Frank’s Visit To The Boyd’s

If you follow me on Instagram or even on Facebook you know all about Frank and his month long vaca at our house. For those that don’t or that were curious as to how things went in greater detail, let’s talk about my buddy.

This is Frankenstein (or Frankie or Frankie Figs as I started calling him)
he belongs to our friends Kristie and Duvain and he’s a French Mastiff aka Dogue de Bordeaux.

I fell in love with him when we met him last year in Wales on Sprog’s graduation trip, because COME ON look at this face!

Obviously when K&D asked us to watch him while they were out of the country, I said yes immediately but of course I had concerns in the back of my mind because of our girls. Mayday is fear aggressive to pretty much anything in the world and it’s only made worse by the fact that she’s mostly deaf after her latest stroke. Maddie is a sneak, she acts like she loves everyone but then snaps at any dog that gets within face reach of her. So, clearly, we were going to have issues bringing this giant dog into our home.

At first, and as expected, there was a lot of growling and avoidance by our ladies. Frank is awesomely trained so I would have him in a down stay and slowly bring the girls out into his space. Introductions happened with my hand firmly on a collar or body of one of the girls and lots of reassuring tones were used. We also walked them all together as much as we could (14 year old ladies vs 3 year old pup is vastly different in energy levels)
but eventually 2 of the 3 had solid friendships

and the other one would tolerate him, mostly.

We got into a routine of taking Frank out in the morning to play ball with me and in the evening to play ball with Willy

and took him to do things like get puppy whip at Starbucks or brunch at Barnaby’s
and he really loved swimming in the pond next to our bayou

Sprog was even willing to get his precious interior dirty for Frankie.

He is well loved and a member of our family, now. I can’t wait to get him back at Christmas when it’s cooler and we can take him to do even more fun things outside.

Maybe even get him back to the beach

Belize Vacation Posts: swim with sharks

It sounds entirely dramatic doesn’t it? Swimming with sharks. Trust me though, you want to do this. You need to do this. They’re just nurse sharks, it’s cool.

There are different ways to go about this but I recommend the “full day sail” vs the “half day speed boat” based solely on my personal preference. There are tons of different tour companies and they all go essentially the same three stops on this tour and they all pretty much offer the same two choices of vessel: sailboat or speedboat. We’ve done a sail before, in Key West, and I loved it so we went with that version this time and I’m not sorry. It takes longer going between points but you spend that time just enjoying the ocean. I will say that I wish each area wasn’t as crowded with people but that’s a function of the time of year we went and so maybe go in low season and you won’t be dealing with that issue.

The Sea Dreams set us up with Raggamuffin Tours and while we heard that it might have been better to go with another company, I really loved our captain, Ish. (full disclosure, the ladies at the front desk weren’t as awesome and didn’t outfit us with gear and they had to run us back to the island from the boat to get some, so if you go with them make sure you get your gear!) It was $70USPP for the full day sail which includes gear rental, lunch, snacks, and rum punch. A girl we talked to on the water taxi from San Pedro got taken for $110US for the same deal (not by this company) so you really have to watch what you are being charged.

Raggamuffin Tours also offer a 3 night 2 day sailing adventure trip where they use the big catamaran type of sailboats but for this sort of trip you get one of three sailboats. Ours was the blue boat.
Since we had to go back for our gear, we lost our first seats at the front of the boat, but we got even better seats (for me) with some shade when we came back.

The first place you go has this one huge turtle but 16 people crowded around one huge turtle that tries to bite you is not my idea of a good time so I looked around for other things. The bottom here is all shells. In fact they warn you that if you have to step down to do so gingerly and not move your fins because some of them are broken and sharp and could cut through into your feet.

The next stop is Shark Ray Alley and here the sharks swarm the boats the minute you pull up because they are trained to do so. The boats feed them right from the side
so we enter the water on the other side of the boat. The day we went was crazy windy and crazy choppy which meant being tossed into each other and tossed face first into a pile of sharks feeding at the side of the boat.
They could’ve cared less that I was there, honestly, as long as I didn’t go for their food, which of course I did not. I also resisted every urge I had to touch them. It was very hard.

This one swam directly beneath me
and of course we saw rays too, because why else would it be called Shark Ray Alley?
I wish I had a photo of a HUGE one that had HELP written on it. I had given the camera over to Willy to record videos at that point. I asked our Captain about it and he smirked but couldn’t explain what that was about.

The last stop is Hol Chan which is Mayan for small channel. This stop is a guided tour and Chilo was the guide for our half of the group. He was awesome at pointing out all the types of fish, the turtles and even went down and got the moray eel to come out of his cave.
Chilo also offered a free dive through a cave to anyone that was willing to try it. Willy did it and I recorded, you can view it here. I was so excited for him! I mean, what an amazing experience.

And because I’m me, I also had to do the snorkel selfies
plus just photos of us in the water
(I’m hugely menacing, fear me.)

The sun starts to go down as you head back and this is what it looks like on the open water
and you are drinking rum punch, listening to music, snacking on ceviche (not me) or salsa and chips and
life is pretty damn good.

Belize Vacation Posts: where we stayed on Caye Caulker

Our final day on Ambergris we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast, wandered the beach for a while and then Moe ferried us back to San Pedro to drop us off at the water taxi dock. One woman said it was about a 45 minute boat ride to Caye Caulker but it was really just 25 minutes, so don’t listen to that lady.

Once you arrive there are golf cart taxis waiting to take you to your final destination, they cost $5.00BZ or $2.50US per person. Our hotel the Sea Dreams is located at the far north end of the island right by The Split (or The Cut as our taxi driver told us). The island is very skinny on this end which means you have sunrise and sunset views within steps of you and you also have water essentially on both sides.

I didn’t take many pictures of the Sea Dreams as we heard one of our 14 yr old dogs was holding a hunger strike (and had been for two days) pretty much as soon as we arrived and my mind got yanked out of vacation mode pretty dang quick with that information but let me tell you that Anna, one of the managers, was so caring and gracious and she just took care of everything for us once we decided that it was best for us to just go home a day early. I still can’t even believe how easy she made everything for us, it was so incredibly helpful.

We stayed in The Orchid which gives you your own private porch with chairs and hammocks, a table and chairs inside, a kitchenette which is stocked with Belikin and sodas (and for a totally CHEAP price, half the cost of these items on Ambergris) and coffee with a coffee pot. You can sort of see it in this photo I took one morning at breakfast
The thatched roof is the Orchid and the hammock is on our porch there.

The breakfast at Sea Dreams is a full breakfast, unlike the continental we had at the Portofino
it varies day by day but both the items we had (pancakes the first morning and this the second) were very tasty.

Another way that Anna is just the best? They had some issue with the bartender the first night we were there and the bar was closed. Anna felt so bad that it happened on our first night she arranged for us to get these fresh coconuts and put rum in them for us. So kind!

The view and the swimming right off their dock is pretty amazing. The water is chest high in some places and nice and cool. Plus it’s sandy at the bottom close to the dock instead of filled with sea grass, so it’s really nice to tip toe around and not have to wear water shoes.
This ray was spotted as we were sitting on the dock talking to some folks, he just went right by.

And this fish is from our first day when we went swimming for a few hours.

The island itself is just the tiniest beach town you’ll ever see
with colorful buildings, BBQ pits right out on the beach and people in some manner of bathing suits wandering around at any given point. The Split has a long concrete wall and when we arrived it was draped with bodies, it was pretty much always draped with bodies…except when I walked over there to watch the sunrise.
apparently vacationing backpackers don’t get up that early 😉

I would love to have a lot of food recommendations for you but because of my stupid shellfish allergy, I wasn’t as freely able to eat as I would’ve liked (next time maybe I won’t forget my freaking epi pen, sigh). We did totally love this little place right by the hotel called Aladdin’s (high TripAdvisor rating too, the owner made sure to suggest we get on there and give us his feedback, he was such a cute dude) that Anna recommended for the hummus but really you want to go there for the babaganoush. It’s the best I’ve ever tasted. They roast the eggplant first and MAN, SO GREAT! Plus we had a nice conversation with the owner and the music was old school rock, which you know we loved.
and we tried to go to the pasta place that was recommended to us by some folks on our snorkel trip but it’s closed on Friday nights (major bummer). Willy loved the food at Habanero’s, like seriously loved the food and I can attest that the key lime pie is very good.

Jennie had told me how small the Tropic Air operation is on Caye Caulker and OMG, it’s just so hilarious.
One lone runway, a dirt walkway to get to the plane (which is filled with people y’all, we had to essentially crawl over people to get to the three open seats on the plane going back to Belize) and she called us to board once when there was no plane to even get into, HILARIOUS.

But again, going this way? BEST VIEWS EVER.

Tomorrow? We swim with SHARKS!

Belize vacation posts: where we stayed on Ambergris Caye

We took our travel recommendations for this trip from Jennie, as I mentioned, and even though I looked into other places to stay, I fully intended on just staying where she and Mike had stayed on their recent visit to Belize. Originally I planned on staying on Ambergris Caye the entirety of our trip, just to make things easier and avoid the whole “repacking a suitcase just to have to use things from it” thing, especially in a beach climate where clothes already used might be sandy or have the slight musty smell. Alas, by the time we could book, The Portofino was booked solid for ONE NIGHT smack dab in the middle of our window. That lead us to decide to just do exactly as Jennie and Mike did and stay on Caye Caulker for the second part of our trip.

Unlike Jennie and Mike, we did not have a Living Social deal for The Portofino but we were able to find a deal on it via Amex Travel. If you have an American Express card, I highly recommend you use their website to look for hotels. This is the third time I have used it to locate a hotel for us and gotten a way better deal than I could find on any of those deal sites. I always have those up as well so that I can compare what’s available to me but just as an example I did this when we went to Arizona and a hotel on Amex Travel was avail to me for $179 a night that was listed on Expedia AS A BARGAIN at $499 a night, so it’s my first stop when looking at hotels now.

Anyway Jennie shared her thoughts about The Portofino in her post about Belize and like her I also emailed them about 1000 times before we arrived and JuanCarlos was nothing but patient and gracious with my questions and requests.
When you arrive you are greeted right on the dock with cold towels soaked with aromatherapy oils and ushered into the lobby to fill out your paperwork. This sounds a bit tedious but they bring you one of these to make it easier

which you can choose to drink virgin or knock back a swig to allow room for rum…as much rum as you’d like.

Our cabana looked directly over the pool
and was decorated when we walked in
In addition to that bit of surprise romance by the hotel, I prearranged a private dinner on the beach (after Jennie recommended it) because they set it up for you free of charge and the day we traveled to Belize was the 9th anniversary of when Willy and I became engaged. I wanted to surprise him so he had no idea and when we were all in the pool that afternoon we could see them setting it up. Everyone else was trying to figure out what the hell was going on, pointing fingers at each other and this lady Courtney started teasing us that we were renewing our vows and just not telling anyone. It was REALLY hard to keep it a secret for like 4 hours until dinner. Ha.
When I posted the picture on IG, Slynnro mentioned she was afraid of fire and funny story, those palm leaves caught on fire! Several of them burned and floated off onto the sand. Thankfully that’s all that happened but after seeing our dinner another couple was convinced to have the same dinner the next night when it was even windier and the FABRIC melted. There are giant holes in it now.

We got sunburnt our very first day and I think that would be one of my only wishes for change in the hotel: more shade. I would like some umbrellas by the pool or down by the water but I wore my giant sun hat and was more diligent about the sunscreen the rest of the time and am not the one that is peeling right now. We spent a lot of time in the pool
or reading in a hammock
I got up at sunrise and did yoga on a mat provided by the hotel
and even though the breakfast area doesn’t open until 7 they have a self serve coffee area open way earlier outside by the pool so I was able to drink coffee on my porch after yoga and not wake Willy
We had planned on taking the sea kayaks out but from our first full day on the property we had 20 knot winds and it just wasn’t viable, sadly. Instead we took the beach bikes (I didn’t get the broken one that Jennie had, I did however hit a mothereffing coconut and almost wreck.) over to X’Tan Ha for lunch where I had the weirdest nachos of my life (don’t get them. Willy said the burger was great, get that)
and we walked to Rojo Beach Bar for dinner where we had an AMAZING veggie pizza. Note: It gets DARK at night, so if you walk to other resorts, make sure you bring a flashlight or have the flashlight app on your phone to get back easily. Unless you eat someplace that will send a boat for you.
The next day we had the same crazy winds, boo, so we hopped on the hotel boat and went to Palapa Bar for a few hours

The best area for swimming in the ocean, at the hotel, is from the end of their dock which was under construction during our stay, I’m looking forward to being able to check it out next time, but they do have these amazing hammocks in the shallows for sunbathing.
and of course you could always just take walks along the beach and check out the scenery

and when it’s time to go
you receive a little message from housekeeping and a tray of handmade Belizean soaps to take with you. Lovely.

Belize vacation posts: Getting There

Luckily for us, the jaunt down to Belize is a quick one. It’s just over two hours and so not a big deal at all. In fact, the quick flight time is making it hard not to just to fly there again this weekend. The thing is, the flight gets you into Belize City and that’s not where you want to stay or at least that’s not where we wanted to stay. When you fly in you are treated to these views



and I don’t know about you, but the color of that water? It made us ready to be on the beach as soon as we landed (that’s not to say that there isn’t waterfront properties on the mainland, because there is, we just wanted the islands) and in order to make that happen you have two choices: the water taxi or taking another plane. To get to the first of our two chosen islands for this trip it takes about 1.5 hours by water taxi. So not happening. Instead, we opted for the 15 minute flight on a puddle jumper. You have two choices here Tropic Air or Maya Island Air. We went with Tropic Air, for no specific reason really, other than it is what Jennie took and I like going with what I have at least heard of before when I’m in a place I have never been.

Here’s our plane. These planes are TINY on the inside and you have to essentially commando crawl your way to your seat. Willy and I sat right behind the pilot. This was my view
Which might freak some people out but I thought it was kinda cool, personally. The views out the window? FANTASTIC

Our hotel arranged for airport transfer so that boils down to this: a taxi picked us up and drove us like 5 blocks to the boat dock where Mo our driver was waiting for us and ferried us the 6 miles to the hotel.
(this is called pure joy, face tipped up to the sun, drinking in the sea breeze)

This is your first view of the resort as the boat pulls in

Tomorrow: Where we stayed

Images from our trip to Az

The mountains make me happy. Any mountains, all mountains, but there is something special about the smell of the desert of Arizona. Whenever I am stressed or overwhelmed or unhappy, I need to get my feet in the soil, set my eyes on the mountains and just breathe for a while.

We lucked into a decent standby situation and hopped on a flight with not even 48 hours notice this past weekend.













It was good to be home.

Playing Fashion Blogger With The Help of eShakti

**I was provided an article of clothing of my choosing to review for this post. My thoughts are always my own**

I am no stranger to eShakti and if you have been around my blog for any length of time, you shouldn’t be either. I have partnered with them before on this red and blue dress and this blue and white dress.

I also wore a dress of theirs, snatched on clearance, to see Wicked with my husband.
Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 3.53.27 PM

I always receive a ton of positive feedback on every eShakti item I own and I absolutely love that I can have them custom fit to my exact measurements or tailored to look the way I’d like: adding longer sleeves or shorter sleeves, changing the neckline, removing embroidery, etc. So when they asked me to partner again for their Fall/Winter line I obviously said yes. My main issue was deciding on what to get. I put this question out to the Twitterverse: “If you received something for free would you choose something out of your price range but in your comfort zone or closer to your price range but in your comfort zone?” Resoundingly the answer was the former as most people felt that they just wouldn’t wear something out of their comfort zone but I went the other way because the item that held my attention the most? Something definitely out of my comfort zone. I just couldn’t get it out of my head and I figured I may as well go for it, no harm, no foul, right? I figured that tailoring it to my specific measurements and preferences might make it more likely to get worn.

This is what I chose*


That’s an embroidered deer pencil skirt with flowers in its antlers and I am OBSESSED with it. It’s tailored to my measurements and I had it lengthened to below the knee to amp the retro vibe.








*unfortunately it’s out of stock at the time of this post but if you love it like I do, check back because I so recommend it. If it’s not your bag, that’s cool. eShakti posted a thing on their Facebook page asking people how they would style it and some people said some not nice things about the skirt and well, different strokes for different folks because it makes me HAPPY. I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

I don’t intend on it being just a holiday skirt either. It’s a nice heavy fabric that stands up to the embroidery and since the flowers are not traditional holiday colors, I think I can get more mileage out of it with different styling choices. The skirt is lined which removes the need for an additional layer. Plus the placement of the seaming nips, tucks, and elongates in all the right places.

eShakti is giving me two $30 gift cards to giveaway, so I’ll be posting details of that very soon.

And of course, I highly recommend you take a gander at their website in the meantime, you could find something that makes you happy too!

In Dublin’s Fair City

The port city of Dún Lagohaire is lovely and calm, nothing like the ugliness of Port of Houston
but if you arrive here instead of Dublin, don’t make the same mistake that we did by taking the bus, take the DART instead it’s quicker and affords views of the sea as you head into the City Centre. Fortunately I was watching signs and we hopped off the bus much closer to our hotel than it was originally going to take us, just on the other side of St. Stephen’s Green
which is a park we intended to check out anyway
It’s gorgeous and peaceful, even with people draped all over the lawns because of the good weather.

Our hotel was in the very busy Grafton St. area which has a huge shopping mall and pedestrian area that is filled with all manner of street performers
these guys were from the states and this guy in particular jumps over three people (bent at the waist) as part of their act.

For dinner we ate at the pub across the street from our hotel (both nights) called The Hairy Lemon


and Sprog is in love with their bacon wrapped sausage dish, he still talks about it and I loved the weird chili mayo that comes with the chips and wedges. (also, the vegetable soup? aces)

For breakfast, I was super excited to try The Queen of Tarts because I had seen it on TV and it just looked incredibly adorable.

It certainly lived up to all the hype. That is the best scone I have ever eaten, hands down. If you go there, try the larger store on Cow’s lane instead of the one I have pictured, it’s super tiny and got way cramped.

Getting a late start (pretty much the entirety of our vacation-two out of three of us love sleep way more than sightseeing) we opted to just see what we could wandering around instead of a bus tour.

First up: Dublin Castle


which had a very cool sand carving display going on in the center courtyard


From there we headed over to Trinity College for the Book of Kells and Long Room tour



Sprog was very against this tour when I told him we were going. He is not a reader and was over it before it even began but once inside became completely enthralled to the point that he pulled me over to stand and watch a video with him. He took pictures of the books in the displays. He was thoroughly amazed at the skill in the tiny perfect writing. It was great to see him get so interested.

Willy, of course, really wanted to do the Guinness tour.

But honestly, none of us were impressed by it. It’s more of a museum than a brewery tour and meh on that. I was excited about going to the gravity bar with our pints because of the views of the city…but it was INSANELY crowded and we could never get a seat anywhere so that was also kind of sucky.
The views are great.

But we went down a floor and were able to find a table and I could see the city out some smaller windows as well
The main thing I was impressed with?
These turquoise steel beams and the white wood ceiling. I WANT THIS in my house. I am IN LOVE. With a dark would floor? OMG. Anyway, if you don’t bus it? This is a LONG walk and you might (probably will) could get rained on, so have an umbrella handy.

No building in Dublin is very tall, there aren’t any skyscrapers cluttering up the sky but you do get a lot of castle remnants, huge old churches and cool old buildings. I love that.



The River Liffey


Temple Bar District is the big party area at night
Street musicians and drunks abound. Also, SUPER scantily dressed women are the order of the day on a Friday night apparently. I missed that memo, dressed in my chucks and orange jeans, as per usual. We walked past a few blokes who looked me up and down and then declared me American. That was interesting.
These particular musicians were awesome. They are called The 68s and play old rock. VERY impressive. As was that drunk little old lady there in front of them. She put on quite the show and capped it by throwing a bag of crisps at everyone, including the band before she stumbled off.
I was super excited to get to hear some traditional Irish music before we left, and the fact that dancers from the crowd pulled off traditional dancing? Made it for me.

One thing that Sprog found hilarious and kept mentioning while we there was the fact that a lot of the street musicians seemed to be enthralled with music from the states but like 10 years ago. It was very odd wandering down Grafton and hearing stuff you would probably hear on one of our easy listening sort of stations, weird mixes of music too, not typical covers here.

So that’s our quick (SUPER QUICK) trip to Dublin. More pictures here

Anarchy In The UK

Originally our plan for London was arrive Monday and leave Wednesday early morning to take a train to Wales. We were taking the ferry across to Dublin and the ferry port is located in Holyhead Wales. So, we tucked an overnight visit with Kristie’s husband Duvain in there and thought we had everything sorted. Wales is one of our favorite places and we were excited to get even a little bit of time with Duvain and his dog, I LOVE his dog.

From Dublin, we’d just fly home instead of trying to come back across.

Here is where I tell you this isn’t what happened. Not even close to what happened. I mean yes, we got on a train

and we went to Wales, and because Duvain is an amazing host he crammed in as many sights as he could in our short (VERY SHORT) window
The tiniest little (practicing) church in Rhos
Little Orme looking down into Angel Bay
Graveyard on the way up to the top of The Great Orme
The view from The Great Orme
Conwy Bay
Conwy Castle
Tiniest House
Pub in Conwy

and we got on the ferry across the Irish Sea
to Dún Laoghaire

But. Instead of flying out of Dublin two days later (Dublin post tomorrow) as planned….it turned out that we were stuck. Pass travel is sometimes a rather large bitchface and somehow 13 available seats disappeared in the course of those two days but on top of that, they over sold. So. As we were the top of the standby list they put us through anyway “just in case” which means we had to go all the way through security, down into customs pre-clearance and sit and wait and then when the flight left without us, we were escorted back through the airport by employees. This happened twice. We talked to a pass traveler behind us that had been stuck since Thursday. It was Saturday, she wasn’t getting out Saturday and Sunday wasn’t looking like it would happen either…so we’d be stuck at least through Sunday and maybe longer. After many hours in the airport trying to come to a solution we decided going back to the hub was smartest as it had more flight options per day. To get there we had to take the ferry back (9 hours in the airport by this time) 5 hours in the ferry port later we were on the 3 hour boat back. Unfortunately the boat arrived after midnight and ALL hotels in town were booked. Holyhead is VERY small. So we decided we’d just stay in the ferry terminal overnight and wait for the train since it was supposed to be at 7. But then the train time turned out to be almost 9 and that would put us into the airport too late for some flights. We found an overnight bus outside the terminal and got on that. Add 7+ hours on a bus to our day. We arrived back in London and immediately caught the tube to Heathrow where my bag was searched because my blush apparently set off their scanners and then…well then we didn’t make the first flight we tried and discovered that one dude had been trying for FIVE DAYS. No passriders had gotten out at all in any of the morning flights and one of those was oversold by 26, TWENTY SIX (we’re assuming flight cancellation at some point which threw everything off). We tried a flight to a different US city but again same issue, overbooked, no passriders getting out. Every passrider that didn’t make their own flight was scrambling to get on anything they could which could affect our own standing on the list. It was A MESS. So it started to look like we’d have to buy tickets to Glasgow Scotland and then try to fly from there but in the time it took to try and figure out buying the tickets on another airline 2 open seats disappeared and 2 passriders added to the list and I feared we’d get stuck in yet another country. We had been awake over 32 hours at this point and were facing anywhere between 2-5 days of being stuck when we decided to just buy our way to the states. It was VERY COSTLY and WAY OVER the money we had saved for this trip but we didn’t have a lot of other options. And so after 5 hours at this airport we had to go back through immigration and get a hotel in London for the night. Sprog decided after everything we’d been through he wanted to use some of his graduation money to get us back into our swanky hotel and the universe rewarded his generosity with a free balcony room upgrade


It was amazing.



(photo by Sprog)


We had dinner in the pub below and generally just took it easy. I sat on the balcony at night and drank coffee. That shower and sleep after over 40 hours of being awake was the best in my life, I’d wager.

Full set (not all the photos I took but everything I have uploaded to flickr so far) of London and Wales pics here (including Sprog’s first sip of cider in a pub!)

I’m A Proud Harry Potter Nerd – Places We Went In London

Neither of the boys is as into Harry Potter as I am, so I didn’t subject them to the full studio tour and instead tried to find filming locations around town while we were doing other sightseeing.

The easiest being our own tube stop: Westminster Station

This is where Mr. Weasley gets stuck at the ticket gate when he and Harry go to the Ministry of Magic together

and of course we have to see the guest entrance that they went to (which just happens to be right around the corner from my favorite pub)

The Death Eaters destroy the Millennium Footbridge in Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince
but of course it’s fine

From Order of The Phoenix we get the flight scene past the HMS Belfast and The Tower Bridge (and Big Ben but I’ve already posted that pic :-) )

Honeydukes is reportedly based on this candy shop
and inside you can buy sherbet lemons.

Of course we had to visit Platform 9 3/4
where they have a trolley set up for photo ops. You notice there is no trolley in my photos, this is because some daft man controlling the INSANELY LONG line told us to come back after 9 pm because it would be quiet then. Yeah. It’s very quiet, because the main prop is GONE. Asshole.

Anyway. When we were there the first time I used my travel card to get into the train station and take a picture of the REAL platform 9 3/4
which is located between platforms 4 and 5. Platforms 9 and 10 aren’t even next to one another. The cool thing about this is that it looks exactly like my Lego Harry Potter video game and bonus you see the glass walkway that Harry and Hagrid walk along.

The outside shots of the station aren’t actually King’s Cross at all but St. Pancras which is across the street

Movie premiers for the series were held in Leicester and Trafalgar Square (there is also a dementor fly over of Trafalgar as well so double bonus points on this location)


I didn’t make it to some of my desired locations as we were all running on empty from the jet lag and tons of walking. I definitely plan to get back and do the studio tour along with other stops on my wish list.

Final wrap up of London, including our unplanned additional day tomorrow and then onward to Dublin!