Burlesque show

30. What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying?

People not being selfish assholes

31. How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2010?

I wish all year had semi cool weather, I love layers

32. What kept you sane?

Y’all and the hubs.

33. Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most?

34. What political issue stirred you the most?

Gay/Lesbian rights

35. Who did you miss?

So many of my friends are so far flung. I miss so many people on a daily basis.

36. Who was the best new person you met?

My Style Lush girls. Plus I love that Kristie and I got so much bonding time in New York.

37. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2010.

Parenting a teenager is the hardest thing I have ever done

38. Quote a song lyric that sums up your year.
Um. I don’t have one off the top of my head…my year was too all over the place. (again)

take this stuff and shelve it

I might have a small addiction to Costco. Like, I treat it as if it’s a regular grocery store, small addiction. In my defense, I am raising a growing teenage boy that has shot up 6 inches over the past however long and is still growing, so food is very important in our house. We recently were gifted a chest freezer which has helped immensely in my Costco shopping excursions, it’s freaking hard to fit bulk sized freezer items into a side by side freezer space but the other problem is the pantry.

When we bought this house I sacrificed A LOT in terms of space. I had a HUGE walk in pantry in my rent house, a pantry of dreams. A pantry I could tear up about, I miss it that much. In this house, I have barely a coat closet sized pantry, it’s pathetic, it’s also not conducive to bulk shopping or frankly shopping at the Indi-pak (Indian Pakistani market where I get all my spices and such for the huge amount of Indian cooking I have started doing). So the back half of my kitchen, also known as the breakfast nook, has turned into cluttered horrible looking storage. It’s been a nightmare and it’s been driving me nutso. Having a cluttered house has a none so good effect on my person but we haven’t had the funds to get what I really want to put along the back wall for storage so it’s just been a compounding problem. Over the weekend we just decided to suck it up and buy an interim solution, a rack shelving system, it’s not pretty but at least it would be functional, or so we thought.

We bought it at Target it, with its 350 lbs of support claims and it’s black powder coated finish to mimic the cabinets that are opposite so at least it wouldn’t be as heinous. Putting it together was a disaster, none of the support cups are straight, I am pretty sure none of the poles are straight so you can imagine they wouldn’t slide together properly which meant that “gentle tapping with a mallet” didn’t get the shelves to settle, proper tapping with a mallet meant bending…so much for that 350lbs. Instead of returning the cursed thing we opted to muscle through and just deal with the bends, the chips and the craptasticness of it all so we would at least have something to get the shit up off the floor and out of our way and then when we can afford something nicer, that piece of shit is going out to the curb. We have a similar system out in the garage but it’s a proper heavy duty system from a restaurant supply and there really is no substitute.

For now, I am ignoring all the flaws, the fact that it looks very college dorm-esque and reveling in my free from clutter floors, my open traffic path, my ORGANIZATION. OH HAPPY DAY.

oh neti you stink pot

The name that strikes fear in the sinus suffering men and women among us. The Neti-pot. Either you really love it or you really don’t but one thing is for certain, if you are one of the unfortunates, the ones that live in fear of the yellow plague that comes every Spring, you have tried it or at least thought about it.

We rarely get good weather here in the armpit and this year we have been treated to an actual winter. It snowed earlier than it ever has, we’ve had more days under 40 degrees than ever before and then suddenly whammo 70 degrees and gorgeous! How can you not have the windows open? Especially when in a few short months your electric bill is going to skyrocket by several hundred dollars and you’ll never want to leave your house again? The trees have all blossomed at once and my face has filled with cement. Lo out comes the Neti-pot that Wills brought home for me to try…

There have been accidents, like forgetting to add the salt mixture. DON’T EVER DO THIS. TRUST ME.

My right nostril is also apparently way too small for the size of the pot itself.

But more than that, there have been struggles just due to how screwed up my sinuses still are. The right side goes fine, the water flows through and I only get marginal flow back, relatively easy peas-y. The left side…the side where I had my deviated septum? Well, the left side is not having it. I can barely get any of the solution through before the flow stops and then I feel like I have been drowning in a swimming pool for hours. I never can finish a whole pot of solution, period. And as if that isn’t enough, it doesn’t ever come out until much later and at inopportune times. Doing the dishes and bend over? Water comes dripping out. Try doing the dishes one handed while the other one holds a towel to catch the salt water running down your face. Lay down for bed? Nose explodes all over your face and pillow. UGH. NOT CUTE.

Eggs in tomato sauce ala Smitten Kitchen. I didn’t follow the recipe exactly but that’s where I got the inspiration.

going vegetarian, going vegetarian, going vegetarian, i really think so

Brown rice porridge

So yeah, I’m giving up meat. It’s been over a week thus far and I am mostly doing okay with it. I had one REALLY bad night of what Alicia Silverstone refers to as “detox” where I was up with heinous stomach pains and restlessness. I went through my cupboards and found some Ayurvedic tea I had and that seems to have helped a lot. I drank MANY pots of that and probably will make myself another in a few minutes here. I’ve been reading The Kind Diet and I found it interesting. I have a lot of questions and I’m not sure that it answered all of them but I do like that it’s not forcing anything. She is big on the concept of “flirting” and letting people ease into things at their own speed as well as accepting that not everyone’s reasons for going into this lifestyle might be the same. I dig that concept.

I’ve tried this before, when I was a lot younger, with a lot less support and knowledge and I got wicked ill and had to give up on it after a year. I can tell you that the first cheeseburger I had after so long without meat was the worst thing I have eaten in my life.

Anyway, I am giving this a go as a way to try and deal with the digestive issues I have still been plagued with and the rampant lack of energy and the incessant teenage breakouts even though I am 35 years old. Wills has been totally supportive but I am not asking either of the boys to do this with me, their bodies, their choices (mostly, Sprog will be forced to eat as healthy as I can within reason). I am figuring out ways to sub my main food source with a veggie option and then keeping the rest of our dinners the same for the most part. I don’t want to cook two entirely separate meals either.

I have been pleasantly surprised by how much my local Kroger actually carries in this vein because Whole Foods is so far away from us and I was dreading having to deal with adding yet another store into my shopping. I’m scouring the internet for good looking recipes and figuring out how to tweak my own favorites and honestly it’s got me kind of excited about cooking again which is neat.

The pic above is my breakfast from this morning. Wild brown rice porridge with craisins, soy milk, toasted almonds and cinnamon. I finished it off with a dusting of freshly ground nutmeg and sweetened it with agave syrup. It was REALLY GOOD.

the cussing line

I referred to a man as a cunt in front of Sprog and he boggled. He then questioned me because, “I thought that girls don’t like that word?” I went into an explanation of the long labored words that refer to women’s ladybits and how women hate them, how each woman is different and it’s not universal and how usually the ONLY universal thing is that THEY don’t like being called derogatory terms PERIOD. This conversation spring-boarded into an even longer one where Sprog brought up my very colorful language and how I have a extensive vocabulary which made me snort. I snorted even louder when he used FUBAR as his base of reference for that statement.

Ah the misjudgments of youth. FUBAR can be learned just by watching Tango and Cash! That is hardly what I would call extensive in the cussing vernacular. I have MUCH worse. I mean really! There is a whole world of juicy, descriptive words out there, why would I settle on FUBAR? And why would I have him remember me for it? UGH. Twatwaffle, Fucknugget or direct from Zombieland: Spitfuck, are all much better options and not even gracing the barrel.

Of course there is one that I oft not tread and that is GD. I think that word has only left my lips twice in my life and yesterday was one of them. I was SO PISSED at Sprog yesterday. *sigh* I totally lost my cool. It was not pretty and I apologized immediately for yelling but man, When you get in an argument at 6 am about not wearing dirty clothes to school and you think it’s resolved, ie he is holding something else in his hands and says okay in his snottiest teenage voice ever and then you pick him up from tutoring and he is still wearing the dirty shirt that was supposed to be changed? Your brain doesn’t have time to slap the breaks on the anger train…it just steam rolls right on ahead.

Lots of deep breathing and several moments of silent driving later I was able to explain more rationally why his actions were/are not acceptable and asked him for his phone. I sent his girlfriend a text to let her know that he was grounded from his phone for the night and that he wasn’t avail to talk.

I don’t know why GD is this cussing line for me, I am not religious in that way. I do not consider it blasphemy…it’s just usually a place I never go. Odd.

it’s the old-timers

This morning I was laying in bed with a headache (thank goodness I am done with my antibiotics finally) and a thought occurred to me. This thought was something that I should go look up on the laptop. So I roused my aching bones, more on that in a second, and got out of bed. Of course, the minute I stepped from bed, I had to pee. So, I turned the hallway and went to the guest bathroom-since I had already left the bedroom, in search of the laptop. After doing my business (oh my, I sound like one of the puppies) I remembered that the belt to my robe was in the dryer, so I went to grab it, tied it round my waste and headed for the living room, upon opening the laptop and finally having Google in front of me? I have no idea what the thought was that occurred to me. I’ve been online for about 30 minutes now and that thought is no closer to my consciousness. *sigh*

The aching bones are due to a shuffle of the living room furniture. Our couch is MASSIVE. In case you are unfamiliar this


is our couch. It’s a sectional over 10′ in length, has a right side chaise and is made of brick covered in wood, leather and micro suede, apparently. Wills got wild-eyed the other night about there being some other way to seat our living room so that it wouldn’t appear as small as it really is (this living room is smaller and more awkward than our rent house, due to weird walls and window/sliding glass door placement) so I decided that the best way to really clear that from his mind (he’s a visual person) is to go through the exercise of moving the furniture. It was A LOT of exercise. Our couch was built to last. Our coffee table was mom’s first and she had it for umpteen years so you know that thing is solid as well. There is one other option for the furniture other than the way we have it but it’s only for conversation and not conducive to television watching AT ALL. Final verdicts, back from whence it came and we need a bigger house. Ha!

Maybe if the property values weren’t dropping, we could sell this one and move to a larger one; I’ve actually looked on HAR and we could get a bigger house for hardly more than we paid for this one. Which would be AWESOME, if we were just starting out instead of having this one as an anchor round our necks. I guess I’ll be getting rid of some stuff in the family garage sale this year and we’ll be looking for more storage solutions. I hate feeling cramped.

miss manners goes to sea world and watches real housewives of nyc

It’s been almost 2 weeks since we went to Sea World. 2 weeks since we went as a little group on a little trip that surely I should want to talk about, that surely I should want to recap for this little blog. Note the use of the word little there. I like little. If only what I found there was anything but the teeming mass of humanity we encountered…I probably would’ve covered more than the many faces of unimpressed Sprog by now. As Agent K said, “A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it.”

I’ll go a step beyond that, People are rude; plain and simple. While a person may be polite, while several people may be polite, People in the extreme are not. Let me just say that Sea World, at Spring Break? That is People in the extreme. One of the first incidents happened at the dolphin feeding tank. The dolphin feeding tank is first come first served, basically, you wait your turn for a spot on the wall while someone else in your party waits in line and hopes like hell they can get some fish before they sell out. I’m not kidding about the hope, they recommend starting to wait 30 min before the feedings even start, they sell out each round because the dolphins have a strict diet. Sprog was on the wall next to Connor while my sister was in line for the fish when suddenly he popped up and walked away and some woman put her two young children down on the wall next to Connor. Of course I turned and asked Sprog what was going on and he in turn kicked my feet. Loudly, I proclaimed that I couldn’t believe that had happened to him, which then prompted the woman to finally issue a very snotty “thank you” to my son. Can you believe a grown woman would kick the feet of a child until he moved? Connor instantly started complaining that he wanted his Sprog back and asking where his mom was with the fish. I soothed him with a reminder that his mom was in line with the fish, which made the woman start to panic because she actually realized she had no way to get any, and that Sprog was right behind him still, that it would be okay. Eventually she left and Sprog was able to get back to his rightful place on the wall.

The next major issue happened as I was exiting Mango Joe’s restaurant. I had just used their facilities (bathrooms are SCARCE, which-dumb) and a man and woman approached with small children but were using those scooter things, so I held the door open for them. I thought that after they passed me, the next people would obviously take the door from me, right? No. NO ONE took the damn door. Some asshole even commented what a classy place it was that they had designated people to hold open doors? Are you effing kidding me? I should’ve let the door just slam on his stupid ass but by then it became a test, a curiosity to see how many people would just let me stand there holding the damn door. How many MEN especially in TEXAS would just walk right past me holding the door and not even make an effort towards it. Let me tell you, it was A LOT. I stood there for a long damn time. It wasn’t until a man with a kid on his shoulders and a kid in his hands made an effort towards it, that I told him no-he obviously had his hands full, that someone else took the door from me. Ridiculous!

Of course there were other issues: people cutting in the 45 minute lunch line, kids blocking the play tube on the background and screaming at the other kids, people destroying the bathrooms with their filth, people jumping in front of your pictures without looking/caring/apologizing, people with strollers mowing you down, etc.

I’m really affected by personal rudeness. It really, truly bothers me and I’m sad to say that my trip to Sea World is marred by this, shaped by this. It will never live up to what I hoped it could be, because of it. Even though Universal Studios had tons more people it was better somehow, Busch Gardens too. Maybe because those crowds are their livelihood, they know how to move them? I don’t know. Oh and another thing? Sea World is like hidden up there in the rocky outcropping. Hardly any signage to give away it’s location…has that bothered anyone else? I found that annoying personally. The picture of the kids at the sign? We had to pull off at the side of the road (in traffic) hop out of the car and take the picture. Connor doesn’t exactly move with anything resembling purpose or speed and it had me completely stressed out.

Obviously if I am going to talk rude, Kelly from RHONYC is going to come to mind. Did y’all watch last night? When she showed up 30 minutes late and her attitude was essentially oh well? I would’ve blown an effing gasket. Actually, I would’ve left a note with the film crew about my time being valuable and left but I guess that wouldn’t have allowed for her deluded “I’m up here, you’re down there” visual. UGH. Oh and I normally can’t stand the Countess, but thank goodness she said something about it not really being an attack on Bethenny’s part. I would’ve screamed if she had sided with Kelly about that situation. I think Kelly is revolting. REVOLTING.

spring break sprog-isms

It’s been a while since we’ve had a “sprog-ism” post around here and it’s not for lack of comedic genius on his part, I’m not going to lie, it’s mainly for wanting to kill him, on the part of his mother. Teenagers well and truly suck ass the majority of the time and that tends to weigh more heavily on the conscious mind than the other bits, unfortunately.

It’s Spring Break this week and my year to have him, so yesterday found us at the mall in search of his latest obsession: gray converse. My child currently has at least 6 pairs of shoes. I don’t know any other teenage boys with that many pairs and I know that I am fully responsible for his shoe lust; it was cultivated in him early. Besides, we currently wear the exact same size of shoe, so any converse he buys, I get to steal; this definitely makes me more willing to buy the boy another pair of shoes.

At any rate the purchase was made and his gratefulness was WAY too short-lived for I made the apparently unforgivable error of not then turning around and also buying him a black fedora at Spencer’s. You’ve got to hand it to the boy, he’s got style; it’s the GRACE part he needs to work on, apparently by the force of his evil mother. He was telling me how angry he was at me while I was buying baby clothes for some blogger that we might all know and I am going to be visiting very soon (wink, wink) and I let him go on a bit before I shut him down with a conversation about how being thankful for his shoes SHOULD HAVE happened.

From there he proceeded to inform me that he “didn’t want to be out in the heat smelling Elephant poop” as I was purchasing Zoo tickets for today. My response of course was basically that was tough because he was going.

I’m leaving out the parts of the day where he wanted to know what he should do on Little Big Planet and when I tried to tell him, he got mad at me and tried to tell me that I wasn’t actually helping or when he yelled about Lego ripping him off because a piece of his kit wasn’t in the package (it was in the box, he found it like half a second later).

By the time I sat on the couch last night, I was well and truly done with teenager Sprog, could’ve gone the night with no more conversation and of course that is the time when he drops these gems.

W: Tell your mom what you said.

Sprog: Oh. I said is this going to be a story about the birds, the bees and the beavers?

and later

Sprog: Hey mom, you know that “Sweet Family Will Die” song?

W: It’s called “Riders On the Storm”, Sprog.

So this week is going to be either be the death of me or incredibly entertaining. We have the Zoo today and a two day trip with my sister and nephew to San Antonio for Sea World on Thurs/Fri. I’m sure some pictures will be in there somewhere.

Oh, Wills and I are going to see Rocco DeLuca and The Burden tomorrow night at House of Blues as well and possibly a run to Austin in there? Busy busy.

we met in a bar

Almost 4 years ago and contrary to my heathen ways, we actually waited to live together until we got married.

Yesterday Sarah told us the story of how she and Jon came to live together, which in turn inspired A-dub(Um. I don’t know, Ashley, this is the name I came up with for you when I was planning this post last night in bed) to do the same. Never one to pass up a good blog idea (read too lazy to have my own ideas) I am going to tell y’all about how Wills and I ended up moving in together.

So, right, where was I? The bar! Obviously the place that everyone is so proud to state that they met their future one and only! :) It was December 17th and I was with my friends Penny and Brian (who was insanely drunk on Debil Water aka Maker’s Mark) at the Sidecar Pub. We were there to see Canvas and as we were all hanging out at the bar (the actual physical bar that you set drinks on) the door swung open and this long haired guy walked in and took my breath away. It sounds hopelessly twee and cheesy but as much as it pains me to say it, it’s totally true. It pains me because to this day he REVELS in this story. His head swells and his face is overcome with a shit eating grin. It’s shameless. Anyway, one of the girls that was standing around us, Rach, said his name in her excitement before she ran over to him to hug him and I filed that bit of information away. Later when he came to the bar to get a drink, I asked him by name if he was enjoying the show. Apparently by doing that, I hooked him (by now in the story his head can barely fit through a doorway) and gave him the courage to ask me for my number. He had already been checking me out and rating my ass with his friends. There is some discrepancy about that part of the story so maybe he’ll comment and explain himself.

After a SNAFU with missing his first call to me (shut-up honey) we finally were able to go on our first date December 23rd and our relationship was on a decidedly fast track from that point on. By New Year’s he was my boyfriend *swoon* and we were spending every kid free weekend and Thursday night together.

Since my divorce, I was very adamant that my son was not going to be affected by my dating until it was someone serious. His father had immediately thrust him into his new relationship and he wasn’t dealing with that well, I was not going to do the same thing to him. I wasn’t going to have people in and out of his life and I had already had one failed relationship and some HORRID dating experiences.

Once it became obvious that we were going somewhere (and we both agreed on that) I talked to the Sprog about meeting him, poor Wills was SO NERVOUS that the Sprog wanted to buy him a present to make things easier. The first meeting went really well and we started integrating Wills more into our lives. He still never spent the night when the Sprog was around and there was very much a separation between kid time and dating time, but the relationship was obviously growing more serious.

Then under 5 months into our dating, I got laid off from HP. I freaked the eff out. Being the sole breadwinner for a 9 year old with a car payment and house rent was a lot to be facing. Wills decided that event should step up his time table in proposing to me and we should get married so that he could move in and take care of us. He had already known that he wanted to marry me but he felt that he should do something now! So even though we had looked at rings and had talked about one day getting married, he surprised me by proposing May 5th.

We were married one month later and once married, he moved in with us. Even with some moving pains (my car still bears the scrapes of cardboard boxes) and some growing pains (he was a hardcore bachelor) we have settled into the groove really well lately. Last night we spent HOURS playing our new word game Bananagrams* as a family and the Sprog and I have a plan to deal with Wills during Election night next week.

It’s been a whirlwind but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

*I cannot recommend this game enough! It’s awesome. I am such a nerd for word games.

but apparently grandpa can’t hang

This weekend was fab! Friday night we went to see Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. This movie was love for me. I would totally live that life if I could, the staying out until dawn chasing down a wicked cool band life. I love seeing bands in seedy bars and enjoy any music better if it’s live. I LOVE IT! So I could really relate to that part of the movie, plus the soundtrack was cool (of course) and it made me laugh; all very good things. I would not, however, recommend seeing it at one of those eat as you watch movie places, as we did. There is a whole thing with gum and vomit and it goes on much further in the movie than anyone would intitially expect. I had to stop eating. Regardless of that, I will be buying this movie and I foresee it being one that I watch over and over again. Highly quotable.

Saturday morning it was up early for the breast cancer walk (I still haven’t reached my goal! you can still donate! I am going to keep hounding you!) this year was a lot different than last year, in that it was WICKED PACKED. 30,000 people does not get things started on time. We were going at a snails pace. Last year we were in and out of there in less than one hour…this year I think we were there for well over 2. It was awesome to have so many people come out in support and very cool that we saw some of the same people (and dogs) from last year. Our team is very excited to do it again and is planning to have custom shirts and signs next time. Should be a lot of fun!

After the walk we went to the museum to see the Bodyworlds exhibit with Johnny and Sarah. I was definitely interested in going but I also was afraid that it was going to give me nightmares. Seeing people basically fileted/skinned and then stood back up in sports poses (among other things, hello lady x) certainly sounds like the things of nightmares or horror movies. I spent a lot of time being irritated at the general populace, as I do in any crowd situation. Why the fuck can’t people just follow SIMPLE instructions? DON’T LEAN ON THE CASES! That is not hard! It’s not like these were children. It was adults! I was trying SO HARD not to brain people with my purse or grab them by the ear, that it might have taken some of the sting off of the “creepy” factor, except for the fact that them leaning on the cases MADE THE PARTS MOVE. *shudder* I also learned that men are a lot more apt to donate their bodies to science because wow, that was a lot of penis. The remainder of our time at the museum was spent touring the other exhibit halls, the vault of very expensive shiny rocks with big price tags and being preached at about water conservation under the guise of a “adventure IMAX” about the Grand Canyon. I didn’t mind sitting through it so much, since it meant seeing Az and that is always good, but I would’ve liked a whole lot more white water rafting and a whole lot less preaching. I do DEFINITELY want to take a white water rafting trip in my lifetime and seeing those bits just made me more excited to do it, accompanying it with Dave Matthews music amphlified that. I forget how much I enjoy his stuff.

After an earlyish dinner (can you believe I was hungry after all the bodyparts stuff?) at Chuy’s, we got ready to head to Skyrocket @ The Continental Club. I have been trying to catch this band for a while now but they always seem to come to town on a kid weekend but this time they happened to be in town on a kid free weekend and Rachel was planning on going there for part II of her b-day drunkdown. We surprised her by being there when they arrived and had a great time with them until the barage of jaeger shots she was supplied upon arriving (not by us, I do not buy ANYONE that nasty shit) took her over the edge. I’d say it’s a pretty successful evening in the rockstar world when you get someone out of the bar with no arrests, puking only in a trash can and not on anyone and the only broken glass was also in said trash can! We stayed through the rest of the night because the band is freaking AWESOME. True that they are only a cover band but each musician (and there are 7 of them) is insanely talented, the music they play got everyone on the dance floor and they put on a hell of a good show.

Sunday morning I was woken up way too early by the bastard dogs (on that few hours of sleep with crown and coke in my veins, they are bastards!) and since I seem to lack a nap gene (I did try) never made up that sleep lost. Wills worked on the yard after we got back from breakfast, The Egg and I is back up and running, finally! Dinner was at mom’s last night and we had some Connor behavioral issues. It was still nice not to have to cook after the whirlwind weekend but I could tell that my sis had it with him when we got there. He didn’t get much better through the evening.

I had planned on trying a fellow blogger’s recipe for pulled pork sandwiches today and even got out of bed early this morning to do it but then discovered I was out of chicken stock. *sigh* Another day of lost sleep for me. Apparently all this weekend was too much for the hubs, he’s still in bed, whereas I’m up and peeved that I can’t do anything for fear of waking his lazy ass. Apparently chasing fluffy* is too much for him to bear.

* Nick and Norah reference.