wanting wednesday

In preparation for Colorado, I have been back on the Wii Fit wagon, to help ramp up my lungs, in the hopes that I don’t keel over and die while hiking in the mountains; that would no doubt spoil my vacation.

I love my Wii Fit as much now, over a year after purchase, as I did when I first got it but I do feel like it might need some tweaking…or maybe some accessory to make the work out more fruitful. Don’t get me wrong, the expert boxing makes you break a sweat AND feel it later (especially when you do it twice in a row like I tend to do on a good day) but I want something with a little more heft on some days.

I feel like this


might do the trick. It’s called Active by EA Sports and includes new exercise games for the Wii but also, a nifty carrying case for your Wii Mote which will help immensely while jogging (I so don’t jog-power walk, maybe) and tension bands! I am WILDLY excited about the tension bands, in fact I think that is the number one thing that has me so excited. What can I say? I’m a geek for equipment. There are also a wide variety of features, you might want to take advantage of, such as the 30 Day Challenge, which provide circuit training tailor made for your fitness level in 20 minutes a day or Co-operative Mode which allows you to work out with a friend. Available at most major retailers and online, Cost: $59.99 for the game and $19.99 for the accessory pack. Pretty nifty.

Bermuda shorts, City Shorts or something that doesn’t let people know if it’s underwear day or not (don’t judge me at least I’m not offering everyone a free peek at my vag). I definitely need some shorts before our trip (I own 3 pair, I think) so I will be shopping next week.

I quite like this
plaid pair from Target

or this even preppier pair

Navy AE
from American Eagle. (Does navy scream hugely preppy to anyone else?) Cost: varies by retailer


I haven’t been on the gladiator sandal bandwagon but now suddenly, I really want a pair.


I think this one, would get me in comfortably; there isn’t too much crap going on in the front, I like the toe ring style instead of the in between style and it comes in several colors. Cost: $84.00 on Zappos of course there are other options out there.

Don’t forget it’s $15 skirts and dresses @ Old Navy this week and tonight if you mention Cystic Fibrosis when ordering from Pizza Hut, 20% of the proceeds go to benefit The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in your area. Happy shopping!

OMFG what is Kelly on?

Last night’s pt II of the Real Housewives Reunion was quite the train wreck, was it not?

* I seriously would like to know what goes on in Kelly’s head. You certainly are a different kind of “Housewife”- one that makes absolutely no sense at all.

* Ramona is a total instigator, she is also a total bitch for bringing up the stuff about LuAnn’s husband knowing how sensitive that is right now.

* Oooh LuAnn bringing up the CRAZY EYES really got Ramona going, didn’t it? Being called a hypocrite doesn’t phase her, but point out the CRAZY EYES and it’s on!

* What the hell is Ramona talking about? LuAnn grabbed Bethenny’s date’s balls? WHAT? She’s actually raving like a crazy person now and the fingers are flying.

* I am still totally in love with Bethenny, even when she was calling out the Countess for her “darling”, she pointed out that everyone was taking their licks and it was just her turn.

* I love that Jill brought up that Kelly’s house is worth more than hers regardless of the fact that she drives a Dodge Ram. LOVED IT.

* I can’t believe Bethenny just called Kelly that. GO GIRL.

* Alex really needs some bangs, she has total Frankenstein forehead.

* Mario TOTALLY wants his own show and his checking out other women is soooo sleazy (I know most, if not all men, do it. I’m referring to the WAY he does it, it creeps me out.).

* Bethenny bared her teeth at Kelly, if that isn’t a eat shit and die look, I don’t know what is.

* HAHA Ramona calling Kelly delusional is hilarious! She looks like she wants to bolt off of that couch.

* OMG. I LOVE Bethenny’s impression of Kelly. SPOT ON.

* I seriously think there isn’t a more vapid waste of space than Kelly.

* You aren’t the first person to have children lady, other people still manage to BE ON TIME or at the very least let people know when they are going to be late/apologize for being late/actually BE SORRY for being late.

* Why is this all about KELLY?

Okay… enough on that for now. Is anyone watching Jersey? It’s totally Thug Life with a Black Amex just like I predicted! SOOOOO Trashy!

swine flu will kill us all

Good grief, the news is a crazy fear mongering machine isn’t it? Apparently half the Walgreens and CVS stores in town are out of face masks now and we don’t even have any confirmed cases yet. Thank goodness they still have some hand sanitizer and as always Wal-mart is there to serve your panic.

I mean really? I know that it’s important to be aware, especially given confirmed cases in San Antonio, and everyone needs to watch for symptoms and be prepared…but do we really need this kind of coverage? I’m going to go with no, it’s just like the coverage on the economy. We all know it’s bad. Every day the news has story after story and spin after spin on every conceivable angle; it’s all too much.

Today’s Today show ran a segment on what to do with your kids, this summer, because $10,000 in summer camp is not an option in this economy. Um, to quote Farrah, “What the FRENCH”? When the hell was $10,000 for summer camp EVER an option? Sprog has always lived a comfortable life, complete with a summer trip, but he has NEVER lived a life that would’ve afforded him a $10,000 summer camp. Holy christ. They talked about spending time as a family, playing games together or spending time @ your local zoo or museum. The whole time I was thinking that WOW, I live like I am in a recession all the time, go me!

I think (some)people are freaking out so much because they have grown so far out of touch with reality. Kids have no idea how much things cost, how hard their parents are working, what they sacrifice or how far they may have gotten in debt in order to get them the things they feel they have to have. Some parents have gotten so wrapped up in giving their kids “everything” that they have forgotten that manners, respect and a healthy work ethic are also aspects of “everything”.

I wonder if kids notice that all the “please come buy our crap” commercials say something about money being tight now…of course they also say still “come buy our crap” nonetheless, so I doubt that it’s even a blip on their radar. Sprog knows and is well aware because we talk about everything with him, but it’s not having a huge affect on his life directly because he has always been limited, I have always told him no. We have always explained our bills and their affect on our ability to spend, do, go.

I expect that the swine flu is going to be a bigger deal to him, that is the sort of thing that will spread through his school like wildfire. Far easier to get everyone jumping with talks of a killer flu than being poor.

miss manners goes to sea world and watches real housewives of nyc

It’s been almost 2 weeks since we went to Sea World. 2 weeks since we went as a little group on a little trip that surely I should want to talk about, that surely I should want to recap for this little blog. Note the use of the word little there. I like little. If only what I found there was anything but the teeming mass of humanity we encountered…I probably would’ve covered more than the many faces of unimpressed Sprog by now. As Agent K said, “A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it.”

I’ll go a step beyond that, People are rude; plain and simple. While a person may be polite, while several people may be polite, People in the extreme are not. Let me just say that Sea World, at Spring Break? That is People in the extreme. One of the first incidents happened at the dolphin feeding tank. The dolphin feeding tank is first come first served, basically, you wait your turn for a spot on the wall while someone else in your party waits in line and hopes like hell they can get some fish before they sell out. I’m not kidding about the hope, they recommend starting to wait 30 min before the feedings even start, they sell out each round because the dolphins have a strict diet. Sprog was on the wall next to Connor while my sister was in line for the fish when suddenly he popped up and walked away and some woman put her two young children down on the wall next to Connor. Of course I turned and asked Sprog what was going on and he in turn kicked my feet. Loudly, I proclaimed that I couldn’t believe that had happened to him, which then prompted the woman to finally issue a very snotty “thank you” to my son. Can you believe a grown woman would kick the feet of a child until he moved? Connor instantly started complaining that he wanted his Sprog back and asking where his mom was with the fish. I soothed him with a reminder that his mom was in line with the fish, which made the woman start to panic because she actually realized she had no way to get any, and that Sprog was right behind him still, that it would be okay. Eventually she left and Sprog was able to get back to his rightful place on the wall.

The next major issue happened as I was exiting Mango Joe’s restaurant. I had just used their facilities (bathrooms are SCARCE, which-dumb) and a man and woman approached with small children but were using those scooter things, so I held the door open for them. I thought that after they passed me, the next people would obviously take the door from me, right? No. NO ONE took the damn door. Some asshole even commented what a classy place it was that they had designated people to hold open doors? Are you effing kidding me? I should’ve let the door just slam on his stupid ass but by then it became a test, a curiosity to see how many people would just let me stand there holding the damn door. How many MEN especially in TEXAS would just walk right past me holding the door and not even make an effort towards it. Let me tell you, it was A LOT. I stood there for a long damn time. It wasn’t until a man with a kid on his shoulders and a kid in his hands made an effort towards it, that I told him no-he obviously had his hands full, that someone else took the door from me. Ridiculous!

Of course there were other issues: people cutting in the 45 minute lunch line, kids blocking the play tube on the background and screaming at the other kids, people destroying the bathrooms with their filth, people jumping in front of your pictures without looking/caring/apologizing, people with strollers mowing you down, etc.

I’m really affected by personal rudeness. It really, truly bothers me and I’m sad to say that my trip to Sea World is marred by this, shaped by this. It will never live up to what I hoped it could be, because of it. Even though Universal Studios had tons more people it was better somehow, Busch Gardens too. Maybe because those crowds are their livelihood, they know how to move them? I don’t know. Oh and another thing? Sea World is like hidden up there in the rocky outcropping. Hardly any signage to give away it’s location…has that bothered anyone else? I found that annoying personally. The picture of the kids at the sign? We had to pull off at the side of the road (in traffic) hop out of the car and take the picture. Connor doesn’t exactly move with anything resembling purpose or speed and it had me completely stressed out.

Obviously if I am going to talk rude, Kelly from RHONYC is going to come to mind. Did y’all watch last night? When she showed up 30 minutes late and her attitude was essentially oh well? I would’ve blown an effing gasket. Actually, I would’ve left a note with the film crew about my time being valuable and left but I guess that wouldn’t have allowed for her deluded “I’m up here, you’re down there” visual. UGH. Oh and I normally can’t stand the Countess, but thank goodness she said something about it not really being an attack on Bethenny’s part. I would’ve screamed if she had sided with Kelly about that situation. I think Kelly is revolting. REVOLTING.

what’s on the dvr?

I watch a metric crap ton of tv. Seriously. So much so that I began to doubt my ability to read a book as quickly as I used to; I worried that if I picked up reading again, it would be plodding and painful. I read a book the other day and it took me just under 2.5 hours, so that concern has been alleviated. I do need to get some new books, though, my backlog is caught up other than Lemony Snicket.

Anyway, that digression is not the point of this post, this post is about TV in all its glory. We watch a lot of shows and as such we have to schedule a lot of them on the DVR in order to keep up.

Monday nights are particularly DVR heavy:
-Big Bang Theory
-How I Met Your Mother
-Rules of Engagement
-Two and a Half Men

On a near daily basis we record (it’s not on every day):
-The Daily Show (we watch the beginning of Chelsea Lately and then jump into The Daily Show so we can ff through commercials)

Other shows we record include:
-The Soup
-Dollhouse (I LOVE this show. Hooray for Joss!)
-Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory (for Sprog)
-CSI Vegas
-Good Eats
-Important Things with Demetri Martin
-House (hubs watches this)
-The Office
-Rock of Love Bus (Skanks on Wheels)

Shows currently not on but were recorded:
-Top Design
-Top Chef
-Pushing Daisies *cry*

So, what shows am I missing out on? What do you recommend? Anyone want to talk tv?

Of course you should know that I also watch the Real Housewives, I just don’t bother DVR-ing it because it’s on a marathon all the time. You know how Bravo is, they constantly replay their shows. Team Bethenny/Team Jill 4TW! Did y’all hear that Vickie (Real Housewives of OC) is getting death threats? OMG!

watching wednesday

I, like the majority of the nation, spent yesterday morning glued to my TV set for the inauguration of President Barack Obama. For me, it was the first inauguration I had bothered to watch (bad American!) and the one I had the most personal connection/investment. Across the blogosphere today there are posts about this, some from bloggers lucky enough to be there in person, others joined together for watch parties; obviously a momentous occasion for us all.

I had the same goosebumps watching yesterday that I did when we saw him speak here so many months ago. I had tears in my eyes, but I’m not going to talk about those things today. You, knowing me, know all those things. A lot of you probably feel those things too.

I want to talk about things that struck me. Small things, sure, but things that I love none the less.

-Michelle Obama arriving with a gift in hand for Laura Bush. That is so completely lovely and gracious, it just makes my heart swell.

-The Obama’s seeing the former president and first lady all the way to the helicopter. Not a necessary step but kind.

-Malia taking pictures during the ceremony.

-Sasha giving her dad the thumb’s up.

-Obama giving the Chief Justice the chance to say the words again when he read them incorrectly even though it made him look like he was too nervous to say them correctly himself.

-The way Michelle beamed with pride at her husband.

-The way they held hands so often throughout the day.

-The walking on the parade route even with everyone’s fear of his being assassinated.

I also want to talk about her outfits (of course). I don’t get the hate for her inauguration outfit. Other than the hose (which was necessary given the cold) I think she looked great. She looked statuesque and classic.

Michelle Obama


Far more classy and sophisticated than Jill Biden IMO; I’m sorry Perez but knee boots are not working for me on an occasion as important as the swearing in of a President of the United States.

Jill Biden

And I thought they looked like a scene from an old Fred Astaire movie for the balls (I am hearing John Stewart laughing in my head as I type this), as the President said, “Old School”.

Ball gown

I appreciate that Michelle Obama has her own sense of style and is staying true to that. She is a definite fan of J.Crew and hasn’t strayed, just because she is the first lady now.

I am excited for the youth and vibrancy that accompanies this family. For the style and GRACE that seems to be in the air about them. It’s like the Camelot of our times.

*Before any debbie downers hop in here. I know we have a long road ahead and the state of things is in shambles. I know he’s not a magic man and that he has a shitpot of work to do to even put a dent in the way things were left. I am not so naive to think that things are going to change overnight. I do, however, have hope and it’s a refreshing feeling.

food glorious food

One of the things I get most excited about when I travel, is the opportunity for eating at places that we don’t have here in Houston. I watch shows on the Travel Channel and Food Network where they recommend restaurants all over the country/world and then I go and look for their websites, so I can bookmark them later in my various trip folders.

It’s not the excursions or the hotels, it’s the FOOD.

I salivate thinking about all the wonderful things I am going to get to eat, when I’m out of town and then I pout a bit that those fabulous restaurants aren’t located in my city. Sometimes I learn to make my favorite foods from my travels at home just so I don’t have to be without them (goat cheese stuffed dates wrapped in proscuitto ala Santiago’s Bodega Key West, FL is one of these).

Currently I am craving a trip to Cereality. How can you not love a restaurant that is nothing but CEREAL in any combination and with any topping you can think of? They even serve it with rice or soy milk if you choose! Heaven! Fortunately for me, there seems to be a location in Breckenridge so we might be able to swing by there when we are in CO in June of this year. *bounce*

The other place I’d love to go is Joe’s Farm Grill in Gilbert, Az. Which is a Grill that serves produce grown right there on their farm! How fabulous is that? They also use Arizona beef and a lot of other organic items. Everything they showed on the episode I watched looked insanely good. Jamie, you should go there or when I can get back home, we’ll have to go there together.

I also am always on the lookout for any new restaurants in town to check out; most recently it was Brick House. This place did everything right that Hooters did wrong. Sure it’s got the hot girl, scantily-clad, eye candy BUT it also has awesome decor, good food and comfortable seating. I would gladly go there any time and that is DEFINITELY not anything I would say about Hooters. Ever. They have meatloaf sliders! MEATLOAF SLIDERS! They have mashed potatoes, onion strings and bbq sauce right on them. Sooo tasty.

I am such a whore for tasty food.

hi, I saw this stuff and now I want to talk to you about it

First, I’m home during the day. Y’all know that right? I’m rapidly losing my grip on my sanity some days (thank you insane fucking barking dog patrol and TEENAGER MOOD SWINGS OF DOOM) and other days I see things like this

and calm is once again restored; after the tears stopped, that is. I was very touched by this thoughtful little girl and want to say “good on you” to her parents, what an amazingly sweet and talented daughter you’ve raised; I wish everyone could be that way. I’ve made my feelings on Prop 8 (and all the others) known already but just because I don’t talk about it every day, doesn’t mean that it has just gone away. I have added a page over there on the right just underneath the contact me that contains the link to my post about it along with the ones that inspired mine: Swistle’s, Eating Out Loud’s and Diary of a Modern Matriarch’s (if you haven’t checked hers lately, I encourage you to look at how many have participated now-warms the cockles I tell you) so it’s a permanent fixture on this blog now.

From the extremely touching, to the extremely ridiculous: The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

OMG. Are y’all watching this trash?

  • Kim’s daughter is old enough to get a LV purse for her birthday but she STILL SLEEPS WITH HER? WTF??
  • She needs to stop spending all that money on labels and spend more on that bad weave or wig that she’s wearing, it distracts me.
  • What the hell was that dress she was wearing to the fancy dinner Lisa planned? She looked like a Victoria’s Secret sausage!
  • DeShawn’s husband is retiring and in earlier episodes she has talked about how NBA money is guaranteed unlike NFL money but now sadly her money is not guaranteed anymore. (in like two episodes difference) Due to this, she is not renewing the lease on her Mercedes; luckily that was just one of her two cars and they have like five others. *eyeroll*
  • Sheree…she annoys me so much I don’t even want to discuss her. I am saddened that Michael Knight would agree to meet with her though. Michael, I loved you on Project Runway! Don’t lower yourself!
  • The previews for the reunion show look amazingly horrid. I’m sure it will be disappointing in comparison but with Nenee and Lisa, there is always a chance that it won’t. I wish I wasn’t so addicted to this crap but oh my goodness, it’s so deliciously bad.

    and finally, the big question of the day, are you a Woo Girl?

    i’d like a dress by leanne please

    so gorge


    So yeah, last night’s Project Runway was the naming of the big three through a wedding dress challenge. I am so effing in love with the dress that Leanne created. I WANT. It has pockets. POCKETS! In the words of Rachel Zoe, I die. Really, could the dress be anymore chic? If there was any way in the world that I could have that dress for renewing my vows, I would just be ecstatic, like crazy jumping up and down ecstatic. (what the hell ugly shoes is that model wearing? I would so honor that dress with a fabulous pair of brightly colored pumps, give me the dress!)

    As much as I loathe Kenley, anything with feathers is a sure way to get me. I am not going to show the dress here though because it would take away from the one up there.

    I thought both Korto and Jerrell totally missed. Korto’s bridesmaid’s dress was prettier than her wedding dress and Jerrell’s entire set was just a hot mess from Hobby Lobby. I honestly loved the dress I saw from Korto on the dress form. Why did she open up those ruffles? LEAVE THEM FLAT. Lord.

    In other news: my dear Wisit was sent home on Top Design. :( so sad.

    The baby, mommy and daddy are going home from the hospital tomorrow so I should actually be around for OMFG and commenting on people’s blogs and maybe even e-mail (look who has on her ambitious pants!).

    but apparently grandpa can’t hang

    This weekend was fab! Friday night we went to see Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. This movie was love for me. I would totally live that life if I could, the staying out until dawn chasing down a wicked cool band life. I love seeing bands in seedy bars and enjoy any music better if it’s live. I LOVE IT! So I could really relate to that part of the movie, plus the soundtrack was cool (of course) and it made me laugh; all very good things. I would not, however, recommend seeing it at one of those eat as you watch movie places, as we did. There is a whole thing with gum and vomit and it goes on much further in the movie than anyone would intitially expect. I had to stop eating. Regardless of that, I will be buying this movie and I foresee it being one that I watch over and over again. Highly quotable.

    Saturday morning it was up early for the breast cancer walk (I still haven’t reached my goal! you can still donate! I am going to keep hounding you!) this year was a lot different than last year, in that it was WICKED PACKED. 30,000 people does not get things started on time. We were going at a snails pace. Last year we were in and out of there in less than one hour…this year I think we were there for well over 2. It was awesome to have so many people come out in support and very cool that we saw some of the same people (and dogs) from last year. Our team is very excited to do it again and is planning to have custom shirts and signs next time. Should be a lot of fun!

    After the walk we went to the museum to see the Bodyworlds exhibit with Johnny and Sarah. I was definitely interested in going but I also was afraid that it was going to give me nightmares. Seeing people basically fileted/skinned and then stood back up in sports poses (among other things, hello lady x) certainly sounds like the things of nightmares or horror movies. I spent a lot of time being irritated at the general populace, as I do in any crowd situation. Why the fuck can’t people just follow SIMPLE instructions? DON’T LEAN ON THE CASES! That is not hard! It’s not like these were children. It was adults! I was trying SO HARD not to brain people with my purse or grab them by the ear, that it might have taken some of the sting off of the “creepy” factor, except for the fact that them leaning on the cases MADE THE PARTS MOVE. *shudder* I also learned that men are a lot more apt to donate their bodies to science because wow, that was a lot of penis. The remainder of our time at the museum was spent touring the other exhibit halls, the vault of very expensive shiny rocks with big price tags and being preached at about water conservation under the guise of a “adventure IMAX” about the Grand Canyon. I didn’t mind sitting through it so much, since it meant seeing Az and that is always good, but I would’ve liked a whole lot more white water rafting and a whole lot less preaching. I do DEFINITELY want to take a white water rafting trip in my lifetime and seeing those bits just made me more excited to do it, accompanying it with Dave Matthews music amphlified that. I forget how much I enjoy his stuff.

    After an earlyish dinner (can you believe I was hungry after all the bodyparts stuff?) at Chuy’s, we got ready to head to Skyrocket @ The Continental Club. I have been trying to catch this band for a while now but they always seem to come to town on a kid weekend but this time they happened to be in town on a kid free weekend and Rachel was planning on going there for part II of her b-day drunkdown. We surprised her by being there when they arrived and had a great time with them until the barage of jaeger shots she was supplied upon arriving (not by us, I do not buy ANYONE that nasty shit) took her over the edge. I’d say it’s a pretty successful evening in the rockstar world when you get someone out of the bar with no arrests, puking only in a trash can and not on anyone and the only broken glass was also in said trash can! We stayed through the rest of the night because the band is freaking AWESOME. True that they are only a cover band but each musician (and there are 7 of them) is insanely talented, the music they play got everyone on the dance floor and they put on a hell of a good show.

    Sunday morning I was woken up way too early by the bastard dogs (on that few hours of sleep with crown and coke in my veins, they are bastards!) and since I seem to lack a nap gene (I did try) never made up that sleep lost. Wills worked on the yard after we got back from breakfast, The Egg and I is back up and running, finally! Dinner was at mom’s last night and we had some Connor behavioral issues. It was still nice not to have to cook after the whirlwind weekend but I could tell that my sis had it with him when we got there. He didn’t get much better through the evening.

    I had planned on trying a fellow blogger’s recipe for pulled pork sandwiches today and even got out of bed early this morning to do it but then discovered I was out of chicken stock. *sigh* Another day of lost sleep for me. Apparently all this weekend was too much for the hubs, he’s still in bed, whereas I’m up and peeved that I can’t do anything for fear of waking his lazy ass. Apparently chasing fluffy* is too much for him to bear.

    * Nick and Norah reference.