the movies you watch on planes

“Nothing to do when you’re locked in a vacancy”

So when I’m a captive audience for many hours in a tiny tube, I will settle in and watch movies. I was really bummed that I couldn’t watch what I wanted (Best Exotic Marigold Hotel) and instead had to pick something out of the weird grab bag that was offered (in what world are Monsters Inc or How To Train Your Dragon considered NEW releases?) and as such had some mixed results.

Beautiful Creatures-
Some teen angsty movie about a girl with supernatural powers that moves to a po-dunk southern town and falls in love with a boy who’s different than all the rest because he reads, yes. At 16 she’ll be claimed for either the dark or the light side of the casters (why can’t you just be a witch? a caster makes things ROLL ON FLOORS. STUPID.) and she has no say in which way it will go. The majority of the women in her family are dark and they are going to get her for their own or whatever. Her uncle with his VERY AWFUL southern accent (I can’t with bad southern accents. I can’t. It’s why I hate True Blood) is trying to keep her safe and away from them. In the meantime she tosses her virginity to the side on top of a car in broad daylight. Did I mention she’s not yet 16? Call me prude but damn, slow your roll a bit, little girl.

Jason Statham is a disciplined crook. When is Jason Statham not a disciplined something? I mean, that’s pretty much ALL he plays, right? And, I’m pretty sure he mostly tries not to hurt innocent people in all his movies too, right? Lots of “the principal” with this guy. He gets set up with a crappy crew that effs stuff up and then turns on him and he seeks revenge. Jennifer Lopez is Jennifer Lopez only broke and trying to sell real estate in Miami. Stuff blows up, it’s bloody and there’s screaming.

Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters-
I’ve already seen this but I watched it again, just because. Hansel and his sister Gretel grow up to hunt witches and have cool toys they use in their pursuits. It’s a very “Van Helsing” style of movie, down to the costumes and the weaponry. There’s a twist, which you pretty much figure out early on but I won’t spoil here.

This movie is so messed up that Sprog stopped watching Skyfall several times to look over at my screen with horror on his face. It stars Nicole Kidman, Dermot Mulroney and Mia Wasikowska. Mia plays India, a troubled girl with an emotionally unstable mother, whose father passes away and leaves a huge void in her already solitary existence. Out of nowhere an uncle she wasn’t aware she had shows up and increasingly strange and mysterious events happen around them all. There are inappropriate relationships and revelations. There’s murder. It’s REALLY EFFED UP.

I watched this mainly to see all the sights in London that we had just been past or seen ourselves during our trip. Bond is Bond…but I REALLY didn’t dig Javier’s horrible blonde dye job or wig (whichever it was). So much so that it distracted me from believing him as a villain. Also, I couldn’t buy him as a former agent. I felt it would’ve been better had the part been played by a Brit or a Scots actor.

which one of my four nannies is responsible for this?

Mayday, macguyver'd
Mayday in her cone of shame which is now duct taped after she slammed into a table outside while chasing something in the yard and broke it and her foot which now has a sock taped to it because she somehow can still get to her sore EVEN IN THE DAMN CONE.

Somehow I think that if one of Bravo’s “Real” Housewives of Beverly Hills saw that picture, they would die of horror, especially Camille. I can see her lifeless, shark eyes now as she recoils and waves her hands at one of her four nannies or however many house managers to deal with the problem.

SERIOUSLY could they find a more deranged woman? I thought that Danielle was bad but at least you can see her be outright effing crazy. Camille is like sneaky sociopath crazy. She talks about having surrogates to have her children like it’s a perfectly natural normal thing, there is nothing wrong with her, but lets not eff up the only thing about her that is worth anything. Oh wait, she’s a hugely important producer, so it’s not her body that people want her for, but wait she dances like a stripper in front of another woman’s husband and then calls him cheap when he shoves 5 dollars down her top? But wait again, now we are going to talk about the doctor telling her that her breasts were perfect the way they were and did she say she had the implants removed? Yet there they CERTAINLY ARE when she is getting out of the ocean, hot tub, whatever, in a bikini. And speaking of hot tubs, OMG, that scene with the creeper in the hot tub? I needed a shower. It was so revolting and skeevy. Then she starts talking about how generous her and Kelsey are with giving a downtrodden friend so much. UGH. UGH. DOUBLE SHOWER.

And yet, “she’s in control” when she has a confrontation with Kyle? Come again? You just looked like you weren’t even on the same planet. Like you were on something or completely batshit dead inside crazy. UGH. She “verbally assaulted” you? Seriously? You hugged her and said everything was fine and then not 20 minutes later with NO CONTACT WHATSOEVER you totally turned tail and went back on everything you said!

And can we talk about Taylor “chasing” her husband? WHO WOULD CHASE THAT MAN? He’s repulsive. Seriously and utterly repulsive. I am so glad that Lisa said something about it and that everyone at the table was in disbelief with her statement, because not just no but HELL NO. I am in no way a fan of gold digging but that woman? SHE IS EARNING HER SHIT. Which doesn’t excuse the completely ridiculous birthday party she threw for her daughter. $60,000, on a 4 year old? I just don’t even know where to start with that situation.

Are you watching this season?

thursday night tv makes me ranty

“Real” Housewives of Orange County-
Lynne, your daughters are horribly spoiled, self-centered bitches and you and your husband are responsible for that. Gretchen in all her misguidedness attempted to help and you AND YOUR DAUGHTER both threw her under the damn bus for it and now? Your daughter is escalating in her behavior and throwing tantrums in the mall over something she wants that you won’t give to her, but Gretchen was wrong? WHAT? It’s sure a good thing that you got your other daughter that nose job so she could take her art seriously…because we all know that artists need to have cute noses to be good at their art. *eyeroll* Oh and also, who the hell has a house warming party complete with staff the night before they get served with eviction papers? HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW?

Gretchen, I love you hon, but seriously? You expected to get financial advice from Vicki without her asking ANY financial questions? Without her asking ANY personal questions? Get real sweets, that is not how the world works. If you want to talk business and finance, those sorts of people are going to want to know where the hell the money is coming from. It’s commonplace! Also, the word beauté makes me think of Jackée from 227 and that is anything but classy. Also, I appreciate the advice that you are trying to give Lynne about her brats, because it’s true, but your boyfriend should be being a father to his kids before you try and give advice to anyone else, you know? Maybe then people might be able to take you more seriously.

Tamra, 1) HAHAHAHAHA way to go getting that tattoo on your finger, was that your way of speeding along the impending divorce? I also loved how you asked on camera about cheating. 2) Is there anyone you WON’T throw under a bus? I can’t believe the speed at which you turned on Vicki last night! That was pretty damn impressive. Also, I love how you agreed with Gretchen when she was trying to talk some damn sense into Lynne because you know she’s right and you have been there with Ryan but because your hate for her is so much more important than trying to help Lynne with her girls? You kept your mouth shut and saved it for the confessional. Also, could you and Simon do anything real? How many times did you two look directly to camera during your little come to jesus meeting? SERIOUSLY? UGH. You both make me ill.

Alexis, Question, if divorce is not an option, how have you and your husband both been married before? In addition, you do not have a job. You have three young kids yes, BUT YOU ALSO HAVE NANNIES. Jesus. How is it taxing on you, when you have constant help? Oh right because you have to work out hours a day and go to the salon constantly in order to keep that hot hunk of man that you landed at the pool of the Marriott in Palm Springs. I know that must be grueling work for you. Most of the rest of the SAHM’s would be fainting if a Nanny appeared at their doorstep and wouldn’t be considering days of working out and tanning “work”, fyi.

Vicki, Yes, we get it, you work. Kudos to you. I mean that sincerely. You and Don bust your asses. Your house isn’t in short sale (WTG Tamra) and you aren’t being evicted (WTG Lynne) and you and Don seem to be getting along much better this year but you are going to work yourself into an early grave if you don’t take a break once in a while. I think you need to get back to your Havasu friends and kick back every once in a while. Learn to breathe woman, take it down a few hundred notches. Don? Way to stand up to Vicki! I like you more and more each season!

Project Runway-
Oh My God. I have no idea how the judges liked that star dress thing that Mila did. I totally agree with another contestant that it looked like a flag, or even moreso, like something made from a boat sail. ICK. Jesus totally needed to go home with that trashy 80’s homage he did! Rhinestone straps? Such a tacky joke! Anne made her lady look like a linebacker. That was totally heinous. I loved the idea of tracing the Campbell’s logo on the chiffon but you couldn’t see it at all on the runway, was it on the belt? Janine is this season’s Johnny. STOP WHINING.

where I admit to watching even more television

It’s the return of the fall tv line-up and my DVR is definitely getting a work-out.

HIMYM-YAY Barney and Robyn are actually a couple now! I so love how they got together and I love even more that Robyn was the one with the issue about the strip club while Lily was stoked about her stripper doppelganger. (Side note, I can’t wait to see what Barney and Ted’s doppels are going to be…Marshall’s cracked me the hell up) I am also totally excited for the musical number, it reminds of one of my fave Buffy eps.

BBT– Continues to bring the laughs! Even if last night’s ep focused on crickets (seriously what the hell is up with crickets? I am being STALKED by effing crickets) it was still hilarious and bonus Lewis Black, you can’t lose. So many great lines in this show. It’s getting almost The Hangover-esque in that I am starting to miss stuff because I am laughing so hard from the previous joke. Awesome.

Dollhouse– Wow, wait to start the season with a bang. Um… unintentional pun there. Heh. Anyway, nice to see another Jossverse alum on the show, if only briefly, I wonder if his character is going to be a recurring one? I have a soft spot for Wesley. Anyway, I find it interesting that Echo is not the only one remembering things and Topher seems to be losing his grip a bit, I wonder where they are going to take that. I also wonder where Whisky is going to go now that she has left the house.

Bones– This is interesting for me because I am simultaneously watching new and old episodes. I am not totally caught up on the past but watching the present at the same time. It’s probably the wrong way to go about it but I am hooked enough that it has kept my interest all the same. I totally love the commercial with Angel (he will ALWAYS be Angel to me) dancing, so awesome.

Project Runway– So glad Johnny is gone. SO GLAD. I know that was week before but I needed to say it again. I’m fine with Ra’mon being gone. He wasn’t one of my top faves. I am really getting unnerved by Michael being gone, where the heck has he been? So glad he is coming back!

I saw on a magazine that Sara is back on CSI. I wonder if that would make me get back into it, or if it’s just too far gone now…is anyone watching it? I really stopped when Grissom left.

We are still watching Sons of Anarchy but man this season has been BRUTAL.

two for tuesday

Last night was season premiere night for HIMYM and BBT. If you aren’t watching these shows? WHY NOT? I know that LOL is an overused phrase in our internet speaking society but I actually did laugh out loud, last night, during Big Bang Theory; I laughed so hard, it was a guffaw.

Some quotes for you

“In the world of emoticons, I was colon capital D.”

“Now he’s colon capital O”

As you have a lifetime of poor decisions ahead of you, may I interrupt this one?”

“Use your inside “wooooo””

“Yeah, I have a whip guy”

“Well that and the fact that elaborate lies really turn us on”

On health and hospitals
All of my bloodwork and the ultrasound have come back normal. I am still in pain, no matter what I eat. I called both gastroenterologists that were referred to me by my GP and the first one can’t see me until next Tuesday, the second can’t see me until NOVEMBER 18th!! WHAT THE HELL? Really? I mean I understand that my OB/GYN is hard to get in to see because he’s off delivering babies and all but the gut doctor is that booked? Jeebus. I watched Dr. Oz yesterday where he talked about diet for IBS peeps and pro-biotic straws but at this point, I have no idea what I actually have or what might even help. It could be celiac, it could be IBS, it could be an ulcer or something altogether different. I do know that the anti-spasmodics and acid reducer aren’t doing much of anything.

Saturday, we got an urgent call from Willy’s mother re: his grandmother so we hightailed it to Pasadena to visit her in the ICU. I can’t adequately express how frail and scared she looked in that hospital bed panting for air. I also really don’t have words to express how either of us felt upon hearing her say she just wanted to go ahead and die already and get it over with. *sigh* She was in extreme tachy, her lungs were filled with fluid and she was fighting the mask that they had to put on her to breathe. The respiratory therapist had trouble hitting an artery so I held her hand and talked her through the next two attempts before they got enough blood to check her blood gas. I daubed her sweat covered brow and tried to get her to keep her eyes open and focus. We got her pulse out of danger range a total of 3 times while we were there and talked with the therapist about the fluid in her lungs and what the BiPAP machine was doing for that other than just annoying the piss out of her. See, the mask is this huge contraption that has to be tightly sealed to ones face and forces air into your lungs, so wearing it is much like being in a giant wind tunnel constantly. In other words, it sucks. She’s also hard of hearing so you have to look her straight in the face, or close to her ear and speak loudly or she doesn’t understand what is going on; I don’t think everyone gets that.

Yesterday morning, we got a call that said the oncologist has given up the fight and that her tumor has grown, no more chemo, choose between hospice at home or treating the pneumonia and releasing. Then yesterday evening we got a correction he isn’t giving up but he wants them to know that given the type of her cancer, he is eventually going to lose the battle. I wish people would FREAKING PAY ATTENTION. That is a HUGE DIFFERENCE. GAH. I want to make them carry a tape recorder to their meetings with the doctor so I can hear what is actually said and not what gets interpreted or misconstrued, when people are too busy talking over each other to actually listen. I feel like I should just be there every day to be a better advocate for Maw-maw. I know that whenever Willy and I are there, we hear things they don’t. I may lose my cool in a vet hospital buy I have some kind of weird crisis mode for human patients that kicks in every time thanks to all of Sprog’s hospital stays as a youngin.

Fortunately she seems to be stable now and her wanting to die is forgotten. Willy and I were the only two people in the room when she said it, so we haven’t shared that information with the rest of the family, they don’t need to know, to hear it. She has told her doctor she wants to keep fighting, so we will just will her the strength to go on as long as she wants to and for everyone else to hold her up while she does it.

big green lies?

Have any of you watched this program? A lot of the information they covered I have seen before: disposable diapers vs. fabric, organic food vs. not, everyone should buy a hybrid or electric car (how hot is that Tesla?) and an experiment on how much money can be saved by rolling your windows down and not using your car’s a/c, but I found the information on V.O.C’s particularly interesting.

They determined that the V.O.C level in your home is actually worse than that of downtown L.A. Um. Growing up in Az, I am familiar with the brown ring of smog and to think that the air in my house is WORSE than that appears to be? Eww. As they ran through a test by spraying household cleaners, I recognized one of the bottles


as one I have been using in my own home. UGH. I had decided to try it out since my preferred cleaner, Method, is on the more expensive side. The V.O.C.’s from that particular bottle were stupid high and given my sinus and asthma issues, I am not down with that.

I had read a blog about making your own cleanser using Dr. Bronner’s castille soap, vinegar and water. I’m considering trying that out, have any of you heard of or tried this?

I watch entirely too much television

but at least it gives me something to blog about.

Sons of Anarchy:This is a recent addition and I’ve only partially got the story line figured out but we watched the season premiere of season two this week and it seems we are going to be in it for the rest of the season so, I’m listing it. This show is about a biker gang located in a town called Charming. It’s got a lot of crime, violence and drama. Plus it has Peggy Bundy as a bad-ass biker babe. The premier showed a special guest star Henry Rollins, as a white supremacist that prefers to be called a separatist; I love Henry Rollins.

Top Chef-Vegas: This season is BRUTAL. Being in Vegas, they are going with an over-arching theme of “High Stakes” so there are big rewards but there are also big surprises, as was the case of last night’s quick fire elimination which has never happened before. (totally agreed with who went home) The judges are also frequently mentioning how much better the talent is in this season over any other. I wonder how the other seasons feel about that? My faves: the brothers, Kevin and Jennifer.

Project Runway:I am so happy that they finally got over all their bickering and got this back on tv. Love this show! Didn’t love the former addict’s whine fest on the first eppy though. Dude GET OVER IT or go home. Seriously. Don’t have any faves yet, except for Tim Gunn. He is ALWAYS my fave. Him on the beach in a blazer and flip flops? LOVED IT!

Models of the Runway:This is interesting. Kinda. I don’t think I’ll watch this regularly but it is nice to get an idea of what the models are thinking behind the scenes of both the designs and the designers. I could do without all the catty bs that they have with each other, however.

iCarly: Yes, I know this is a tweenbopper show. I don’t care. I check the kid stations every day to catch this show. I even got Wills to watch it AND my friend D is watching it now too. Sprog will walk into my room and see me watching it and laugh at me. Whatevs. He watches it too! I think it’s worse that a teenage BOY is watching a girl show than me, right?

The Rachel Zoe Project:The way these people act like fashion is the most important thing in life? I die! I really am awe struck at how they behave on this show. I mean I like to look at the pretty clothes during awards seasons as much as the next person but the level of self-importance that they take it to? Oh my holy hell. It gives me fits! I can see why Bethenny started her twitter war with Rachel, even though some will say it’s only for publicity and it very well may be, after watching a few hours, I defy you not to want to call them out on their shit as well.

I’m waiting not so patiently for the return of my other shows: Big Bang Theory, Dollhouse, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, How I Met Your Mother and probably several others I am forgetting. I also watch any re-run of NCIS, Bones, Law and Order CI & SVU and CSI:Vegas.

Recently watched home rentals:

Sunshine Cleaning:I was pretty disappointed with this movie. I really wanted to like it, was very excited to get it via Netflix but spent the majority of the movie having disdain for one of the main characters for her lack of parenting abilities. It really drove both Wills and I crazy nearly the entire movie so it was hard to really get into anything else about it. Emily Blunt’s character, Nora, was good though, I liked her.

Adventureland:Hmm. I know this is supposed to be kinda like an 80’s version of Dazed and Confused but I don’t think it hit that mark. It was okay and I didn’t dislike it or anything but I don’t think it hit the cult classic mark with me to where I will watch it over and over again. Kristen Stewart did fine with her angsty messed up teen role but oddly I think that Ryan Reynolds dropped the ball with his character. I have seen him play the cocky player more than once and I don’t think he did it justice in this film. The other dude (no idea his name) was totally believable with his bumbling naive guy role, so much so that Wills mistook him for Michael Cera at first. (Haha, poor Michael Cera, you are SOOOO typecast for life)

At the theater:

Extract: MEH. Seriously this was barely worth the $5 morning matinee price we paid and if you feel you must see it, make sure it’s only for that price or a rental if you can swing that instead. The trailers are false advertisement towards funny but the movie is actually a heck of a lot more serious and depressing. Mila Kunis is searingly hot in this film but her character makes no sense at all and you are left wondering WTF? at the end as far as she is concerned. Jason Batemen puts in a good performance but it’s wasted among the rest and Ben Affleck is just Ben Affleck with long hair that he is constantly having to push out of his eyes; I seriously wanted to give him a damn pony tail already.

at the cinema

500 Days of Summer– I love this movie. I have recommended it to anyone that will listen and as often as I possibly can. I went not on a matinee morning for $5 but when it was still in an indie house and paid $9.50 + $6.50 for my hideously overpriced but tasty caramel popcorn; it was worth it. The movie, IMO, is charming, witty and funny, of course not everyone feels that way. Summer Finn’s character is not the easiest to get behind and Tom does have the capability of revisiting a shame spiral, if you have ever been completely desperately besotted with someone. Honestly, I think those interactions are what drew me in even further with this movie. A lot of times movies like this (Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist* for example) leave some people with the annoyance factor of “That could never happen in real life” but obvs this whole situation CAN and DOES happen. If any one of you were here and wanted to see this movie? I would go again as often as asked.

Julie and Julia- I felt almost compelled to see this movie, as a blogger AND a cook. I thought it was cute and Meryl did a fabulous job with her portrayal of Julia. It was interesting to learn tidbits about Julia Childs, that I had never known before and my opinion of her has been forever changed. There were a few parts that seemed unresolved to me before the end and maybe it was a time constraint or maybe they were unresolved in life, I’m not sure. I have also sought out the blog this morning and started reading it, so maybe some of them will be answered there or perhaps in the book. My friend D said that seeing the movie made her want to DO something. Not cook necessarily because she already does that nearly every day (as have I up until this week) but just get out there and DO something. It is rather inspiring that way, thinking that a blog could turn into a book and a movie is pretty impressive. (of course I know that other blogs have turned into a book and I don’t have such grand ideas for my own blog….but it would be nice to know that you have touched other people in some way, you know?) Anyway, I am not as in love with this movie as 500 Days, but I certainly wasn’t bored sitting in that theater chair last night.

We have passes to see Funny People, so hopefully we will be seeing that this weekend some time. Sunshine Cleaning comes out on DVD on Tues and I always wanted to see that, so maybe a rental is in my future.

What movies have y’all been to lately? Did you enjoy them?

*I loved this movie also, but do acknowledge to the cynics that it might be a little far fetched :)

at the cinema

We’ve been seeing a lot of movies lately and because I am a rather opinionated person (certain people are choking on their beverages at this moment all around the world) I thought I would share my views on what we have seen recently.

Public Enemies– I am a lifelong Johnny Depp fan. I will see pretty much anything he is in (with the exception of Finding Neverland, I know when something is sure to make me cry and will avoid it 9 times out of 10) but from the first time I saw a trailer for this, I had my concerns. One of those concerns being Christian Bale. Apologies to any Christian Bale fans but his MOUTH! My god, his mouth, it drives me INSANE and distracts me from anything he says in every movie he is in. This movie? Lots of face shots of Mr. Purvis (his character). That isn’t biggest complaint however…this movie is very grim, very gritty and very jittery. Which you know, I guess is a part of it, being a gangster movie from back in the day, but Dillinger was supposed to be grace personified in his heists, that was his schtick; it didn’t show. The camera work is really bad in some points. It jostles so much it hearkens back to the Blair Witch at points and the editing doesn’t flow, IMO. With gangsters flicks you need to make a decision: show them as the larger than life characters they believed they were and commit to it, show them as the actual villains and criminals they were and commit to that or try to show the lives as they were on both sides commit to it AND DO IT WELL. I think the director tried for the third thing there but failed and the result was half-assed on the larger than life thing, half-assed on the villain thing. Verdict: DVD.

Star Trek-I have long claimed my geek status and while my Star Trek knowledge isn’t as strong as my Star Wars knowledge, I have watched countless hours of the show as well as the movies from back in the day. I had to see this movie when it came out. I have seen it twice now (once the two of us and once me and Sprog) and it held up. The movie doesn’t fall prey to the typical Star Trek trap of getting itself so mired in mythos that the standard movie goer would get left out and yet still gives enough of a nod to the past that old fans can geek out over inside jokes and lines from old shows. The special effects are of course awesome but aren’t the only thing going for the movie, the actors can actually act well enough to hold their own. I think everyone was well cast for their respective roles.(fun fact: The new captain kirk is the son of one of the cops from Chips) It’s not all drama all the time and there are ample moments to laugh about. My one tiny complaint is a bit of Nimoy cheese that I felt was unnecessary but really all things concerned? It’s not that big of a deal. Verdict: Definitely see this movie in the theater.

Away We Go-We opted to see this film instead of sitting through Transformers with the boys (I never saw the first Transformers and I don’t intend to) and I am so glad we did! I love supporting indie movies in large movie houses and this one didn’t disappoint at all. It was quirky and charming. There were moments that I didn’t expect at all and I laughed pretty damned hard at the whole exchange with the stroller. If you’ve seen the commercials or the trailer? That scene is HILARIOUS. Seriously. There are some extremely poignant moments and I had to hold back tears a couple of times but it was well worth the experience. Each cast member definitely brings a lot to their performance but Allison Janney? Wow! Total departure for her. Melanie Lynskey’s character really struck a chord with me, even though her time on screen is relatively brief; very well played. Verdict: Definitely see this movie in a theater. (I am a huge advocate for indie and original movies, Hollywood needs to stop churning out repeats and crap)

The Hangover-So. Effing. Wrong. So. Effing. Funny. We have seen this twice (I didn’t make it through the second time due to a migraine.) and will definitely be buying it. They are planning the sequel, already in the works, and sprinkle lines from the movie around the house a lot. I couldn’t wait to see this in the theater, when I saw the commercials, even though people around me warned that it probably wasn’t going to be that funny and that all the good bits were going to be the ones in the commercials. People, I was laughing so hard and for so long, I missed shit. I am not going to claim that this is Shakespearean in nature or remotely high brow but sometimes you just want to laugh and this movie supplies that, in spades. Verdict: Definitely see this movie. I don’t care how you do it.

The next movie we plan to see is Harry Potter. I CAN’T WAIT! *bounce*

the continuing education of sprog

Tonight we watched Weird Science and ate Hawaiian pizza for dinner. I feel it’s part of my duty, as his mother, to properly educate him on the movies of my childhood and so we have been working our way through for many years now. Sometimes we are able to catch them at the midnight movies or on the cable networks, other times we watch them on DVD; it really doesn’t matter how, the which is far more important.

So far he has seen:

The Dark Crystal
Sixteen Candles
Breakfast Club
The Goonies
Lost Boys
Big Trouble in Little China
Karate Kid
The Outsiders
Better Off Dead
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Adventures In Babysitting
This Is Spinal Tap
Teen Wolf
Top Gun
Back To The Future
Short Circuit
A Christmas Story
The Princess Bride

Of course he has seen the Die Hard, Indiana Jones, Star Wars and Ghostbusters movies from that era as well. In the future I have planned: Pump Up The Volume (as in tomorrow), Heathers, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Summer School, Gleaming The Cube, Real Genius, The Last Starfighter, Once Bitten, Raising Arizona, Streets of Fire, Overboard….I swear I could go on and on and on! What are some of your fave cheesy movies from the 80’s and 90’s?